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Panchagani Travel Information

About Panchagani Travel information


Panchgani is a hill station situated at 98 kms from Pune in Maharashtra. It derives its name from the five hills it is situated on and is also called ‘Mecca of Maharashtra'.

The Table Land is a flat stretch of laterite rock and is the second longest mountain plateau in Asia.

There are many large caves in the region.The Parsi Point is the windiest point in Panchgani.

Other important places in and around Pancagani are given below.


Bhim Chula

Harrisons valley

Sydney Point

Dhoom Dam

Lingmala Falls

Rajapuri Caves

To Reach

By Air: Nearest airport is Pune at 160-km from Panchagani.

By Rail: Pune is the most conventent railway station.

By Road: Panchgani can be easily approached by road from Mumbai and Pune. Luxury bus services of MTDC are available from Mumbai and Pune.

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