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Soon, robot that does household chores more efficiently

Washington, Apr 16 : The creator of the Roomba, which has been cleaning apartment floors for years now, sees a future where the popular household robot carries out far more useful chores.

'Political Siri' leads tech startups growth amid ongoing Indian elections

Washington, Apr 16 : In wake of the ongoing Indian general elections, some of the technology startups are developing a killer app for their products to help political leaders woo their voters.

Pak actress Meera in legal soup over 'sex tape'

Lahore, Apr. 16 : The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been ordered to file a case against film actor Meera and her husband Captain Naveed Pervaiz over uploading a 'controversial sex clip' on social media.

Twitter shares soar in wake of Gnip acquisition

Washington, Apr 16 : Twitter's market shares went up by more than11 percent after the social network announced that it was acquiring Gnip for an undisclosed price.

Anti-depressants during pregnancy linked to autism and developmental delays in boys

Washington, April 16 : Researchers have found that prenatal exposure to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), a frequently prescribed treatment for depression, anxiety and other disorders, was associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and developmental delays (DD) in boys.

Girls' mental health suffers when romances play out differently than they imagined

Washington, April 16 : Researchers have revealed that adolescent girls' risk of severe depression, thoughts of suicide, and suicide attempt increase after their relationships unfold differently than what they imagined.

Now, faster, cheaper blood test to accurately diagnose asthma

Washington, April 16 : Researchers have developed a faster, cheaper and more accurate tool for diagnosing even mild cases of asthma using just a single drop of blood.

How electrical energy naturally produced at sea floor may have given rise to life

Washington, April 16 : Researchers have described how electrical energy naturally produced at the sea floor might have given rise to life.

Researchers herald new breakthrough by transplanting regenerated esophagus

Washington, April 16 : Researchers have devised a new method to transplant regenerated esophagus.

Egyptian court jails former presidential candidate for seven years

Cairo, April 16 : An Egyptian court Wednesday jailed a controversial Islamist leader and former presidential candidate for seven years for falsifying his nomination papers.

120 Egypt Muslim Brotherhood supporters get 3 years in jail

Cairo, April 16 : An Egyptian court Wednesday sentenced 120 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood group to three years in jail each over riotous acts in October last year.

Sikhs allowed to carry kirpans in Canadian missions

Toronto, April 16 : The Canadian government has approved a new policy which allows Sikh visitors to Canadian diplomatic missions abroad to wear kirpans.

Spooky Italian island up for sale!

London, April 16 : Poveglia, an uninhabited 17-acre island situated between Venice and Lido in northern Italy's Venetian Lagoon, is up for sale in a bid to reduce the country's public debt, but it seems the buyer will have to have a large heart as it may not be so easy ignore the island's spooky history, a media report said Wednesday.

Upper house eases citizenship norms for Russian speakers

Moscow, April 16 : The upper house of parliament Wednesday approved a law making it easier for Russian-speakers to obtain citizenship.

Sharon Stone to act with Kristen Stewart?

Los Angeles, April 16 : Actress Sharon Stone will reportedly feature with "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart in the upcoming movie "American Ultra".

Bolt planning to smash his world records

Kingston (Jamaica), April 16 : Sprint superstar Usain Bolt says he is confident he can smash two records he set five years ago at the World Championships in Berlin.

Three killed in Palestine while making bomb

Gaza, April 16 : Three people were killed Wednesday when a bomb they were preparing went off prematurely in Palestine's southern Gaza Strip, a health ministry official said.

Genetic therapy may repair spinal chord: Study

London, April 16 : Damage to the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, is currently irreparable. But this may change soon as researchers have now discovered that genetic and chemical treatment could help regenerate damaged nerves.

Five dead, three missing in China chemical plant blast

Beijing, April 16 : At least five people were killed and three others were reported missing following a blast and fire in a chemical plant in east China's Jiangsu province, authorities said Wednesday.

Viagra ice cream for instant erection?

New York, April 16 : Forget the tablet as this ice cream would do the job for you - just remember to eat this behind close doors though!

British kids can't use building blocks but swipe a screen!

London, April 16 : In an alarming trend, children at nursery schools in Britain are not been able to play with building blocks properly but are smart at swiping the tablet or smart phone screen.

