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Ex- royal flack gives out details of Princess Diana, Prince Charles' crumbling union

New York, Sep 29 : Former royal spokesperson recently revealed the details of Prince Charles and late Princess Diana's marital troubles in his new book 'On Duty with the Queen: My Time As a Buckingham Palace Press Officer.'

Wills-Kat to name 2nd baby 'Elizabeth Diana Windsor' if it's a girl

London, Sep 29 : Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly decided to name their second baby 'Elizabeth Diana Windsor' if it's a girl.

Beckham among celebrities set to get multi-mln pound tax demands

London, Sep 29 : Former England football team captain David Beckham is reportedly among the celebrities set to receive multi-million pound tax demands over film finance programs.

Average Briton has sex just four times a month: Survey

London, Sep 29 : Britons are losing out on their sex life, says a survey, revealing that an average British adult has sex only four times a month - less than once a week.

14 percent Britons have partners they have never met!

London, Sep 29 : In an indication of how much the virtual world has become part of our real lives, a survey has found that one in seven people in Britain has relationship with people he/she has only interacted online.

British jets return after Iraq combat mission

Nicosia, Sep 28 : Two British Tornado fighter-bombers returned to base in Cyprus after their first combat mission over Iraq since the parliament authorised military action against the Islamic State (IS).

UK Parliament unanimously endorses airstrikes against IS in Iraq

London, Sep 27 : The United Kingdom Parliament has shown complete support for British airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq.

Britain sends fighter jets to target IS in Iraq

London, Sep 27 : Britain has sent two Royal Air Force (RAF) Tornado jets to participate in the US-led airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) Sunni radical group in Iraq, a day after parliament voted in favour of action against the militants, media reports said Saturday.

British parliament approves military intervention against IS

London, Sep 26 : Britain's House of Commons Friday voted in favour of a government motion on military action in Iraq against Sunni radical group Islamic State (IS) after nearly seven hours of intense debate.

Nearly 50pc Brits admit phone addiction wrecks havoc in relationships

London, September 26 : A new research has found that mobile-phone addiction is causing relationship problems in Britain.

London art fair to feature Fukushima 'radioactive' veggie soup

London, Sept 26 : Two Japanese conceptual artists will be offering soup made from Fukushima "radioactive" vegetables as a part of the performance art piece 'Does This Soup Taste Ambivalent?' at the 12th Frieze Art Fair in London.

Britain has 'duty' to confront IS threat: David Cameron

London, Sep 26 : British Prime Minister David Cameron Friday said that the Islamic State (IS) was a threat to the "streets of Britain" and it was the "duty" of the government to confront the Sunni radical group, media reports said.

Stephen Fry reveals he took cocaine at Buckingham Palace in autobiography

London, Sept 26 : Stephen Fry has revealed about taking cocaine at Buckingham Palace, the House of Lords, BBC Television Centre and several London clubs, during his 15-year-addiction to the Class A drug, in his new autobiography.

Tony Blair named 'top gay icon' in last 30 years by Gay Magazine

London, Sept 26 : Tony Blair has been named as the top gay icon in the last 30 years alongside Boy George and Sir Ian McKellen by the Gay Times magazine.

Al Pacino 'overwhelmed' with British Film Institute honor

London, Sept 26 : Al Pacino was recently honored at a ceremony in British Film Institute for his outstanding achievement in film and television.

Killer dad gets 22 years in jail in Britain

London, Sep 25 : A court in Britain has given a 22-year jail term to a man for killing his two-month-old baby daughter, a media report said Thursday.

Nurse with cannibalism fetish jailed in Britain

London, Sep 25 : A court in Britain has jailed for nine years a nurse who was found to have a cannibalism fetish, a media report said Thursday.

LTA says Murray is 'unquestionably loyal' to Great Britain

London, Sep 25 : The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has revealed that former Wimbledon champion Andy Murray is 'unquestionably loyal' to Great Britain after the tennis ace was criticised for supporting Scottish independence.

David Cameron apologizes for 'purred' remark on the Queen

London, Sept 25 : David Cameron has contacted Buckingham Palace to offer his apologies after he made a blunder by saying that the Queen "purred" with joy at the Scottish independence referendum results.

