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Rajasthan Wildlife Tourism

Information on Rajasthan Wildlife Tourism

Rajasthan Wildlife Tourism

Bhensrod Garh Sanctuary

The Bhensrod Garh Sanctuary has dry deciduous forest. The main wildlife includes Leopards, chinkara, and sloth bear.

Darrah Sanctuary

The Darrah Sanctaury was previously the hunting ground of the Kota maharajas. The animals in the region include wolf, sloth bear, chinkara and leopard.

Desert National Sanctuary

The Desert National sanctuary is colossal park having shrubs and trees in addition to rolling sand dunes. The wildlife includes fox, desert cat, hare, spiney tail uromastix and sand fish. Thousands of sparrows,imperial sand grouse, bustards, falcons and eagles migrate to this place during the winter.

Jaisamand Sanctuary

The Jaisamand Sanctuary located beside the man-made Jaisamand Lake and is the home of sloth bear, leopard, chital, chinkara, wild boar and a number of birds.

Keoladeo Ghana National Park

The Keoladeo Ghana National Park has shallow, fresh water marsh attracts thousands of migratory birds. Over 10,000 nests of egrets, darters, cormorants, grey herons and storks hatch nearly 20,000 to 30,000 chicks every year. Even the place is the home for many mammals like sambhar, blackbuck, chital, nilgai, fishing cat, otter, and mongoose.

Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary

The Kumbahlgarh Sanctuary has majestic fort of Kumbhalgarh apart from animals like sloth bear, leopard, flying squirrel, and Indian wolf.

Mount Abu Sanctuary

The Mount Abu Sanctuary at the highest point of Aravallis, provides shelter to common langaur, wild boar, sambhar, leopard, and grey jungle fowl.

Ranthambhor National Park

The Ranthambhor National Park is the state’s most well-known tiger reserve under Project Tiger. The animals of the region are sambhar, cheetal, wild boar, leopard, sloth bear, jackal, and hyena.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

The Sariska Tiger Reserve is another tiger land in Rajasthan. It has leopard, sambhar, nilgai, wild dog, and chinkara apart from the ruins of 9th and 10th century temples.

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