Musharraf's treason case hearing adjourned till April 24

Islamabad, April 16 : The special court constituted to try Pakistan's former president Parvez Musharraf for treason charges Wednesday adjourned its hearing until April 24.

Google Glass rolls white models for US citizens

New York, April 16 : Google, which made its wearable eye device Google Glass available online to the US residents Tuesday for just one day, is yet to announce the numbers but the firm did sell several white-coloured models.

Peers bigger threat than pimps for minors in sex trade?

New York, April 16 : Contrary to what people generally assume, it is not always the pimps who initiate minors into sex trade, says a study.

Working on 'The Secret Service' was fantastic: Mark Strong

Los Angeles, April 16 : Actor Mark Strong, who has once again teamed up with director Matthew Vaughn -- this time in "The Secret Service", enjoyed working in the film and says it has "a lot of fantastic set pieces in it".

Learn how to harvest happiness

New York, April 16 : Chasing happiness may sometime leave you less happy, but if you set your acts of benevolence or help others in concrete rather than abstract terms, you would be a lot happier.

Two dead, 293 missing as ship sinks off South Korea

Seoul, April 16 : A passenger ship with 459 people aboard, mostly high school students, sank in waters off South Korea's southwest coast Wednesday, leaving at least two people dead and 293 others missing, a official said.

Indian election elicits keen interest in Pakistan (Election Special)

By Nivedita, Lahore, April 16 : Will Narendra Modi win? Will India get a stable government? What are Arvind Kejriwal's prospects? Is the Congress finished? The questions fly thick and fast in Pakistan, where interest in India's ongoing parliamentary election runs high, for once overriding questions on all other issues including Kashmir.

Perry-Pattinson spend time together, deny romance rumours

Los Angeles, April 16 : Singer Katy Perry and actor Robert Pattinson were spotted together at the Coachella Music Festival, sparking rumours of romance, but Perry denied it.

Antibiotics beneficial for undernourished kids: Study

Toronto, April 16 : Although the use of antibiotics is not without risk, they can improve growth in children at risk of undernourishment in developing countries, including India, a study indicates.

Go for food with rough texture for a healthy you!

New York, April 16 : Health-conscious people who wish to keep a tab on their calorie intake seem to prefer food that are either hard or have rough texture as they perceive such food to have low-calorie content, research shows.

Morgan Freeman excited to work with his favourite actor Johnny Depp

Los Angeles, April 16 : Actor Morgan Freeman has teamed up with Johnny Depp in sci-fi movie "Transcendence" and confessed that he always wanted to work with him.

Atletico Mineiro call off Anelka pursuit

Belo Horizonte (Brazil), April 16 : Brazilian football club Atletico Mineiro said they have ended their pursuit of former France international Nicolas Anelka.

Guendogan to stay at Dortmund until 2016

Dortmund, April 16 : Borussia Dortmund midfielder Ilkay Guendogan extended his current contract which will keep him at the Bundesliga club until June 2016.

Tyler once warned Guns N' Roses about drug use

Los Angeles, April 16 : Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler urged Axl Rose and his Guns N' Roses bandmates to stay away from drug use during the show when the two groups hit the road together in the early 1990s.

Couples sleeping less than an inch apart are happier!

London, April 16 : Do you cuddle your spouse or inch away from her to the other side of the bed in sleep? The position in which you sleep with your partner reveals a lot about the relationship strength.

Stone helped Vergara for threesome in 'Fading Gigolo'

Los Angeles, April 16 : Sofia Vergara, who has a thresome scene alongside John Turturro and Sharon Stone, says the senior actress came to her rescue and helped her feel comfortable.

Paul Walker continued acting at daughter's bidding

Los Angeles, April 16 : Actor Paul Walker, in an interview before his death in a car crash last November at the age of 40, said that his teenaged daughter didn't want him to give up acting.

Indian-American surgeon jumps into US Congressional race

By Arun Kumar, Washington, April 16 : Anil Kumar, an Indian-American surgeon and small business owner in Michigan has filed papers as a Democratic candidate in the race for the US House of Representatives from the state's 11th Congressional district.

Lupita Nyong flaunts disco make-up look

Los Angeles, April 16 : When it comes to make-up, it seems Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong likes the retro look which she even flaunted recently at an awards function.

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