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Most Americans pessimistic about personal growth: Survey

Washington, Aug 29 : Despite sustained job growth and better employment opportunities at lower levels post-Great Recession, most Americans still think the US economy has undergone a permanent change for the worse.

Obama blames Russia for east Ukraine violence

Washington, Aug 29 : US President Barack Obama has blamed Russia for the violence in eastern Ukraine, threatening "more costs" for Moscow.

US Sikhs, lawmakers protest basketball ban on turbans

By Arun Kumar, Washington, Aug 29 : Two US lawmakers, including the lone Indian-American Congressman, have joined Sikh community groups in protesting the world basketball body FIBA's delay in reviewing the discriminatory policy against Sikh basketball players who wear turbans.

100 immigration activists arrested in front of White House

Washington, Aug 29 : Police arrested more than 100 immigration reform activists Thursday in front of the White House as they demanded the relief for the country's 11 million undocumented foreigners, who are at risk of being deported.

Obama says mulling options against Islamic State

Washington, Aug 29 : US President Barack Obama said Thursday he has asked his administration to prepare a range of military options against the Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq and Syria.

Human trials of Ebola vaccine to start next week

Washington, Aug 29 : The US government announced Thursday that it will start initial human trials of Ebola vaccine next week.

Indian-American woman now faces foeticide charge in US

New York, Aug 28 : An Indian-American woman, who has been accused of neglect in the death of her newborn baby a year ago, has been additionally charged with foeticide, a media report said.

US banks victims of 'sophisticated' cyber attack: Report

Washington, Aug 28 : JP Morgan Chase and at least four other US banks have been victims of a "sophisticated" series of cyber attacks this month, sources close to the investigation told The New York Times.

Riots in US town prompt soul-searching on nation's racial divide

By Arun Kumar, Washington, Aug 28 : Ferguson, the predominantly black small US town where a white policeman shot dead an unarmed black teen triggering weeks of protests has touched a raw nerve exposing America's persistent racial divide.

Sharapova rallies past Dulgheru in US Open

New York, Aug 28 : Fifth-seeded Maria Sharapova came from one set behind to beat Alexandra Dulgheru in a US Open second round match here.

US school expels toddler over mother's Facebook post

New York, Aug 28 : A four-year-old toddler was expelled from his school in the US after his mother vent her frustration against the school in a Facebook post.

Miami to have 1,000 feet observation tower

Miami, Aug 28 : The voters of Miami in the US have approved a proposal by a real estate promoter to build a 1,000 feet high observation tower here.

Shooting instructor killed as girl accidentally shoots in US

Washington, Aug 28 : A shooting instructor was killed after a nine-year-old girld accidentally shot in the head at a gun range in the US, media reported Thursday.

Kidnapped US journalist's mother pleads IS to release son

Washington, Aug 28 : The mother of a US freelance journalist, who was kidnapped in Syria by the Islamic State(IS), Wednesday released a video in which she urged the jihadist group to "be merciful" and release her son.

US reporter requests privacy after release

Washington, Aug 28 : The US journalist, who was freed this week by the miltants in Syria after two years in captivity, Wednesday thanked everyone for their efforts to secure his release and asked for privacy to be with his family.

US fighter jet crashes in Virginia

Washington, Aug 28 : A US F-15C Eagle fighter jet crashed Wednesday morning near Deerfield in Virginia during a routine mission, Pentagon confirmed.

Bill Clinton enjoys lunch with golf ace Rory McIlroy

New York, Aug 27 : Bill Clinton recently had a lunch date with Rory McIlroy in the Hamptons.

Lo and behold US Open's second ever oldest ball boy among young squad

New York, Aug 27 : The new recruit to the United States Open 275-strong ball boy squad is not a boy but a tattooed rookie who is old enough to be a grandfather.

Eradicating Islamic State will not be easy: Obama

Washington, Aug 27 : US President Barack Obama said Tuesday that wiping out a radical group like the Islamic State will not be easy an easy task.

Top U.S. general warns IS would soon pose danger to country

Johannesburg, Aug 26 : The United States military's top general said that Islamic State extremists would soon be a danger to the U.S. and Europe and that a global alliance would be required to fight it.

