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Bhagalpur City Information

Bhagalpur City Information

Bhagalpur City Information

Bhagalpur, the city of eastern Bihar, is famous worldwide for its silk production. The city has major road and rail connections and trades in agricultural produce and cloth.

Major industries include rice and sugar milling and woolen weaving. The silk industry in this city is hundreds of years old.

There is also a Silk Institute and Agricultural college here, as well as a University, and Engineering, Medical and Homeopathy colleges.

The language used in Bhagalpur is Angika, one the oldest languages of the World.

Places of Interest:

Mandar Hill - A small hill about 30 km from Bhagalpur is the very same hill which was used for the Sagar Manthan. The marks of the snake around the hill used for mathan can be seen. Foot prints of Lord Vishnu can also be seen on this hill. The most attracting feature of the hill is the lake at its peak.

Vikramashila - Founded in the latter part of the eight century A.D by Dharmapala, the Buddhist University of Vikramashila is loacted at the famous Patharghat Hill on the right bank of the Ganga, about 38 kilometers to the southeast of Bhagalpur. It was patronized by the Pala Kings who helped the University of Nalanda also. For a number of years, this university was a well known center for Tantricism.

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