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Trump reaffirms commitment to build Mexico Wall
New Delhi , June 23 : United States President Donald Trump has reaffirmed his commitment to build the Mexico Wall. Read Full Story

I did not record James Comey conversations: Donald Trump
New York, June 23 : United States President Donald Trump has said that he does not have any tapes or recording of his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey. Read Full Story

Republican's bill to repeal ObamaCare will have 'heart': Trump
Washington D.C. [United States], June 22 : United States President Donald Trump has vowed that the Republican Bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare would have a 'heart'. Read Full Story

Man shouts 'Allahu Akbar', stabs officer at Michigan airport
Michigan [United States], June 22 : An officer at the Bishop International Airport was stabbed in the back and neck on Wednesday in what is being seen as a possible terror attack in Flint, Michigan, local media reports said. Read Full Story

Trump's top aide Kenneth Juster likely to be new U.S. envoy to India
Washington D.C. [United States], June 22 : United States President Donald Trump's top aide Kenneth Juster is reportedly set to be named as the new U.S. ambassador to India. Read Full Story

Trump congratulates Handel for winning in Georgia
New Delhi , June 21 : The United States President Donald Trump congratulated fellow republican Karen Handel for defeating Jon Ossoff in Georgia's sixth congressional district. Read Full Story

Georgia Elections: Republicans outwit Democrats again
Atlanta [U.S.A], June 21 : Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff in a special election for a Georgia house seat by a narrow margin of five percent on Tuesday. Read Full Story

U.S. spy satellites detect activity at North Korean nuclear test site
Washington [U.S.], June 21 : U.S. spy satellites have detected new activity at North Korea's underground nuclear test site for the first time in several weeks. Read Full Story

U.S. jet shoots down 'Iranian drone' in Syria
New York [U.S.], June 20 : A U.S. F-15 fighter jet shot down an armed Iranian drone advancing on coalition forces in southern Syria near At Tanf, the US-led coalition said on Tuesday. Read Full Story

Trump travel ban: U.S. Court clears way for internal vetting
New York [U.S.], June 20 : The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court has formally cleared the way for President Donald Trump's executive order on travel restrictions to move forward, but with a proviso that there will have to be internal reviews and vetting procedures of other countries for visa applications. Read Full Story

Trump tweets support for Handel as Democrats eye big win in Georgia
New York [U.S.], June 20 :U.S. President Donald Trump has urged voters to vote for Republican Karen Handel, who is fighting a close race against Democratic newcomer Jon Ossoff in a highly anticipated District 6 race of Georgia on Tuesday. Read Full Story

Craft beer in USA is more popular than ever
New Delhi , June 20 : Today's drinkers become more educated by the day, and the breadth of choices available to them has never been so extensive. This is great for beer lovers and beneficial on the supply side as well, as a high-quality product created by friendly, local brewers means consumers will pay for good beer. It's no longer uncommon for enthusiasts to plan a brewery visit into their vacation. Read Full Story

Trump condemns brutality of North Korea post Otto Warmbier's death
Washington [U.S.], June 20 : While condoling the tragic death of college student Otto Warmbier, U.S. President Donald Trump condemned the "brutality of the North Korean regime". Read Full Story

Trump condemns brutality of North Korea post Otto Warmbier's death
Washington [U.S.], June 20 : While condoling the tragic death of college student Otto Warmbier, U.S. President Donald Trump condemned the "brutality of the North Korean regime". Read Full Story

Trump welcomes Panama President says 'Canal doing well'
Washington [U.S.], June 20 : U.S. President Donald Trump welcomed Panama President Juan Carlos Varela in Washington and said that the Panama Canal is doing quite well. Read Full Story

Former North Korea detainee Otto Warmbier dies at 22
Washington [U.S.], June 20 : Otto Warmbier, the college student who returned to the United States last week after 17 months of detention in North Korea, died on Monday afternoon. Read Full Story

Trump urges to vote for Republican Ralph Norman
Washington [U.S.], June 20 : U.S. President Donald Trump is wading into the 5th District special election urging north-central South Carolina residents to vote for Republican Ralph Norman on June 20. Read Full Story

Trump expresses grief with seven deceased U.S. sailors
Washington [United States], June 20 : U.S. President Donald Trump has expressed his heartfelt thoughts and prayers with the seven deceased Navy sailors and their families. Read Full Story

U.S. Muslim teen killed near mosque in suspected hate crime
Washington D.C. [USA], June 19 : A teenage Muslim girl was assaulted and killed after leaving a Virginia mosque in a suspected hate crime on Sunday. Read Full Story

U.S.-led coalition shoots down Syrian warplane
Washington DC [U.S.], June 19 : A U.S. plane has shot down a Syrian military aircraft that dropped bombs near U.S.-backed fighters in Syria. Read Full Story

My agenda is moving ahead despite distraction of 'Witch Hunt': Trump
New Delhi , June 18 : United States President Donald Trump on Sunday said his agenda to "Make America Great Again" is progressing despite the distraction of what he called a "witch hunt." Read Full Story

