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The Future of Online Casinos in India

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The Future of Online Casinos in India

London, June 12: Online gambling in India is on the rise during the lockdown, but what will happen once we get out? Read for predictions about online casinos in India.

The global virus outbreak caught the world by surprise. After we got used to the idea of staying at home, we transferred our lives online inch by inch.

The global migration to the virtual realm showed us that we could function without constraints using only a stable internet connection. And as the situation deteriorates each day, it is not certain when we would be able to step outside worry-free.

However, the new digital era – if we may even call it so – marked a change in the perception of people. We are now used to seeking work and entertainment online – and that often includes various forms of gaming.

The most prolific branch of online gaming, the casino industry, has stepped into the virtual spotlight with an increase of devoted players. Online casinos are the go-to option during quarantine, but what happens after this virus saga ends?

Let's discuss.

Technology at the Forefront of Change

The technological evolution has surpassed nearly all targets that we could conceive. Nowadays, it is quite common to discuss different consoles, pick platforms, and compare AR and VR. Indeed, modern gaming has changed so much in such a short period.

The online casino industry has welcomed each innovation with open arms. But perhaps the most appealing concept to enter gaming sites was the live casino feature.

Live dealer games are, hands down, the best kind of gaming experience that one can find in Indian-facing online casinos. The reason is simple: live dealer tables combine comfort and authenticity. Playing casino games with real dealers in real-time is unmatched, and you can now do it from your home.

In the future, it is hard to predict the lengths that technology would go to. However, we are sure that, whatever it is, it will be even better than what we have today. With each gaming product and solution, companies tasked with developing games aim for the best possible experience. And the best experience is the one that is the most realistic.

However, the future of online casinos in India entails a plethora of other factors that mesh and intertwine. An endless loop that cannot be stopped is at work here – so let's try to see what else affects the future of online casinos in India.

What People Like, People Get

Another important aspect to consider is the opinion of the customers. Feedback is a valuable input that companies get from the players. Hence, what customers want, the customers get.

This is where we start noticing the endless loop that we mentioned above. Players are now used to better tech and equipment, so it would be unwise to offer them a step back. A step back from all that splendor would benefit no one – neither the companies nor the players enjoy playing with backward tech and features. Combine trends with technological advancements, and we get a promising future for online gambling in India.

We must remember that India is slowly becoming one of the most prominent casino markets in the global industry. An increase in digital gambling is directly tied to the popularity of mobile gaming. The value of the mobile gaming market in India is, according to Statista, expected to surpass $400 million by 2022. That is a considerable jump from 2018 when it was worth $308 million.

This report was published before COVID-19. During the lockdown, the numbers rose even more. Hence, it is only reasonable to conclude that the number and popularity of mobile gaming are yet to become a major trend in online gambling in Indian states.

The Legal Aspect

A vital part of the entire online gaming story in India is the government. More specifically, the laws that place constraints on illicit gambling activity in each state in India.

The question of gambling in India is unambiguous – all gambling activities are banned. But there is just one thing – the Public Gambling Act of 1867 says nothing about online gambling.

This creates a grey area where no authority or government can prohibit casino games that happen on the internet. However, operators that wish to work from India cannot operate as well.

The players are left with a complicated question – if playing is not banned, but the venues are, where to play?

The answer lies in the international brands that accept players from India but hold internationally acclaimed licenses. Today, every state in India has autonomy over online gambling activity. However, few have moved in that direction with a positive attitude.

But, considering how popular digital casinos are becoming, it would be reasonable to expect a more open attitude towards such gaming.

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