Two-third of Brit love-cheats 'sext' other lover while in same room as spouse

London, Sept 25 : A new survey has revealed that 64 percent of Briton cheats "sext" their other lovers in the presence of their spouses in the same room.

British Parliament to debate airstrikes against IS

London, Sep 25 : British Parliament will be recalled Friday to debate on airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) Sunni radical group in Iraq, Downing Street announced Wednesday.

Cameron backs 'military' component for tackling IS

United Nations, Sep 25 : British Prime Minister David Cameron Wednesday backed the inclusion of a "military" component in London's fight against the Islamic State (IS) Sunni radical group, two days before the British Parliament is slated to debate whether the country should join other nations in attacking jihadi positions in Iraq.

'British pilot had sex with teenagers in India'

London, Sep 24 : A British Airways pilot had sex with underage boys during his stopovers in India between long-haul flights and showered them with money and gifts, a court here has been told.

British Airways pilot in dock for 'arranging to bed teen boys during stopovers in India'

London, Sept 24 : A British Airways pilot allegedly arranged to meet up with underage boys for sex during his stopover in India.

Wife of British hostage urges IS to release husband

London, Sep 24 : The wife of British hostage Alan Henning, who is being held by the Islamic State (IS) Sunni radical organisation, has urged the group to free her husband after receiving an audio message in which he pleads for his life, British officials said Wednesday.

London named world's most expensive city

London, Sept 24 : London has been named world's most expensive city, as it surpassed Hong Kong, in a new report.

Scottish referendum opens Pandora's box in Britain

By Anasudhin Azeez : Things are very strange in Britain nowadays. People are talking politics. Pubs, supermarkets, hospitals, offices, everywhere people are more engaged in political debate than gossiping, thanks to the Scottish referendum. A record 85 percent of the electorate participated in the referendum to determine Scotland's independence.

Woolly mammoth skeleton to be auctioned in Britain

London, Sep 23 : A woolly mammoth skeleton, having remained a part of a private collection for years in Europe, is all set to be auctioned in Britain.

London turns world's most expensive city

London, Sep 23 : London has overtaken Hong Kong as the world's most expensive city to live and work in, as a new study has suggested it has turned nearly twice as pricey as Sydney and four times more expensive than Rio de Janeiro. India's Mumbai was found to be at the bottom of the 12 most expensive cities report.

David Cameron to hold bilateral talks with Iranian president

London, Sep 23 : British Prime Minister David Cameron is to hold the first bilateral talks with an Iranian president since the 1979 revolution when he meets President Hassan Rouhani in New York, where the annual UN General Assembly meet will take place.

Prehistoric Woolly Mammoth skeleton up for grabs for 200k pounds at auction

London, Sept 23 : A rare prehistoric woolly mammoth skeleton will be up for sale at an auction in Britain for 200,000 pounds.

Prince William feels 'hectic' with baby George

Washington, Sep 22 : Prince William recently admitted during his tour of Malta that it gets quiet hectic with the 14-Month-Old baby George.

Why Diana snubbed Prince Charles' attempted kiss revealed in new tell-all book

London, Sept 22 : The truth behind the "infamous moment" where Princess Diana appeared to snub Prince Charles as he leaned in for a kiss has been revealed.

Police investigating racial abuse against Balotelli on Twitter: Report

London, Sep 22 : Merseyside Police is reportedly investigating racist abuse received by Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli on Twitter after he tweeted 'Man Utd...LOL' during the crushing 5-3 defeat met by the Manchester United at the hands of Leicester on Sunday.

'Desi Rascals': Gurinder Chadha's offering to British reality TV

By Subhash K. Jha, Mumbai, Sep 22 : Gurinder Chadha, a widely known British film director of Sikh origin, is upbeat about co-producing "Desi Rascals", a reality show for British television. She says the "high drama" in it could challenge Indian soaps.

Wife of British hostage asks IS to free him

London, Sep 22 : The wife of a British taxi driver kidnapped by the Islamic State (IS) Sunni extremist group last December Sunday asked the jihadis to show compassion and set him free.

John Kerry says Iran could help 'take out' IS

London, Sep 20 : US Secretary of State John Kerry says that Iran could play a crucial role in defeating the Islamic State group.

Brit chef creates burger that tastes like 'human flesh'

London, Sept 20 : A British chef has created a unique burger that tastes just like human flesh.

