Adopted Pets and Their Parents Gifted Charlotte's Web Free Pet Adoption Kits During Covid 19

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BOULDER, CO: There is a surge in the U.S. and it has nothing to do with toilet paper or facial masks. Animal shelters across the country are reporting record high pet adoption rates with some shelters now having no furry friends left to adopt out.

Charlotte's Web, the largest and most trusted hemp extract company, took notice of this Covid 19 silver lining, and decided to provide a free thank you gift to people who have adopted or fostered a pet from any shelter.

Charlotte's Web's Welcome to The Family gift box - an $89.00 retail value -- is filled with products for our canine friends including full-spectrum CBD-infused products to support pets in transition from shelter to new home, including Charlotte's Web Chews, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops and Canine Hemp Infused Balm . A dog's life in transition is one the Charlotte's Web family cares deeply about, and this free adoption kit gift is a way for the company to support that pet's transition toward wellness in a new home.

Just like humans, dogs have endocannabinoid systems which play a major role in helping their bodies to maintain general balance and well-being. Stephanie McGrath, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University, led research on the topic of CBD use in dogs, helping to demonstrate both safety and its benefits for a dog's endocannabinoid system.

We're kind of a dog crazy and loving work culture here at Charlotte's Web. It was a natural for us to want to find a way to show our gratitude to those caring individuals who adopt or foster shelter dogs, said Deanie Elsner, Charlotte's Web CEO and President, whose dog Piper enjoys the Charlotte's Web Calming Pet Chews. We launched our line of pet-friendly products last year and have seen through sales growth how much consumers care for their pets with a variety of health needs.

As a former shelter veterinarian, adoption is very close to my heart. And for those who dive in and adopt, it may very well be one of the best things you ever do (as it was for me!). I'm so proud of Charlotte's Web initiative and thoughtfulness to provide a care kit at no cost for the new family member. Charlotte's Web believes strongly in giving back. It should prove to be helpful during the transition, said Dr. Kwane Stewart, also known as 'The Street Vet' for his activism providing care to homeless and stray pets.

The Charlotte's Web full spectrum pet product line includes hemp extract drops in two strengths 7 mg or 17 mg of CBD and are dispensed via a pump. Suggested retail price for 7 mg is $29.99 and for $59.99 for 17 mg . Our chicken-flavored Chews are available in three formulas Calming, Hip & Joint, and Senior, with a $19.99 suggested retail price for 30-count pouch and $34.99 suggested retail price for 60-count pouch. The hemp-infused balm, with a $24.99 suggested retail price, is meant to be massaged into a pet's skin and tender paws.

Charlotte's Web kicks off its free giveaway with a donation to Last Chance Rescue, an organization dedicated to saving animals located in kill facilities. Last Chance Rescue relocates them to no kill facilities and foster families until they can be adopted. Since 2008, they have saved over 25,000 cats and dogs.

To register for the free Welcome to the Family pet adoption box, new owners simply need to sign up on Charlotte's Web's website, upload a photo with their adopted pooch, and answer a few quick questions. https//

Adopted Pets and Their Parents Gifted Charlotte's Web Free Pet Adoption Kits During Covid 19

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