Virginia shooting: Congressman Steve Scalise 'critical' post second surgery
New York [USA], June 18 : Senior Congressman Steve Scalise's condition was upgraded to "serious" after he underwent a second surgery on Saturday, after he was injured in a shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice earlier this week. Read Full Story

Bill Cosby criminal case: 'Mistrial' declared
New York [U.S.], June. 18 : The case accusing Bill Cosby of indecent assault ended in a mistrial on Saturday, after a Pennsylvania jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision. Read Full Story

Library of Trump's 'popular' tweets opens in New York
New York [United States], June 17 : A library that displays United States President Donald Trump's popular tweets has been opened in New York. Read Full Story

Critics fear Justice Dept. Deputy Attorney General could be sacked next
Washington D.C. [USA], June 17 : Some critics of U.S. President Donald Trump have expressed fear that Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein could be fired after the former's tirade apparently against the latter on Twitter, according to the Washington Post. Read Full Story

Trump adds another lawyer to aid his Russia probe
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], June 17 : U.S. President Donald Trump has hired Washington legal veteran John Dowd to assist his personal legal team in its handling the special counsel's probe about Russian meddling in the 2016 election, according to media reports. Read Full Story

Trump's financial disclosure highlights significant income boost
New York [USA], June 17 : United States President Donald Trump on Friday highlighted his business empire through his financial disclosure forms, revealing income worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Read Full Story

US Navy destroyer collides with ship off Japanese coast
New York [U.S.], June. 17 : After colliding with a merchant ship about 56 nautical miles off the coast of Yokosuka, Japan, a US Navy destroyer is taking on water steadily and injuries have also been reported from the vessel. Read Full Story

'Witch Hunt': Trump confirms he is being investigated over Comey firing
New York [U.S.], June. 17 : President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he was being investigated for firing former FBI Director James Comey, and seemingly trained his guns on deputy attorney general accusing him of overseeing a "witch hunt" against him. Read Full Story

'Fake News Media hates when I use' Twitter: Donald Trump
New York [U.S.], June 16 : Continuing his tirade against the media outlets, U.S. President Donald Trump said that the "fake news media" does not like him using "very powerful" Twitter to address his supporters. Read Full Story

Trump mocks FBI for failing to prove 'Russian Collusion'
New York [U.S.], June 16 : U.S. President Donald Trump has mocked FBI investigators of not being able to find any evidence related to the probe of a possible collusion between his team and Russia during 2016 Presidential election. Read Full Story

U.S. Justice Dept. issues warning against believing anonymous sources
Washington D. C. [USA], June 16 : The U.S. Justice Department has warned Americans against believing anonymous sources. Read Full Story

U.S. to send 4,000 additional troops to Afghanistan: Report
Washington D.C. [USA], June 16 : The Pentagon plans to send almost 4,000 additional United States troops to Afghanistan, according to reports. Read Full Story

U.S. Senate passes Russia sanctions bill
Washington D.C. [USA], June 16 : The U.S. Senate on Thursday passed a bill slapping Russia with new sanctions that also gives Congress the power to review any White House attempts to roll them back. Read Full Story

CNN files lawsuit seeking access to Trump-Comey conversations
New York [USA], June 16 : Leading American broadcaster CNN on Thursday filed a lawsuit in the federal court, urging the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to grant access to the former director James Comey's archived conversations with President Donald Trump. Read Full Story

Trump attacks Hillary again over 'bleaching' emails
London [UK], June. 16 : Continuing his Twitter war against former election opponent Hillary Clinton, President Donald Trump condemned her for previously destroying her phones and "bleaching" her emails. Read Full Story

Russia probe: Vice President Mike Pence hires outside counsel
New York [US], June. 16 : To represent him in the ongoing Russian investigation, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has hired his own lawyer. Read Full Story

Scalise's condition after shooting 'more difficult' than thought: Trump
London [UK], June. 16 : After visiting Steve Scalise, the majority whip who was shot when a gunman opened fire during a congressional Republican baseball practice in Virginia, President Donald Trump admitted that the congressman was in a "more difficult" condition than was initially realized. Read Full Story

Donald Trump calls report he's being investigated for obstruction of justice a 'Witch Hunt'
New York [U.S.], June 15 : U.S. President Donald Trump has denounced media reports that special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating him for obstruction of justice as a part of a wider probe into Russia's influence in 2016 elections, saying Americans are watching "the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history." Read Full Story

Police less respectful to black residents than to white ones
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 15 : The odds of hearing a police officer speaking respectfully are much higher for a white resident than a black resident, a recent study suggested. Read Full Story

Mogadishu restaurant siege ends, 19 civilians killed
New York [USA], June 15 : After an 11-hour-long battle, Somalian security forces have finally ended the siege at a Mogadishu restaurant early Thursday. The seige, however, resulted in the loss of 19 civilian lives. Read Full Story

'False alarm' triggers lockdown at U.S. Air Base in California
New Delhi , June 15 : A false alarm - reports of gunshots in the vicinity - triggered a lockdown at the Travis Air Base in California on Wednesday. Read Full Story

