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Guwahati City Information

Guwahati City Information

Guwahati City Information

Once known as "Pragiyotishpura" or Light of the East, Guwahati has river Brahmaputra with wide swollen sandy channel.

Guwahati's main business, tea is booming with the new Assam tea auction centre holding auctions.

Guwahati is split in two by Brahmaputra which can only be crossed by the Saraighat Bridge and the ferries.

Places of Interest:

Assam State Museum - The Museum has archaeological and ethnographic displays with a collection of stone and copper plate inscriptions dating from the 5th century, a 12th century sculpture of 'Surya', terracotta pieces and costumes.

Umananda Temple - The Shiva temple of Umananda stands on an island bluff in the middle of the Brahmaputra.

Kamakhya Temple - It is the most important Kali temple of Kamakhya, with beehive-shaped Shikhara and is the fine example of the distinctive Assamese style of architecture.

Navagraha Temple - Housed in a single red dome, in the beehive style, the temple has the central lingam encircled by nine planets.

Janardan Temple - Janardan Temple, built in the style of Hindu and Buddhist architecture is located at Shukaleswar hillock near Shukaleswar Ghat of Brahmaputra.

Assam State Zoo - It is a well-managed zoo with botanical garden hosting the one-horned rhino, the state symbol of Assam apart from tigers and leopards.

Pandu - The temple named after the King Pandu has the images of Lord Ganesha and Pancha Pandava brothers.

Basistha - the place has picturesque waterfall and two small red-domed temples at Basistha or Vashistha.

Hajo - The small town of Hajo is a special place in Assamese culture. It has a small Hindu temple of Hayagriba Madhab where, locals claim Lord Buddha gained Nirvana.

Sualkuchi - Sualkuchi is known for the production of golden Muga silk, that involves virtually every household and for which Assam is famous.

Madan Kamdev - Madan Kamdev has the tantric temple of 'Shakti' (Durga) dating back to the Pallava dynasty.

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