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Bilaspur City Information

Bilaspur City Information

Bilaspur City Information

The Bilaspur city is 400 years old and the name Bilaspur is originated from the Fisher-woman called "Bilasa".

The city is famous in India due to its unique characterstics like rice quality, Kosa industry and its cultural background.

It has the major contribution in getting the name "Dhan Ka Katora" for the entire Chattisgarh region.

Places of Interest:

Ratanpur - Being the old capital of the Chatisgarh state, Ratanpur was an important place in all four Yugs such as Satyug, Dwaper, Treta, and Kalyug.

Mallhar - Also the Capital of ancient Chatishgarh, Mallhar has temples dating back to 10th and 11th centuries. The most important among them is Pataleswar kedar temple which has Gomukhi sihv ling as the main deity.

Talagram - Talagram has a famous Deorani-Jethani temple.

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