Woman soldier dies after causing US army base lockdown

Washington, Aug 26 : A woman soldier who sparked an "active shooter" alert on a US military base in Virginia Monday, died after shooting herself in the head, military sources said.

Obama approves drone surveillance over ISIS in Syria

Washington, Aug 26 : United States President Barack Obama has reportedly authorized the use of drones for surveillance in Syria despite President Bashar al-Assad demanding that the U.S. seek permission before launching any air strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants within its territory.

Obama approves air surveillance of IS in Syria

Washington, Aug 26 : US President Barack Obama has authorised surveillance flights over Syria in a move to gain intelligence on the activities of Islamic State (IS) Sunni militant group, BBC reported Tuesday.

California signs smartphone 'kill switch' bill into law

New York, Aug 26 : California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a crucial bill into law that empowers smartphone users with a 'kill switch' in case their device is stolen.

Indian-American named to key post in US island territory

New York, Aug 26 : Indian-American lawyer Reena Patel has been named civil division chief in the attorney general's office in the Northern Mariana Islands, one of the five inhabited US island territories.

Northern Carolina hit by strongest earthquake in 25 years

Washington, Aug 25 : Northern Carolina has reportedly been hit by the strongest earthquake in 25 years, a report said.

India-US natural partners: US diplomat

New Delhi, Aug 25 : India and the US are natural partners and the world demands that the two nations cooperate, US diplomat Kathleen Stephens said Monday.

All clear after 'shooter incident' at US army base

Washington, Aug 25 : Authorities declared all-clear Monday at a US army base in Virginia following its lockdown due to an "active shooter incident".

US army base locked down over shooter's presence

Washington, Aug 25 : A US army base was locked down Monday morning following an "active shooter incident", CNN reported.

US senator pushes for more action against Islamic State

Washington, Aug 25 : US Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain Sunday reiterated calls for the White House to do more to tackle what he says is a threat from the Islamic State (IS), the Sunni militant group wreaking havoc in Iraq and Syria.

Northern California rocked by powerful quake, many injured

Washington, Aug 24 : An earthquake of 6.0 magnitude rocked northern California Sunday, injuring an undetermined number of people and cutting electric power across the region.

Strong quake hits northern California

Washington, Aug 24 : An earthquake of 6.0 magnitude rocked northern California in the US Sunday.

Ponytail: Not just workout hairdo

New York, Aug 24 : The ponytail is an effortless way to style your hair when you hit the gym or when you experience a bad hair day. But you can make it sleek and sport it at parties or even in the workplace.

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid apologizes for cracking Asian jokes

New York, Aug 23 : US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev has apologized for cracking Asian-American jokes while giving a speech before the Asian Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas on Thursday.

American teenager breaks her own 400m freestyle world record

Canberra, Aug 23 : Seventeen-year-old American swimmer Katie Ledecky refreshed her own world record in the 400m freestyle at the Pan Pacific Championships in Australia Saturday, clocking 3 minutes 58.37 seconds to beat her previous mark by 0.49 seconds, reports Xinhua.

Bill Clinton enjoys smoking most expensive cigars worth $1K a piece

Washington, Aug 22 : Maker of the world's most expensive cigar has claimed that Bill Clinton is one of their clients and enjoys their 1000 dollar cigar.

Two US Ebola patients released from hospital

Washington, Aug 22 : Two US aid workers who contracted the Ebola virus while treating patients in west Africa have been discharged from the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, the hospital said Thursday.

US doctor with Ebola to be released from hospital

Washington, Aug 21 : An American doctor who contracted the Ebola virus disease while treating patients in West Africa will be discharged from a US hospital Thursday, the aid group he worked for said.

Two Indians plead guilty to fraud in US

Washington, Aug 21 : Two Indian nationals on H-1B visas in the US pleaded guilty to taking healthcare benefits by making false claims.

US offers bounty for Haqqani Network leaders

Washington, Aug 21 : The US government has offered $30 million as bounty for information to locate leaders of the Haqqani Network that is blamed for attacks on American and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Bush takes ice bucket challenge, nominates Clinton

Washington, Aug 21 : Former US president George W. Bush has joined celebrities across the world to take the ice bucket challenge to help raise money for Lou Gehrig's disease and has nominated his predecessor Bill Clinton to do it next.

