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Chandigarh City Information

Chandigarh City Information

Chandigarh City Information

Chandigarh is the first planned modern city of India designed by the French architect Le Corbusier. It serves as the capital of both Punjab and Haryana.

The city is named after the mother goddess of power, Chandi, and a fort or 'garh' beyond the Chandi temple.

It is endowed with natural beauty coupled by a multicultural population and an impressive line-up of gardens, galleries, and museums.

Places of Interest:

Rock garden - The Rock Garden is a unique garden built by one man’s effort, love, ingenuity and skill. Nek Chand created this garden using discarded objects like bottle tops, fluorescent lights, mud guard, tin cans, broken glass etc.

Sukhna Lake - Sukna Lake is an artificial, manmade lake and is the venue of the Asian rowing championships. The tree-shaded shore is a favorite spot for strolling and bird watching. 

Open Hand Monument - Open Hand monument rotates freely in the wind from a high concrete pedestal. The design of this symbol was conceived by Le Corbusier and it stands for peace and unity with the idea of 'Open to give - Open to receive'.  It is the official emblem of the city. 

Secretariat - It is the largest building in the Government or Capital Complex and holds the work place for about 4000 people.

High Court - The High Court is a classic work of modern architecture and its structure has a double roof which projects over the office block. It symbolizes the law as an umbrella of shelter for an ordinary citizen. 

Leisure Valley - The Leisure Valley contains famous Dr. Zakir Rose garden, Shanty Kunj, and Cannas garden.

Dr. Zakir Rose Garden - This rose garden is the Asia's largest Rose garden. Every year the 'Rose Festival' is celebrated at this garden through lots of competitions, cultural celebrations and many other events.

Shanti Kunj - The Shanti Kunj or the Abode of Peace has trees, streams and meditation nooks.

Bougainvillea Garden - The garden has hundreds of Bougainvillea varieties. 

Terraced Garden - Terraced Garden is the venue for the annual Chrysanthemum Show and it has an illuminated musical fountain. 

Museum and Art Gallery - The art gallery has a modest collection of Indian stone sculptures dating back to the Gandhara period, together with some miniatures paintings and modern art. 

Museum of Evolution of Life (Science Museum) - The Museum depicts the origin of the earth and the evolution of life. It has exhibits which cover 5,000 years of Indian History from the Indus Valley Civilization to the present day.

Child Art Gallery - The gallery exhibits works of young artists of Chandigarh.

National Gallery of Portraits - This gallery contains portraits of Indian freedom fighters, rare documents, sculptures, ceramic murals and recordings of the voices of 125 prominent figures of India's Independence movement.

International Dolls Museum - This museum has more than 300 dolls from nearly every country in the world. 

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