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Title: When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing; Author: Daniel H. Pink; Publisher: Canongate; Pages: 272; Price: Rs 599
By Pushpesh Pant : My earliest memories of meals in the mountains date back to the 1950s and Mukteshwar, where I was born and grew up. It was a small town perched on a ridge at an altitude of 7,500 feet, offering a breathtaking view of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas but little else in terms of connectivity.
Why do we like evil, or rather, are fascinated by it, especially in its literary manifestations? Philosophically, evil is needed, for without it how can we recognise/do good, the fundamental underpinning of virtually all religions and moral systems? This may also hold true in the literary sense, where we also can experience a vicarious view of its course -- without the resultant consequences.
Title: The Philosopher and the Wolf; Author: Mark Rowlands; Publisher: Granta Books; Pages: 256; Price: Rs 499
PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla: According to the Academy of Management, sexual harassment adversely affects not only individual victims, but is clearly BAD FOR BUSINESS.
New Delhi, April 20 : Fill yourself with joy at the idea of food as what we eat is a part of who we are; know the importance of preparing the body and soul for a healthy change from a celebrated yoga expert; get access to an exclusive handbook on parenting of teens that focuses on decoding the insecurities, dilemmas and interests of our youngsters to understand them better; and read the complicated love tales of three men who end up falling for the same woman.
Title: A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership; Author: James Comey; Publisher: Pan Macmillan; Pages: 305; Price: Rs 799
Title: In a Cult of Their Own - Bollywood Beyond Box Office; Author: Amborish Roychoudhury; Publisher: Rupa Publications India; Pages: 276; Price: Rs 295
Book: India's Aged: Needs and Vulnerabilities; Edited by: Udaya S. Mishra and S. Irudaya Rajan; Publisher: Orient Blackswan; Pages: 254; Price: Rs 825
Title: Collusion: How Russia Helped Trump Win the White House; Author: Luke Harding; Publisher: Guardian Books/Faber and Faber; Pages: 346; Price: Rs 599
By T.M. Krishna, Apr 15 : To create and materialise experience in its most vulnerable, intangible form, so that it becomes an integral part of our being long after 'the moment' has passed, is the spell that an artist conjures.
Philosophers may be called "dangerous" for their ideas, can be flamboyantly idiosyncratic, but are rarely described as "the superstar messiah" of their ideology or "Elvis" of their field. But this Slovene qualifies -- for combining two "discredited" systems of thought, being polemical and provocative in political and social criticism, but yet lucid in approach and also appearing onscreen to discuss popular cinema, among other traits.
New Delhi, April 14 : Indian origin author Shalu Chopra has converted over 12 years of her experience in teaching into a second volume in the methodology book series, focused on Latin American Spanish titled "Viva Latino Espanol 2".
New Delhi, April 13 : Learn about 20 years of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC); know how to hustle your way into a great foreign internship and use internships as a springboard to find that dream job; flick through a thriller featuring schoolyard rivalries, the Backstreet Boys and a fat dollop of 90s nostalgia.
Title: Atom; Author: Piers Bizony; Publisher: Icon Science; Pages: 225; Price: Rs 499
MESA, Ariz. and NEW YORK: Morgan James's new release, Success Profiles: Conversations With High Achievers Including Jack Canfield, Tom Ziglar, Loral Langemeier and More by Brian K. Wright, of Mesa, Arizona, addresses the topics of leadership, business growth, and overall success.
Title: Heather, The Totality; Author: Matthew Weiner; Publisher: Canongate Books; Pages: 138 ; Price: Rs 890
Title: Education of an Ambassador: Reflections on Higher Education Reform in Kerala; Author: T.P. Sreenivasan; Publisher: Konark Publishers Pvt Ltd; Pages; 248; Price: Rs 800
Title: Skin in the Game; Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb; Publisher: Allen Lane/Penguin Random House UK; Pages: 272; Price: Rs 699
New Delhi, April 9 : Filmmaker Laxmana Dalmias first book of prose-poetry "One Soul Many Lives" that attempts to link fine arts to words in its pages was launched here at the Bikaner House.
Book: Born to be Hanged - Political Biography of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto; Author: Syeda Hameed; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 264
Title: Digital Vs Human: How We'll Live, Love and Think in the Future; Author: Richard Watson; Publisher: Amaryllis; Pages: 272; Price: Rs 499
What can we expect of spy fiction? Should it be all glamour -- parties, fast cars, women (or lets say partners), casinos, over-the-top and plentiful action in exotic locations with clearly marked good and bad sides, as in James Bond films? Or should it be the gritty, unromanticised variant -- with less-than-perfect protagonists, moral ambiguity, power politics and devious mindgames, as in the John Le Carres novels?
