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Bhubaneswar City Information

Bhubaneswar City Travel Information

Bhubaneswar City nformation

 Bhubaneswar, which is called as the 'Cathedral City' was once the capital of an ancient Kalinga kingdom.  Bhubaneswar meaning 'The Lord of the Universe' is also the modern capital of Orissa. Here, Shiva is known as Tribuhuvaneswara or "Lord of the Three Worlds", from which the city derives its name.  There was a time when Bhubaneswar had over 7,000 shrines. The city forms an integral link in the Golden Triangle along with the holy city of Puri and Konark.
Places of Interest:
  • Lingaraj Temple - This temple at Bhubaneswar represents the traditional Orissan type of temple in its full maturity with a great legend behind.
  • Mukteswara Temple - This Mukteswara temple has famous stone arch at the entrance and is regarded as the gem of Orissan architecture for its exquisite wall carvings and lavish sculptures.
  • Raja Rani Temple - The Raja Rani temple is a love temple covered with demurely erotic carvings of women and couples. It is famous for its sculptural embellishments along with unusually designed tower and the absence of a deity.
  • Parasurameswara Temple - The Parasurameswara temple is a classical example of ancient art of temple designing in India and is a cluster of about 20 small temples.
  • Svaranjaleswara temple - The Svaranajaleswara temple has depictions of Ramayana and has an unmistakable tantric influence.
  • Nandan Kanan - Nandan Kanan is the largest lion safari park in the country and is a beautiful picnic spot with a natural lake, a botanical and a zoological garden.
  • Orissa State Museum - The Museum has a rich collection of sculpture, coins, copper plates, stone inscriptions, armours, rare palm-leaf manuscripts, bronze tools, natural history, geological objects, paintings, anthropological specimens, and traditional folk and musical instruments.
  • Handicrafts Museum - This Museum has a large collection of Orissan handicrafts, including stone sculpture, patta paintings, brass castings, horn toys and silver filigree.

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