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New Delhi, Aug 19 : The secularism of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1780-1839) needs to be stuided in the current context for the manner in which he brought together a collection of warring misls (confederacies) to create a Sikh Empire that stretched from the Khyber Pass in the west to western Tibet in the east, and from Mithankot in the south to Kashmir in the north, says US-based poet, playwright and commentator Sarbpreet Singh in a new book.

New Delhi, Aug 16 : Read about a new toolkit required to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals that go beyond the precepts of good business management and prevalent best practices in government and civil society organisations; then a handy guide that offers a framework to ensure that you continue to have a productive life without getting burned out; and finally, commune with your brethren in small-town India to get a feel of their reality.

New Delhi, Aug 16 : You have read about them in comics -- that was the original genre. They then transformed to the stage, to the small screen, then to the big screen and soon the streaming platform. Now, read about your favourite Marvel Superhero in book format with the seven titles that have been released making waves worldwide and also in India, where they recently debuted.

New Delhi, Aug 14 : Willliam Dalrymple's latest book "The Anarchy" published by Bloomsbury and releasing on September 10, tells the remarkable story of how one of the world's most magnificent empires disintegrated and came to be replaced by a dangerously unregulated private company, based thousands of miles overseas in one small office, five windows wide, and answerable only to its distant shareholders.

New Delhi, Aug 13 : The ninth USD 25,000 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature will be awarded at the finale of the four-day Nepal Literature Festival in Pokhra on December 16, in keeping with the tradition of announcing the winner at a different South Asian country every year. It was announced here on Tuesday.

New Delhi, Aug 11 : Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of the Donald Trump presidency "is that it truly appears to function according to the strictures of a reality television format", says widely respected journalist and author Alan Friedman in a seminal disection of the current US administration.

New Delhi, Aug 9 : Go beyond defining mountains only by their height, though the summit of a peak is nothing more than the point where it gives way to clouds and the sky; next, ponder over a paradigm shift in ancient Indian history in the modern day search for the mythical Sarasvati river; and finally, make your way through an emphatic and enhanced collection of stories about Tibetan refugees starting anew in India.

New Delhi, Aug 9 : Acclaimed for his ability to capture unique perspectives of Indian history, best-selling author Manu S. Pillai will look into India's extraordinary past and the startling colonial connections that have shaped the narrative of independent India in his fourth book.

New Delhi, Aug 7 : Celebrating the women who have inspired them throughout their lives, a new book by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea Clinton will feature portraits of more than 100 women, celebrating the histories that all too often get overlooked or are left unwritten.

Title: Operation - The Untold Story of India's Covert Naval War in East Pakistan; Author: Captain M.N.R. Sawant and Sandeep Unnithan; Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers India; Pages: 272; Price: Rs 499

New Delhi, Aug 2 : From a convent in Ambala to the high-profile corridors of power in Delhi, from an event manager in Dubai to a "serendipitous" meeting with Shashi Tharoor, from polarising the media to a fairy tale gone wrong, Sunanda Pushkar "died just as she had lived - dramatically", says the definitive biography of a woman whose spirit was one that couldn't be contained.

Noida, July 31 : Celebrated author Ruskin Bond on Wednesday released his latest book "Words From My Window -- A Journal" amid his young admirers from the Shriram Millennium School here and other prominent schools of the National Capital Region.

New Delhi, July 30 : Hitherto, the thousands of Indians who had migrated to Britain in the wake of the partition of the sub-continent had lived in silence, perhaps wanting to bury the ghosts of the past as they sought to make a new life. Two years ago, award-winning journalist and broadcaster Kavita Puri produced a three-part series, "Partition Voices" for BBC Radio 4 that won the Royal Historical Society's Radio and Podcast Award and its overall Public History Prize. She has now converted this into a similarly-titled book "to remember the time before separation so the next generations understand that there were Hindus in Lahore, and Muslims in Amritsar".

Title: Rivers Remember -- #ChennaiRains; Author: Krupa Ge; Publisher: Context/Westland Publications; Pages: 218; Price: Rs 499

New Delhi, July 26 : Despite the breadth and scope of the Indian media, there is little meaningful literature available about journalism practised in the country today. There have been individual accounts by journalists, some of them pretty eminent, but rarely has an attempt been made to present a holistic picture from the 21st century's perspective. A new book seeks to address the requirement. You can also discover the fascination of India's churches, their history and legends, the early arrival of Christianity, India's first encounters with Europeans and the magnificence of India's church architecture; and finally, there is another book that just lets you - well, chill!.

