Monday, 18 June 2018
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news icon Release of Amish Tripathi's book postponed

news icon 'Ocean Rimmed World': The Ocean giveth, but the ocean also taketh away (Book Review)

news icon Laughter: A diagnosis, and some personal prescriptions

news icon Gritty tale set in Mumbai's famous dance bars (Book Review)

news icon Sahitya Akademi's gimmick falls flat, embarrassed on its home turf

news icon That scar is permanent, Saeed Mirza on Modi's Gujarat legacy

news icon Of risk planning, Nagas, texting and nagins (Books This Weekend)

news icon The mean, tough war machine and its complex course (Book Review)

news icon An astute study of early Indian sociology (Book Review)

news icon Bespoke programme marks JLF's fifth year in London

news icon Non-cooperation, revenge and WMDs in 1920s Calcutta (Book Review)

news icon The unglamorous model of a spy and his achievements

news icon New book on environment shows the way forward (Book Review)

news icon Selected offerings for children to read this summer vacation ( Books This Weekend)

news icon Amish Tripathi's book on Raja Suheldev to release on July 16

news icon A slice of Jaipur at the British Library over the weekend

news icon A primer on populism and its unexpected past practitioners (Book Review)

news icon Quality over Quantity: How a 'man of books' is changing publishing's 80-20 rule

news icon Journey into marriage is about 'we', away from it is about 'me': Writer Devdutt Pattanaik

news icon Of natural births, wars and investigative journalism (Books This Weekend)

news icon Author of 14 books, Bhawana Somaaya just can't get enough of Krishna

news icon Five books to look forward to in June 2018

news icon Future of books brighter in India than most parts of world: Publisher David Davidar

news icon Intizar Husain comes alive in 'Day and Dastan' translation (Book Review)

news icon We have lost our sensuality due to aggressive lives, says 'Kama' author

news icon Not so sassy: There's much more to pornography than what this book presents

news icon Monkey business and more: Proving intelligence in animals (Book Review)

news icon Dashiell Hammett: Pioneering hardboiled crime and the cool, tarnished hero (Column: Bookends)

news icon Pakistan Army summons former ISI chief over claims in new book

news icon Novelist Anuradha Roy rides against the tides of our times

news icon Indian novel at its best, reflection and not protest (Book Review)

news icon Fake baba, a mysterious murder, love and heartbreak (Books This Weekend)

news icon The secretive whistleblower: Why FBI's No 2 became Watergate's Deep Throat (Book Review)

news icon Polish writer wins Man Booker International Prize (Roundup)

news icon A catharsis called art (Book Review)

news icon Hindustan was never 'a place of plunder' for Mughals: Writer Ira Mukhoty

news icon Pakistan's perilous state - the public position and perception (Book Review)

news icon Former RAW and ISI chiefs team up in new book

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