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260 people still under Ebola watch in US

By Miriam Burgues, Washington, Oct 21 : Health authorities are keeping more than 260 people under observation for the Ebola virus in Texas and Ohio, after family and friends of Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who contracted Ebola in his country and died in the US, concluded their quarantine period without developing symptoms.

Pentagon announces rapid response team for Ebola

Washington, Oct 21 : The Pentagon during the weekend announced the formation of a specialized 30-person military rapid response team to combat Ebola in the US.

Another Ebola patient discharged from US hospital

Washington, Oct 21 : An unidentified Ebola patient, who was treated at the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, has been discharged, the hospital said.

Monica Lewinsky debuts on Twitter

Washington, Oct 21 : Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, who had an affair with then president Bill Clinton in 1998, has debuted on the Twitter social network just before speaking at Forbes magazine's Under-30 Summit about harassment and bullying on the Internet.

US group to contest immunity for Modi

New York, Oct 21 : A US group that has filed a case against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for alleged crimes against humanity has said it would contest the Obama administration's "suggestion of immunity" for the Indian leader.

120 people on Ebola watch list in US' Dallas city

Washington, Oct 21 : About 120 people are being monitored for signs of Ebola in the US city of Dallas in Texas, the second most populous US state after California.

Phone hacking scheme used to finance Mumbai attack: NYT

New York, Oct 20 : Phone hackers in the US are bilking unsuspecting customers of billions of dollars every year through a scheme that was used to finance the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, according to the New York Times.

U.S. military airdrops arms, medical supplies to Kurds battling against IS in Kobani

New York, Oct 20 : The United States military claimed on Sunday that it has dropped medical supplies, arms and ammunition to Kurdish fighters who are fighting against Islamic State (IS) militants to hold the Syrian border town of Kobani.

Jay Leno honoured in Washington

Washington, Oct 20 : American talk show host Jay Leno was honoured with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor here.

US defence department to create medical team for Ebola

Washington, Oct 20 : The US Department of Defense said Sunday the military is creating a 30-member team which will be tasked with providing emergency assistance in case of Ebola virus infection in the country.

'American Idol' ex-contestant Joanne Borgella dead

Los Angeles, Oct 19 : Former "American Idol" contestant Joanne Borgella died at the age of 32 following a year-old battle with cancer.

Obama gives calming message, says US prepared for Ebola

Washington, Oct 19 : US President Barack Obama delivered a calming message to Americans Saturday following the alarm sparked by the first two Ebola infections in the country, and said the nation is "prepared" to ward off an outbreak of the virus."

Kerry lauds Iraq for approving defence, interior ministers

Washington, Oct 18 : US Secretary of State John Kerry Saturday hailed Iraqi lawmakers for approving Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's nominees for the posts of defence and interior ministers as "a very positive step forward" in fighting the militant organisation Islamic State (IS).

New York restaurant declined President Obama's credit card

Melbourne, Oct 18 : President Barack Obama has revealed that his credit card had been declined at a New York restaurant.

Amid Ebola fears in US, NYT chooses to focus on India's 'health crisis'

Washington, Oct 18 : As US President Barack Obama tapped a long-time Democratic operative to become his administration's Ebola response coordinator amid rise in confirmed cases in his country, the New York Times strangely chose to focus on "India's Public Health Crisis."

Chennai-born Indian-American scientist to get rare honour

By Arun Kumar, Washington, Oct 18 : Chennai born Indian-American engineer and scientist Subra Suresh is set to be inducted into the Institute of Medicine (IOM) on Sunday, making him the only university president to be elected to all three national academies.

US hospital worker handled Ebola samples isolated on ship

Washington, Oct 18 : A health worker at a Texas hospital, who may have had contact with specimens from the first patient diagnosed with Ebola on the US soil, has been isolated on a cruise ship in the Caribbean sea, the Department of State said Friday.

Obama to appoint Ron Klain to lead US Ebola fight

Washington, Oct 17 : US President Barack Obama is expected to appoint Ron Klain, best known for serving as chief of staff to both Vice President Joe Biden and former vice president Al Gore, as the single person leading the government's effort to fight Ebola, a media report said here Friday.

US Vice President Joe Biden's son discharged from Navy over cocaine use

Washington, Oct 17 : US Vice President Joe Biden's son, who was discharged this year from the US Navy after reportedly testing positive for cocaine, has expressed regret over his actions.