New Delhi, July 25 : American investigative journalist Katherine Eban pored over roughly 20,000 internal documents from the US FDA, including emails, memorandums, minutes of meetings and thousands of internal government records, as also replies under the Freedom of Information Act, to piece together a riveting and definitive account of how once storied Indian pharma major Ranbaxy blatantly cut corners - to improve its bottom line.

New Delhi, July 20 : "The Non-Conformist: Memories of my Father Balraj Sahni", a biography by his son Parikshit that chronicles one of the finest and most natural actors hailing from the golden era of the Indian cinema, will release next month, presenting an insightful take on the legendary actor.

New Delhi July 17 : Srishti Publishers and Distributors, India's leading publishing house today announced the second print run of 'Who Stole My Job' by nationally acclaimed author Sunil Mishra.

New Delhi, July 16 : He has been a keen observer of the Indian scene for over five decades, the first 24 of them as a member of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and thereafter as a politician -- first with the Janata Party, then the Janata Dal and finally with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Along the way he became the first non-Congress Finance minister to present five regular budgets and two interim budgets. Now, as he contemplates the past after quitting the BJP last year, Yashwant Sinha laments the increasing politicisation of the bureaucracy and the steady erosion of Indian institutions.

New Delhi, July 13 : Sahitya Akademi, the national academy of letters, on Friday announced the winners of its 2019 Yuva and Bal Puraskar in Maithili language.

New Delhi, July 12 : Fear of yoga being culturally appropriated by the West has prompted many teachers to disassociate it from its heritage, focusing more on the body and less on the mind - a misconception that this primer seeks to reverse; then, read the story about four gusty women who took on Silicon Valley and made deals of a lifetime; and finally a handy guide to improving your linguistic skills.

New Delhi, July 12 : Literary publisher HarperCollins India on Friday announced the acquisition of a three-book series titled, "The Gopi Diaries" penned by noted English and Kannada author Sudha Murthy.

Gurugram, July 8 : The second edition of Gurgaon Literature Festival (GLF), to be held on November 16-17 at the DLF Cyber Hub, will be themed around mental health and fitness. It will feature around 80 speakers, including authors, politicians and psychiatrists.

New Delhi, July 7 : Best-selling author Chetan Bhagat says he likes to use his writing not just to tell stories but also to bring attention to some of the issues within the country.

New Delhi, July 5 : You can learn how to overcome early challenges at the workplace and get an insider view of what makes organisations tick; you can also take the yogic path for slimming and weight loss; and you may also explore how 'Kathak' dance has shaped and evolved over the millennia - from the Mughal invasion to the present day.

Bhubaneswar, July 2 : With "Gandhis Idea of India: Truth, Harmony, Non-Violence" as its central theme, the three-day Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) here later this month will pay tribute to the Father of the Nation through contemporary reflections on his ideas and is set to trigger global and national discussions on his work and ideas through literature; lived experience, politics, art, film, business, media and sports.

Gun Island : By Amitav Ghosh; Penguin Random House; Rs 699. Journeys to distant lands, migration and ancient connections between civilisations are recurring themes in Amitav Ghosh's books. His latest offering, "" is a story of travel and migrations, overlaid with myth and folktales, and the deepening crisis of climate change.

New Delhi July 01: Dr Krishna Saksena today launched her new book 'Whispers of Time' at India International Centre in New Delhi.

New Delhi June 30 : Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani on Sunday launched 'Whispers of Time', a book authored by Dr Krishna Saksena, here at the India International Centre.

New Delhi, June 28 : Explore a dream that went sour in four years at one of India's greatest business empires; then, delve into true stories of some of India's most heinous serial killers; and finally, learn how to get the monkey out of your mind and live a fuller life.

New Delhi, June 28 : In large parts of India, they are termed Naradmunis - known for whipping up tensions among people by spicing up facts. In the West, they are termed Gaslighters - "master controllers and manipulators, often challenging your very sense of reality".

Kolkata, June 26 : With as many as 21 speakers, 59 sessions including storytelling, drama, workshops, art and craft, Bookaroo -- India's first children's literature festival that has travelled to 12 cities across the country -- is set to debut in Gangtok, Sikkim on June 28.