Trump visits 'critical' Steve Scalise in hospital
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], June 15 : U.S. President Donald Trump, along with wife Melania, visited critically wounded Republican Steve Scalise, who is a victim of yesterday's Virginia shooting at the Medstar Washington Hospital Center. Read Full Story

Fox News drops iconic "Fair and Balanced" slogan
New York [U.S.], June. 15 : In a seeming effort to move beyond the era of its former chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes, Fox News Channel officially dropped its Fair and Balanced slogan. Read Full Story

San Francisco shooting: Gunman kills 3, then shoots himself
New York [US], June. 15 : A gunman fired a bullet into his own head after killing three people at a UPS facility in San Francisco on Wednesday. Read Full Story

Virginia shooting: Republican House Whip Steve Scalise 'critical'
New York [U.S.], June. 15 : US Congressman Steve Scalise, who went into surgery after being shot in the hip while practicing with the congressional Republican baseball team on Wednesday in Alexandria, Virginia, is in critical condition. Read Full Story

San Francisco: Multiple injured in shooting at warehouse
San Francisco [U.S.], June 14 : Several people were injured after a shooting at a UPS facility in the area of 17th Street and San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco. Read Full Story

Virginia shooter posted anti-Trump content on Facebook
Virginia [U.S.], June 14 : Virginia shooter James Hodgkinson, who opened fire on a group of Congressman at a baseball field on Wednesday, injuring House Whip Steve Scalise and three others, expressed anti-Republican sentiments on his Facebook post. Read Full Story

Virginia shooter James T. Hodgkinson killed
United States,Virginia shooting , Alexandria shooting, Donald Trump , House Majority Whip Steve Scalise,GOP congressional baseball practice ,James T. Hodgkinson, virginia shooter Virginia [U.S.], June 14 : The Virginia shooter, identified as James T. Hodgkinson, who unleashed a barrage of gunfire at the GOP congressional baseball practice on Wednesday morning has been killed in a shootout with the police. U.S. President Donald Trump said the gunman has been identified by multiple law enforcement officials as James T. Hodgkinson III, 66, from Illinois was killed in a shootout with police. Read Full Story

Virginia Shooting:Trump hopes full recovery of Scalise
Virginia [U.S.], June 14 : US. President Donald Trump condemned the Virginia shooting incident and hoped that injured Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana will fully recover. Read Full Story

Senator Paul calls Virginia shooting a 'killing field'
Virginia [U.S.], June 14 : "It would have been a massacre without Capitol Hill Police. Nobody would have survived, 'it was a killing field' because nobody had weapons to shoot back." Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who was present at the shooting scene where five people including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise were shot during baseball practice, said this after the incident. Read Full Story

Nearly 200 Democrats sue Trump for accepting funds from foreign leaders
Washington D.C. [USA], June 14 : Nearly 200 Democrats on Wednesday filed a law suit against U.S. President Donald Trump alleging that he has violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution by accepting gifts and benefits from foreign leaders through Trump business entities without Congressional approval. Read Full Story

Pentagon to be granted authority for decisions over troop deployment in Afghanistan
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], June 14 : The White House is expected to grant Pentagon full authority to decide over the number of U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan. Read Full Story

Journalists barred from 'filming' interviews with U.S. Senators in Capitol
London [U.K.], June 14 : Members of the Capitol Hill press corps on Tuesday morning were verbally informed that reporters would no longer be granted access to film interviews with the United States senators, unless they obtain permission from the Senate rules committee as well as the senator whom reporters seek to interview. Read Full Story

'Will not be silenced': Sen. Kamala Harris interrupted by male colleagues again
New York [U.S.], June. 14 : It was a frustrating moment for Senator Kamala Harris, who once again found herself interrupted by her male colleagues during the Congressional testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday. Read Full Story

You're making me nervous: Jeff Sessions to Senator Kamala Harris
New York [US], June. 14 : Things got intense between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) during the Senate hearing, as the latter interrupted Sessions several times to press him on his responses and ask follow-up questions. Read Full Story

Rowling to the rescue as Trump 'blocks' Stephen King on Twitter
New York [US], June. 14 : Donald Trump added another noted name to his list of 'blocked' victims on Twitter, as celebrated author Stephen King found himself in a particularly sticky wicket...but not for long. Read Full Story

U.S.: Indian youth shot at in Atlanta, in critical condition
New Delhi , June. 14 : Indian youth Sameer Patel, who hails from Patan, Gujarat, was shot at in a departmental store in Atlanta, USA on Monday night. Read Full Story

Trump to visit Wisconsin to fill skills gap
Washington [U.S.], June 13 : U.S. President Donald Trump will visit Wisconsin on Tuesday to fill the skills gap in manufacturing jobs. Read Full Story

Trump did it again, slams 'dirty' media
New York [U.S.], June 13 : U.S. President Donald Trump again took to twitter to slam the media saying "fake news" is being published. Read Full Story

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