First US Ebola-infected nurse shifted from Dallas

Washington, Oct 17 : Nina Pham, the first nurse to contract the Ebola virus in the US, has been moved to the National Institute of Health (NIH) outside Washington, one of the nation's premier medical facilities which along with the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention is spearheading the fight against Ebola.

Engineers 'lose' to reap laser gains

Washington, Oct 17 : Engineers at Washington University in St. Louis have shown a new way to reverse or eliminate energy loss in optical systems by, ironically, adding loss to a laser system to actually reap energy gains.

US holds talks with Syrian Kurdish group

Washington, Oct 17 : The US has said it held the first direct talks with a main Syrian Kurdish group whose fighters are defending the border from attacks by the Islamic State (IS) terrorists in a Kurd-dominated city in Syria.

Indian engineer in US gets 18 months' jail for stealing secrets

New Jersey, Oct 17 : An Indian engineer has been sentenced to 18 months in prison followed by deportation for stealing trade secrets from medical technology giant Becton Dickinson and another New Jersey company.

Joan Rivers died from lack of oxygen to brain during operation

New York, Oct 17 : US actress Joan Rivers died from cerebral damage caused by lack of oxygen in her blood, a "predictable complication" during a medical procedure, the New York Chief Medical Examiner's Office has announced.

'US focused on moving forward after Khobragade row'

Washington, Oct 17 : As an Indian diplomat at the centre of a major diplomatic row between India and the US rekindled her case, the US said its "focus has been on moving our relationship forward."

Dallas hospital defends Ebola treatment procedures

Washington, Oct 17 : A Dallas hospital, which came under fire after two nurses working there were infected with Ebola, defended its treatment procedures Thursday, saying it followed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

US hospital official 'deeply sorry' for Ebola mistakes

Washington, Oct 16 : A top official at a US hospital apologised Thursday for mishandling the country's first and now deceased Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan who infected two other nurses caring for him.

US students healthier than those in Britain: Study

Washington, Oct 16 : College students in the US do better than their counterparts in Britain when it comes to physical activity, a healthy diet and less smoking, found a study.

Obama cancels trips to focus on Ebola

Washington, Oct 16 : US President Barack Obama cancelled two trips Thursday to Rhode Island and New York to focus on his government's response to the Ebola crisis, as Republicans urged him to suspend flights from countries affected by the disease.

US AfPak rep shows concerned over Indo-Pak tensions

Washington Oct 16 : US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Daniel Feldman has expressed his concern over the border tension between India and Pakistan.

Obama seeks greater commitment from world leaders in Ebola fight

Washington, Oct 16 : US President Barack Obama has urged European leaders to make a greater commitment in the global fight against Ebola during a video conference with the leaders of Germany, France, Italy and Britain.

Indian-American doctors to host health summit in Mumbai

By Arun Kumar, Washington, Oct 16 : A leading body of Indian-American physicians plans to hold its 9th annual Global Healthcare Summit aimed at bringing accessible, affordable and quality world-class healthcare to India in Mumbai from Jan 2-4.

Indian American named to lead US civil rights division

By Arun Kumar, Washington, Oct 16 : Indian-American lawyer Vanita Gupta has been chosen to lead US justice departmentÂ's civil rights division charged with enforcing laws that prevent discrimination and inequitable practices in housing, education and employment.

US military advisors arrive in Iraq to train security forces

Baghdad, Oct 15 : Dozens of US military advisors arrived in Iraq Wednesday to train the country's security forces as they continue to face obstacles in their fight against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, officials said.

US man claims to have sex with 700 cars

London, Oct 15 : A man from US, who admits to being a mechaphile, has claimed that he has had sex with 700 cars.

Second case of Ebola contagion in US reported

Washington, Oct 15 : A US health worker who treated an Ebola victim at a Texas hospital has tested positive for the virus, becoming the second person to contract the disease within the US, the Texas health department reported Wednesday.

Indian-American closes gap in hot Silicon Valley race

By Arun Kumar, Washington, Oct 15 : As a new poll showed Indian-American Rohit 'Ro' Khanna closing the gap in the Congressional battle for Silicon Valley, he vowed to focus on the community's key concerns - education and the economy.

1934 drought in US most devastating of last millennium

Washington, Oct 15 : The 1934 drought was by far the most intense and far-reaching in the last 1,000 years in North America, found a research.

US Supreme Court blocks Texas abortion law

Washington, Oct 15 : The US Supreme Court has blocked a Texas state law that reduced the number of abortion clinics in the nation's second most populous state, media reported Wednesday.

US insists on Palestinian statehood through negotiations

Washington, Oct 15 : The US has insisted that a Palestinian state should be created through negotiations with Israel.