New Delhi, June 26 : Mahatma Gandhi had expressed the opinion that a human life could span 125 years and that he would quite like to live that long. "If he had his way, he would have departed not in 1948 but around 1994," best-selling author Manu S. Pillai writes in his latest book, also posing some intriguing questions, among them: would he have sided with Indira Gandhi to end genocide in East Pakistan and help birth Bangladesh, would Mrs Gandhi have thrown him into prison during the Emergency and most importantly, "would the tragedy that was Babri Masjid have pierced the Mahatma's heart as he aproached his own deadline of a century and a quarter?"

New Delhi, June 26 : The death on January 17, 2014 of Sunanda Pushkar, businesswoman and wife of writer and politician Shashi Tharoor, was as shocking as it was suspect, spawning many a controversy and complex legal battles.

New Delhi, June 23 : Justice for children is directly linked to lessening child mortality and in the true sense has the potential to anchor the broader pursuit of justice. It thus needs to be multidisciplinary, multisectoral and multifocal in approach, says a just-published scholarly treatise by Ali Mehdi, who leads the Health Policy Initiative of a leading think-tank and has also been assisting the government in formulating it position on health - and other areas - for G20 meetings on the sector.

New Delhi, Jun 22: Author Vineet Goenka on Friday released his book titled 'Function of Data Sovereignty - The Pursuit of Supremacy' and said days of data colonisation are not too far.

New Delhi, June 21 : India is a nation with a huge demand but one that lacks high quality services. Be it agriculture, manufacturing or other services, the Indian economy is still a work in progress and its political leadership, its bureaucracy, its business class and its citizens are on a learning curve, searching for ways to get it right, says a new book that points to the five major risks that India must address in the coming decade to stay ahead.

New Delhi, June 21 : Untangle the origins and ancestry of the Nagas that has been an issue of veritable contestation among historians; thereafter, be inspired by the journey of an entrepreneur who fought-off a heart attack at 38 to rebuild his life; and finally, go through the exhilarating experience of day-to-day transformation to give yourself a vibrant and radiant life.

New Delhi, June 20 : In a refreshing change for such events, Mountain Echoes, the Bhutan Festival of Art, Literature, is focusing on homegrown talent - and a great deal of informality - as it aims to put its speakers and guests in the same space as its audiences at its 10th edition in Thimpu August 23-25, with the inaugural on August 22.

New Delhi, June 18 : Bestselling historian and author William Dalrymple's latest book "The Anarchy", based on the rise of the East India Company, will release on September 10, publisher Bloomsbury announced on Tuesday.

New Delhi, June 17 : Eight bookstores across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru are housing books on Peppa Pig, an animated character loved by children, throughout the month of June.

New Delhi, June 16 : Three years after making a forceful plea against the effects of environmental degradation, globally acclaimed author Amitav Ghosh returns to the subject by once again focusing on the Sundarbans, which he terms critical for the well being of West Bengal and neighbouring Bangladesh and lamenting that nations around the world are not responding adequately to the global scourge.

New Delhi, June 15 : The Sahitya Akademi on Friday announced winners of Bal Sahitya Puraskar and Yuva Puraskar. In all 45 individuals will be awarded for their work in the field of literature.

New Delhi, June 14 : Learn how to 'pivot' forward in an age of disruption by coming out of your comfort zone; then, switch back to an era that harkens to the Emergency; and finally, relive an arduous 14,000 km journey through Central Asia, China and Tibet tracing an ancient trade route.

New Delhi, June 13 : Renowned author Amitav Ghosh, who was bestowed with the 54th Jnanpith Award, on Thursday said all his books address issues of "dislocation, migration, and movement."

Book: Cricket World Cup: The Indian Challenge; Author: Ashis Ray; Publisher: Bloomsbury; Price: Rs 499

Mumbai, June 3 : Author Vish Dhamija's thrillers "Bhendi Bazaar", "Doosra" and "Lipstick", part of the "Rita Ferreira" series, is set to be adapted into a multi-season digital series.

New Delhi, May 24 : What's cricket got to do with helping leaders overcome the mental and other blocks they often face? Plenty, it would seem. Then, also examine the work of an award-winning poet that mediates on our follies in the world as humans. And finally, ponder over how caste still thrives in post-liberalisation India.

Agra, May 21 : Hindu scholar and author Nithin Sridhar says menstruation should not be considered shameful but should be celebrated as a basic requirement of womanhood, as an integral dimension of feminineness.

Book: Coming Round the Mountain; Author: Ruskin Bond; Illustrator: Mihir Joglekar; Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 117; Price: Rs 250

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