Book: The Tandoor Murder; Author: Maxwell Pereira; Publisher: Context; Pages: 280; Price: Rs 599
Title: The Irregular - A Different Class of Spy; Author: H.B. Lyle; Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton/Hachette India; Pages: 288; Price: Rs 399
New Delhi, April 6 : Go on an inspiring journey of one man's decision to dedicate his life to a higher purpose; walk through the American laws and get a glimpse of how life would be as a student in America; know of Deendayal Upadhyaya's journey as one of the primary leaders who instilled the sense of nationality in the country; and flick through an intriguing psychological thriller.
Title: If Our Bodies Could Talk - Operating and Maintaining a Human Body; Author: James Hamblin; Publisher: Anchor Books; Pages: 400; Price: Rs 699
London, April 3 : The Man Booker Prize has been criticised after changing a nominee's nationality from Taiwan to "Taiwan, China" after Beijing exerted pressure on the organisers of the literary prize, the media reported on Tuesday.
Agartala, April 2 : Bibliomania gripped the people of Tripura as the 36th edition of Agartala Book Fair kicked-off on Monday.
New Delhi, April 2 : In a spectacular new initiative, Penguin Random House India will be publishing two timeless novels -- "Paro" and "Priya" by acclaimed writer Namita Gokhale in a double bill edition.
Title: The Templars - The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God's Holy Warriors; Author: Dan Jones; Publisher: Viking/Penguin Random House; Pages: 449; Price: Rs 1,199
Language development is very important in the early years -- from communicating using facial expressions, movement of the body and crying, to the use of verbal and sign language.
Title: Stalking God: My Unorthodox Search for Something to Believe In; Author: Anjali Kumar; Publisher: Orion Spring; Pages: 232; Price: Rs 399
Among the many paradoxes of the human condition is that, despite time itself playing tricks on us, a large part of the world dedicates a special day for pranks -- say, April Fools' Day, the favoured choice across the West as well as India and Lebanon, among others. This "custom" may have its reasons, among which is our fascination with a cultural archetype called the Trickster.
Book: Pull of Pulses Full of Beans; Author: Salma Husain and Vijay Thukral; Publisher: Niyogi Books; Pages: 204 pages; Price: Rs 750
New Delhi, March 30 : Enter into an enchanting world of fantasy and adventure, in which mythology, action and suspense come together; read the romantic story of a man, who has to embark on a journey that spans thousands of miles and pulls him back into a past; flick through a timely, inquisitive chronicle of malaria and its influence on human lives; and enjoy a celebration of flora and fauna, particularly of the profusion of commonly found plant life that flourishes in most regions of Bengal.
New Delhi, March 30 : Amazing are the experiments happening in contemporary publishing here. If non-fiction and celeb-centric books ruled the roost in March, there is enough reason for fiction lovers to rejoice as the upcoming month will see the release of some outstanding novels.
Title: Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer; Author: Wendell Berry; Publisher: Penguin Classics; Pages: 64; Price: Rs 50
Title: The Disappearance of Emile Zola - Love, Literature and the Dreyfus Case; Author: Michael Rosen; Publisher: Faber and Faber; Pages: 320; Price: Rs 599
Title: A Murder on Malabar Hill; Author: Sujata Massey; Publisher: Penguin Random House India; Pages: 440; Price: Rs 399
Book: Mind over Mountain: A Corporate Leader's Journey; Author: Hari Kumar; Publisher: Konark Publishers; Pages: 267; Price: Rs 395
Melding a range of disparate influences, along with his energetic jiving, to create a new musical form that still sways listeners -- and in its time, helped break race barriers in the US -- he became a best-selling and influential solo musician of his generation and a significant cultural icon. That explains Elvis Presley's depictions across all media, save literature, where his appearances rarely match his status.
Title: Best Before - The Evolution and Future of Processed Food; Author: Nicola Temple; Publisher: Bloomsbury Sigma; Pages: 272 Price: Rs 499
New Delhi, March 23 : Across the globe, there has always been a substantial interest in self-help books. We present four from the genre that have just hit the stands. A book that tells you about the significance of food in our lives; a simple "how to" guide to create a life that you desire; a timely tutorial on nurturing your adolescents in modern times; and, finally, expert opinion on becoming the greatest salesman in the world.
New Delhi, March 22 : Eminent poets representing 24 Inddian languages participated in an All India Poetry Festival was organised by the Sahitya Akademi here to commemorate World Poetry Day.
New Delhi, March 22 : Mutual respect was a "consciously cultivated way of life" in Lucknow, and this "magic formula" helped the city and the Awadh region around it to prosper. Alas, this is not the case any more, says journalist and author Mehru Jaffer, who has just published a book on the city where she has her roots.
