Debut Novel by Robert Wang, The Opium Lord's Daughter, Garners Multiple National Book Awards

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OJAI, Calif: With his debut novel, The Opium Lord's Daughter, Robert Wang delivers a sweeping story rich in Chinese culture and customs showing China's internal struggles as the country opened to the West in the 1840s.

The story is told from dual perspectives—Chinese and British—about the First Opium War, a tragic and history-altering con­flict that was the beginning of China's wariness of the West. Many of the betrayals by the British back then still resonate with China today and affect its dealings with the western world.

The book has received excellent reviews and is now garnering multiple awards for historical fiction. The Independent Press Award named the book the winner of the multi-cultural fiction category. Readers are still voting for the Reader's Choice Award, where it is a finalist and leading in the vote tally. The book has also been named a finalist for both the Book Excellence Awards and SPR Book Awards.

I am grateful for the acknowledgment that the book strikes a chord with readers, said author Robert Wang. Today, there are so many tensions between China and the USA. My goal was to tell a story that is powerfully relevant to our times, when opioid addiction is once again in the headlines as well as trade wars. History is more than academic theories--it is the stories of real people affected by events put in motion by other real people. I hope that by the end of my book, you, the reader, come away with an understanding of how and why the Opium Wars took place and are intrigued by both the fiction and the history.

The Opium Lord's Daugh­ter artfully weaves actual events and characters into the narrative, offering the reader a selective glimpse into a world populated with rogue drug traders, imperialist government officials, religious zealots, and scrappy survivors.

Learn more about the book and the Opium Wars at Available through all major retailers.

Debut Novel by Robert Wang, The Opium Lord's Daughter, Garners Multiple National Book Awards

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