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Lucknow City Information

Lucknow City Travel Information

Lucknow City Information

Lucknow being the capital of Uttar Pradesh became prominent as the centre for the Nawabs of

Avadh. Legend says that Lucknow derived its name from Lucknau named after Lakshmana of the famous Epic Ramayan.

Lucknow is famous for its gharana of music and chickken (shadow embroidery) work.

Places of Interest:

Bara Imambara (Tomb of a Muslim holy man) - The hall built by Asaf-ud-Daula for famine relief, is one of the largest in the world.

Rumi Darwaza - This huge 60-feet-high door also called the 'Turkish Darwaza,' is the entrance to the Bara Imambara.

Chota Imambara - Hussainabad or Chota Imambara, built by Mohammed Ali Shah has furnishings comprising exquisite chandeliers of Belgium glass.

The Clock Tower - It is a 67 m-high clock tower on the river Gomti and is said to be the tallest clock tower in India. It has European style artwork. 

Shah Najaf Imambara - It holds the tombs of Ghasi-ud-Din Haidar and his wives.

Noor Baksh - Noor Baksh Kothi (Light giving palace) was built by Saadat Ali Khan as a school for royal children. Now it houses a psychiatric clinic for the mentally disturbed.

Chattar Manzil - The two Chattar Manzils near the Begum Hazarat Mahal Park, on the banks of the Gomti were Royal pavilions. Today this building houses the Central Medicine Research body.

State Museum - The state Museum has an impressive collection of stone sculptures, exhibits of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain works, rare coins, marble sculptures and an Egyptian Mummy.

Lucknow Zoo - The Zoo is also called as the Prince of Wales Zoological Gardens has a museum, an aquarium and a toy train.

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