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Ludhiana City Information

Ludhiana City Travel Information

Ludhiana City Information


Ludhiana gets its name from the Lodhi Dynasty and is the site of a great battle in the First Sikh War (1845).


Now, it is Punjab's most populated metropolitan city. The city is a major textile and light engineering centre. Its hosiery goods are in great demand in all the markets of the east and the west.

 It exports woolen garments, machine tools, dyes, cycle parts, mopeds, sewing machines and motor parts to all over the world. It has a large grain market and is famous for rural Olympics.

Places of Interest: 

  • Gurudwara Shrimanji Sahib Alamgir - The gurudwara commemorates the place where the Muslim devotees Nabi Khan and Ghani Khan had carried Guru Gobind Singh to safety during the battle.
  • Pir-I-Dastgir shrine - The fort of Ludhiana has the shrine of Pir-I-Dastgir and the shrine draws both Hindu and Muslim pilgrims.
  • Phillaur Fort -The fort designed by Dewan Mohkam Chand, the brave general of Maharaja Ranjit Singh has police training center now.     
  • Punjab Agricultural University Museum - The world famous Punjab Agriculture University is located on the outskirts of the city.
  • Christian Medical College - The Christian Medical College was the first school of medicine in Asia and it has a partnership with CMC in Vellore. 
  • Bilwanwali Masjid - Mosque of Kamal-ud-din Khan/Sarai Doraha is rectangular in shape and has rooms and varandahs on all sides.
  • Famous Tomb - Mausoleum of Alawal Khan is octagonal in shape, surmounted by double pear shaped dome.
  • Gurudwara Charan Kamal - This Gurudwara commemorates the place where Sri Guru Gobind Singh had rested while fighting a guerrilla war against a massive Mughal force.
  • Gurudwara Nanaksar Jagraon - It has a remarkable memorial of the Sikh Saint, Baba Nand Singh Kaleranwale.

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