Youngsters in US lack sewing skills

New York, Oct 15 : A stitch in time saves nine. Not knowing how to sew and repair, American youths contributed to 14.3 million tonnes of textile waste in a single year in 2012, says a study.

Obama predicts long-term campaign against IS

Washington, Oct 15 : US President Barack Obama warned that there would be periodic setbacks in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) and said it is a long-term campaign.

US Telugus contribute $100,000 for cyclone Hudhud relief

Washington, Oct 15 : Telugu Association of North America (TANA), the largest Telugu organization outside India, has announced that it will be making an initial contribution of $100,000 for relief efforts for the victims of cyclone Hudhud.

Ebola-infected US nurse says she's doing well

Austin (Texas), Oct 15 : Nina Pham, the US nurse who became infected with Ebola, has said that she is doing "well", according to a communique released by Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where she has been quarantined since Oct 10.

US offers $45 mn bounty for eight terror leaders

Washington, Oct 15 : The US said Tuesday it is offering rewards totalling up to 45 million dollars for information on eight key leaders of the Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) terrorist organisation.

Republicans blamed for slashing US disease-prevention budget

Washington, Oct 14 : The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC, has blamed the Republicans, in a new electoral ad, for slashing the US Centres for Disease Control's (CDC) budget for researching and combating diseases such as Ebola.

US nurses feel unprepared to treat Ebola: Survey

Washington, Oct 14 : At least three out of every four nurses in the US feel unprepared to adequately treat patients with the Ebola virus disease, according to a survey.

Alaska joins US states permitting gay marriage

Washington, Oct 14 : Gay couples in the US state of Alaska may now request for the necessary documents to marry due to a court ruling that after 16 years revoked the constitutional amendment banning such unions.

Obama discusses Ebola issue with UN chief, French president

Washington, Oct 14 : US President Barack Obama has spoken with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and French President Francois Hollande separately about the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the White House said.

US nurse infected with Ebola 'stable'

Austin (Texas), Oct 14 : Authorities have said the Dallas nurse, Nina Pham, infected with the Ebola visrus disease is "clinically stable".

Campaign for making marijuana legal in US

Washington, Oct 14 : US groups in favour of the legal use of marijuana have intensified their campaign to have Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia approve the recreational use of pot in the Nov 4 referendums.

New study aims to prove diets of Asian Americans not as healthy as believed

Washington, Oct 13 : A new research will aim at Asian Americans to reduce myth of Asian diet and reduce high risk for diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and stroke, as they maybe under a misconception that their diet is healthy and not a risk factor for these chronic diseases.

US can use Turkish military bases to attack IS

Washington, Oct 13 : Turkey will allow the US-led international coalition the use of its military bases for carrying out airstrikes against the Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, US President Barack Obama's chief security advisor has said.

US confirms health worker testing positive for Ebola

Washington, Oct 13 : A healthcare worker at Texas Presbyterian Hospital who provided care for the first Ebola patient in the US has tested positive for the deadly virus, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed Sunday.

Second Ebola case in US caused by 'breach in protocol'

Washington, Oct 13 : A "breach in protocol" caused a healthcare worker in Texas to preliminarily test positive for Ebola after treating the first patient with the deadly virus in the US, the director of the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said.

New York's JFK airport starts Ebola screenings for travelers coming from affected nations

Washington, Oct 12 : New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport has reportedly started health screenings for some travelers to help prevent the spread of Ebola even as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that nothing can "get the risk to zero."

US sets aside $20 mn for strategic tech projects with India

By Arun Kumar, Washington, Oct 12 : With the India-US Defence Trade and Technology Initiative regaining momentum after the Indian elections, the US has set aside $20 million for strategic cooperative science and technology projects with India, according to a top US official.

People paid 32k dollars to hangout with Obama

Washington, Oct 11 : People have paid 32,400 dollars for a full hangout, including talk time, visitor's name on the invitation and all of the other perks, with the U.S President Barack Obama at Gwyneth Paltrow's digs, it has been revealed.

Here's who would win a Bush-Obama debate

Washington, Oct 11 : A new study has claimed that the U.S President Barack Obama's speechmaking is on the same level as the former President George W. Bush.

US destroys airplanes worth $486M, sells scrap metal for $32,000

Washington, Oct 10 : The US has reportedly destroyed 16 cargo planes worth nearly half a billion dollars that were purchased for the Afghan Air Force, and sold it as scrap metal for 32,000 dollars.

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