How to Overcome Stage Fright?

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How to Overcome Stage Fright?

New York, Jan 22: How do you overcome stage fright? How can you face your fears without getting nervous and panicky? That is the dilemma of most performers and actresses. Fear of public speaking, fear of stage fright and even the fear of public speaking to name a few.

It is really a matter of face and not believing in your fear. You have to acknowledge your fear and not deny it, as you might be said to by the priest. The fear is your problem and nothing else. So don't ever become alarmed at the sight of someone moving your eye and your head. There are many persons, who may not understand the reality of how your body reacts to certain things.

You can face any situation and not panic as there are different things that you can choose from. When you are preparing for your talk, you can choose from the various instruments that have been designed for the purpose.

You can hold your notes in small pieces and mime the same with your mouth. This is the best way to prepare yourself for any sort of discussion. One of the most common things that some people do is to make themselves look more nervous by holding their notes tighter and frowning, looking at the floor more often.

As far as stage fright is concerned, there are ways by which you can reduce your fear. You can face your fears without being anxious. Do not run out to the audience or the media just before the talk, and don't take a panic pill.

Goad yourself to have a good appetite before the show. Always remember that you are talking on stage for a general audience. So there is no reason why you should feel hungry or depressed at the thought of talking to strangers.

At low level, do not speak in front of your family and friends. The only one that is familiar with you is the audience and the conversation is kept very short. You can give your speech to your wife, your kids or your spouse first before going to the public.

Take your audience's help to get the desired effect. Invite them to have a cup of tea or coffee or something healthy.

Before your talk, let the audience know about all the different guests that will be joining you. Let them know about the various conditions and their general ability. They can all have the chance to ask questions and offer comments if they have any.

Make the atmosphere light and happy so that the whole crowd is not alarmed. This way, everyone is sure that nothing bad has happened.

Don't worry about the outcome of your performance calls as there are many people who are interested in your story. They will come forward as soon as they find the opportunity.

How to Overcome Stage Fright?

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