New Delhi, March 22 : A recent novel, "Radius 200" by author Veena Nagpal, has two facts at the centre of the fictional narrative that she weaves. "Impending water scarcity and the very real danger of an Sino-Indian conflict over this precious resource," says Nagpal in the context of her book that was launched with much fanfare at the Jaipur Literature Festival in January.
Book: Fathers; Author: Sam Miller; Publisher: Penguin Random House UK; Price: Rs 699; Pages: 250
Title: Tales of Man Singh: King of Indian Dacoits; Author: Kenneth Anderson; Publisher: Rupa Publications India; Pages: 273; Price: Rs 295
Title: The Crazy Untold Story of Bollywood's Bad Boy; Author: Yasser Usman; Publisher: Juggernaut; Pages: 256; Price: Rs 499
Book: Why I Killed the Mahatma -- Uncovering Godse's Defence; Author: Koenraad Elst; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 251
With a powerful combination of brainpower, entrepreneurial energy and favourable demographics, India is the world's greatest land of opportunities, says American author Richard M. Rothman, who has come up with a book that aims to help ordinary Indians do extraordinary things.
Title: Create Dangerously; Author: Albert Camus; Publisher: Penguin Modern/Penguin Books; Pages: 58; Price: Rs 50
News is rather ephemeral. Since it has most effect -- in these times -- when on TV, we may paraphase Shakespeare's Macbeth to term it something "full of sound and fury" but soon forgotten due to our limited memory and the sheer volume of round-the-clock programming. But there are ways of preserving it for posterity.
Title: Burn the Business Plan: What Great Entrepreneurs Do; Author: Carl J. Schramm; Publisher: Hachette India; Pages: 272; Price: Rs 499
Title: Why Wall Street Matters; Author: William D. Cohan; Publisher: Penguin Random House; Pages: 192; Price: Rs 499
New Delhi, March 16 : Are women getting their due at workplaces or are they being overlooked? What happens when a devastated man embarks on a quest to find the recipient of his donated kidney?
New Delhi, March 15 : He can barely speak a few lines of English, yet his deep insight and observations of rural life are reshaping how we view the hinterland.
Title: Prussian Blue (Bernie Gunther Series); Author: Philip Kerr; Publisher: Quercus; Pages: 546; Price: Rs 399
By Ananya Das: Book- Stories From Saratchandra- Innocence and Reality; Translator- Anindita Mukhopadhyay; Publisher- Rupa; Pages- 195; Price- Rs 295
No other book has gone so far. Last month, Canadian American entrepreneur Elon Musk sent a copy of this science fiction classic into deep space aboard his Roadster, with one of its seminal messages painted on the dashboard. Then another phrase from this book was, according to a leading writer of the genre, the best advice that could be given to the human race.
Title: The Manager Who Became an Influencer; Author: Harish Shivdasani; Publisher: Rupa Publications; Pages: 98; Price: Rs 195
New Delhi , Mar 10 : The urban woman today can demand and talk of being free and equal with more conviction than she can actually live it, according to author Shefali Tripathi Mehta.
Title: Santro: The Car That Built a Company; Author: B.V.R. Subbu; Publisher: Hachette; Pages: 254; Price: Rs 599
New Delhi, March 9 : Know how the brain can shape our lives in unexpected and, in some cases, brilliant and alarming ways; read the story of a seasoned reporter at the North Kanto Times who runs a daily battle against the power struggles and office politics that plague its newsroom; learn how media manipulators work; and flick through a moving, disturbingly close to reality story about love at its worst and at its best.
Title: Solstice at Panipat; Author: Uday S. Kulkarni; Publisher: Mula Mutha Publishers; Pages: 319; Price: Rs 450
New Delhi, March 6 : Entries have opened for the inaugural edition of a literary award that breaks down language barriers and recognises the full cosmopolitan breadth of contemporary Indian literature. The award provides the winner with a cash prize of Rs 25 lakh and if the winning book is a translation, the translator will be awarded Rs 5 lakh.
The ultimate test of a language's survival is how it is chosen by its users to express their innermost feelings.This yardstick could well explain the case of Urdu, especially when it struck up its enduring partnership with films. And a standard-bearer among those responsible for bringing the ghazal out of courtly soirees to become an eloquent expression for everyman was this failed businessman.
Mumbai, March 3 : Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, who has worked closely with filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani, will launch his wife Manjeet Hirani's book "How To Be Human - Life Lessons by Buddy Hirani".
Title: Padmini: The Spirited Queen of Chittor; Author: Mridula Behari; Publisher: Penguin Books; Pages: 233; Price: Rs 299

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