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Aurangabad City Information

Aurangabad City Travel Information

Aurangabad City Information

Aurangabad is the city with a convenient base for visits to the famous rock-cut temples of Ajanta and Ellora.

The city was named after the last of the great Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb. It is one of India's fastest growing cities.

Places of interest

Bibi-ka –Maqbara - It was built by Aurangazeb, for his wife, Rabia Durrani. The monument has Persian style of architecture.
Panchakki - It is an impressive pre-Mughal watermill harnessed to operate large grain-grinding stones. It was built to commemorate the memory of the Sufi saint Baba Shah Musafir.

Aurangabad Caves - There are 10 caves belong to the Buddhist era and were excavated between 3rd and 11th century. The Western group of caves comprises caves 1 to 5 and the eastern group has caves 6 to 10.

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