White House says beheading video authentic

Washington, Aug 20 : The Barack Obama administration Wednesday confirmed the authenticity of a video showing the decapitation of a US journalist who was abducted in November 2012 while covering the civil war in Syria.

47 arrested in US town after fresh riots

Washington, Aug 20 : Forty-seven people were arrested overnight in Ferguson in the US state of Missouri after protestors hurled bottles at police in fresh outbreak of violence over the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by police 11 days ago.

US bans airlines from flying over Syria

Washington, Aug 19 : The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has banned US airlines from flying over Syria due to safety concerns posed by the ongoing violence in the country.

US attorney general to visit riot-hit town

Washington, Aug 19 : US President Barack Obama has announced that Attorney General Eric Holder will travel to Ferguson in the state of Missouri Wednesday to carry out a federal investigation into a shooting incident.

US terms cancellation of India-Pakistan talks 'unfortunate'

By Arun Kumar, Washington, Aug 19 : As India called off foreign secretary-level talks with Pakistan over its envoy's meeting with Kashmiri separatists, the US termed the cancellation "unfortunate" and said it continued to support their efforts to improve bilateral relations.

Indian colours, floats celebrate I-Day in New York

New York, Aug 19 : The Indian-American community, wearing bright and colourful clothes, celebrated India's 68th Independence Day with a parade dancing down Manhattan's Madison Avenue Sunday. One of the main fashionable avcnues of New York was a sea of Indian colours, complete with floats, drums and, of course, a lot of saris.

Obama hails destruction of Syrian chemical weapons

Washington, Aug 19 : US President Barack Obama Monday lauded the destruction of chemical weapons stockpiled in Syria, urging Damascus to fulfill its commitment to destroy its remaining production facilities.

US blacklists two men of Syrian, Iraqi terror groups

Washington, Aug 19 : The US Monday added two men from terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq to its list of specially designated global terrorists and imposed sanctions on them.

Obama to U.S. Congress: Air strikes in northern Iraq to safeguard American interests

London, Aug.18 : The United States air strikes to support Iraqi Kurdish forces to recapture the country's largest dam were aimed at safeguarding American interests there, claimed President Barack Obama.

Now, app that prevents kids from ignoring parents' calls

Washington, Aug. 18 : A woman from Texas, US, has created a app for her kids that won't allow them to ignore her calls.

How US adults weathered 'Great Recession'

New York, Aug 18 : The "Great Recession" in the US may have put a dent in the pocketbooks of many an older adult, but a study finds that over 40 percent actually reported a decrease in "financial strain" between 2006 and 2010.

US morgue attendant admits having sex with 100 corpses

New York, Aug 18 : An morgue attendant in the US state of Ohio has admitted to having sex with up to 100 corpses, media reported.

Riots continue in US city after teenager's death

Ferguson (Missouri), Aug 18 : Clashes between police and protestors continued here as a curfew ordered by Governor Jay Nixon is due to take effect for a second night.

US conducts more air strikes against ISIL in Iraq

Washington, Aug 17 : US military forces continued air strikes against forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) over the past two days, successfully destroying their several armed vehicles in north Iraq, the US Defence Department said Saturday.

Mountain lions near Los Angeles fenced in by urbanisation

Washington, Aug 16 : Mountain lions found near Los Angeles' Santa Monica mountains are completely isolated from other populations of their species by the barrier of urbanised areas and a freeway to the north.

US doctor with Ebola 'recovering in every way'

Washington, Aug 16 : An American doctor who contracted Ebola in Liberia said he was "recovering in every way", and that he was looking forward to being reunited with his family.

Obama to visit Estonia to reassure Baltic allies

Washington, Aug 16 : President Barack Obama will travel to Estonia in September for a visit aimed at reaffirming US commitment to its Baltic allies amid the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the White House said Friday.

India-US can shape together a shared future: John Kerry

Washington, Aug 15 : As Indians in America celebrated the country's 68th Independence Day, US Secretary of State John Kerry said India-US partnership "has never mattered more" and the two nations can shape together a shared future.

Obama appeals for peace in US town rocked by shooting

Washington, Aug 15 : US President Barack Obama has criticised the recent looting and the "excessive force" used by police in Ferguson in Missouri state after a fourth night of protests over the fatal police shooting of an unarmed African American man.

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