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Visakhapatnam City Information

Visakhapatnam City Information

Visakhapatnam City Information

Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh, popularly known as Vizag, is the most booming industrial city on the east coast of India. This port city with its biggest ship building yard in India is also the headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command. 

It has a harmonious blend of majestic hills, valleys and golden beaches along the Bay of Bengal coastline apart from developed oil refining, fertilizer, petro-chemical, steel plant, sugar refining and jute industries.

Places of Interest:

Dolphin's nose - Dolphin's Nose is a rocky promontory with a cliff rising 174m above the sea

sheltering the harbour, from where manganese and iron ore are shipped out.

Fort - The fort, constructed in 1661 by the Dutch forms the oldest part of the city.
Line of three hills - Visakhapatnam is framed by a line of three hills, each with a shrine sacred to a different religion.

Sri Venkateswara Konda - Sri Venkateswara Konda has a temple dedicated to LordVenkateswara which is believed to have been built by an European Captain Blackmoor.

Mother Mary's Church - The central and the highest Ross Hill, named after a Monsieur Ross who built a house on it in 1864, has now been converted into a Roman Catholic Mother Mary's Church.

Darga Konda - The north hill Darga Konda has a mosque and the mausoleum of the Muslim saint, Baba Ishaq Madina, revered for his prophecies and venerated by Hindu and Muslim devotees alike.

Jungle trail - The Trail developed on three acres of forest amidst thick vegetation is an ideal place for trekking.

Andhra University - Andhra University located in the upland area of Waltair has one of the largest campuses in Andhra Pradesh.

Church of St. Paul - Built in 1847, this church has the simple neo classical theme architecture.
Rama Krishna Beach - Rama Krishna Beach occupies the largest part of the seafront with Submarine Museum and Sri Ramakrishna mission Ashram.

Lawson's Bay Beach - Another important beach in the city, Lawsons Bay Beach has beautiful golden sands and lush green vegetation.

Rishikonda beach and Resort - It is a thickly covered hill with a beach of golden sand. The beach is ideal for water skiing, wind surfing and swimming.

The Indira Gandhi Zoological Park - The Park has over 400 varieties of animals and is one of the largest Zoo Parks in Andhra Pradesh. 

Vuda Park - Vuda or Taraka Rama Park is located on the Sun and Sea beach with boating and swimming facilities, roller skating rink, artificial caves, beautiful long lawns, flower gardens and a children's park.

Kilasagiri Hill Park - Kailasagiri Park has the magnificent statues of Shiva- Parvathi. The

Shanku Chakra Naama which symbolizes the image of Lord Vishnu in its pristine form, fully lighted at night is visible from most parts of the city. The park gives an enchanting view of the sea, beaches, lush green forests and the bustling city. It is also a gliders’ paradise with excellent gliding facilities.

Visakha Museum - Located on the Beach road, the museum has historical treasures and artifacts of the region with the collections of ancient armory, crockery, coins, silk costumes, jewelry, stuffed animals, portraits, Shell of an unexploded bomb dropped by the Japanese during World War II, manuscripts, letters, diaries, scrap books, periodicals, and maps.

Submarine Museum - INS Kusura, a Russian built submarine was turned to a museum and the Submarine was brought from the sea, to the sands of the Ramakrisna Beach. 

Anthropology Museum - The department of Anthropology in the Andhra University has its own specialised anthropology Museum established in the year 1961.

Araku Tribal Museum - The Tribal Museum in Araku valley houses rich tribal tradition and number of artifacts and displays related to Eastern Ghat Tribal Culture.

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