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Rajgir City Information

Rajgir City Information

Rajgir City Information

Rajgir meaning the House of the King is an important religious place for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.

It has references in Mahabharata, Buddhist and Jain texts. The city is also developed as health and winter resort with its warm water ponds.

Places of Interest:

Amaravana (Jivaka's Mango Garden) - Jivaka, the royal physician during the times of Ajatshatru and Bimbisara used to practice here. It is also believed that Lord Buddha was brought here for a cure of a wound.

Swarna Bhandar - The twin Rock-cut caves served as the guard room and the treasury of the King Bimbisara.

The Cyclopean Wall - The 40 km long wall encircles ancient Rajgir and is built from massive pieces of stones during Mauryan rule.

Griddhakuta (Vulture's Peak) - At the top of Ratnagiri hill, a Peace Pagoda has been built by the Buddha Sangh of Japan.

Jain Temples - There are more than 25 Jain temples around Rajgir.

Hot Springs - Located at the foot of the Vaibhava Hill, the hot springs are popular and the hot water comes from the Saptaparni Caves, situated on top of the hill.

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