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Meghalaya Adventure Tourism

Information on Meghalaya Adventure Tourism

Meghalaya Adventure Tourism

Cave Explorations

The deepest and longest of the caves in South Asia are located on the hills of Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. Some very large caves with beautiful formations are well mapped with good accessibility. Some important caves are Siju, Mawsmai, Mawsynram, and Syndai.


The beautiful hill slopes of Meghalaya are ideal for trekking.


The Water Sports Complex has been developed upon the mighty reservoir of the Umiam Hydro Electric Project, at Umiam, near Shillong. It offers a wide choice of exciting water sports activities with row-boats, paddle-boats, cruise-boats, sailing-boats and water-scooters.

Camping and Biking

Meghalaya has exciting tracks ideal for biking and camping holidays.


Shillong Golf Course is referred to as the "Gleneagle of the East" at the United States Golf Association Library and Museum.

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