Texas court rules 'upskirt pics' legal

Washington, Sept 20 : A court in Texas has upheld the constitutional right of the citizens to take "upskirt" pictures as an essential component of freedom of speech.

'Most British female students face sexual advances on campus'

London, Sep 20 : Over one-third of British female university students have faced unwanted sexual advances on campus while studying, reveals a new poll.

Court to hear former Italian PM's tax fraud appeal

London, Sep 20 : The European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) has agreed to hear an appeal by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi against a tax fraud conviction, media reported Saturday.

British media hails Scottish referendum outcome

London, Sep 19 : Shortly after the Scottish referendum result settled Friday morning, the British media warmly welcomed the "55 percent to 45 percent vote", which keeps Scotland inside Britain.

Scotland referendum: Time to move forward, says Cameron

London, Sep 19 : It is time to move forward, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Friday after Scotland voted in a historic referendum to stay with the United Kingdom.

British-Iranian woman jailed for two months for trying to watch men's volleyball game

Washington, Sept.18 : A British woman has been kept in an Iranian jail for the last two months after she attempted to watch Iranian national men's team playing volleyball in Iran's Azadi stadium, in June this year.

Wartime munitions blown up in Britain

London, Sep 18 : A number of munitions recovered from an illegal "museum for World War One and World War Two relics" was detonated by bomb disposal experts in Britain, a media report said Thursday.

David Cameron confirms he will not resign if Scotland votes 'Yes'

London, Sep 17 : British Prime Minister David Cameron Wednesday said he will not quit his post if the result of the Scotland Independence Referendum, set to be held Thursday, is a "yes" in favour of independence.

Indian-origin British MP defends non-participation in Kashmir debate

London, Sep 16 (IANS/RAY) Priti Patel, a British MP of Indian-origin who has been appointed "Indian Diaspora Champion" by British Prime Minister David Cameron, Tuesday defended her non-participation in last week's Kashmir debate in the British parliament.

London to host Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in October

London, Sep 16 : London will host this year's three-day Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (RPBD) convention from Oct 16, Asian Lite, a leading newspaper for British-Asians in London, reported.

Sikhs open free school in Britain

London, Sep 15 : After facing a lot of disappointment in Britain's Coventry schools, members of the Indian-origin Sikh community have set up their own school for their new generation.

Indian worker caught for illegal stay in Britain

London, Sep 15 : A 26-year-old Indian worker has been caught from a British takeaway for overstaying his visa.

The British Empire's week of reckoning

By Ashis Ray, London Sep 15 : The expansion of the second and more recognised British Empire amounted to a formidable amassing of territory since 1497. Quite accurately, at its prime, the sun never set on the British Empire. However, the beginning of its end was the loss of the "jewel in the crown" - India - in 1947, following which its shrinkage galloped.

Queen Elizabeth urges Scots to 'think' before independence referendum

Edinburgh, Sep 15 : Queen Elizabeth on Sunday urged Scots to "think carefully" ahead of Thursday's Scottish independence referendum, a media report said.

British hostage beheading: Cameron vows to hunt down IS

London, Sep 14 : Following the beheading of British hostage David Haines by Islamic State (IS) extremist group, Prime Minister David Cameron Sunday said his country will hunt down the killers of the aid worker, a media report said.

Obama condemns IS beheading of British hostage

Washington, Sep 14 : US President Barack Obama Saturday strongly condemned the beheading of a British hostage by the Islamic State (IS) militant group, vowing to work with Britain and the international community to destroy the terror group.

Britain verifying video of aid worker's beheading

London, Sep 14 : The UK Foreign Office said late Saturday it was "working urgently to verify" a video purporting to show beheading of a British hostage by the Sunni militant group Islamic State (IS) in Syria, media reported.

British hostage's family appeal to IS

London, Sep 13 : The family of a British man being held hostage by Islamic State (IS) militants have appealed to his captors to make contact with them, media reported Saturday.

Cara Delevingne penning autobiography?

London, Sep 13 : British Supermodel Cara Delevingne has decided to pen an autobiography, detailing her younger years rather than her rise to fame.

Prison suicide rate rises in Britain

London, Sep 12 : The number of prisoners who took their own lives in England and Wales from 2013-14 increased by 64 percent, according to an independent investigation released Thursday.

Moral victory for India in British parliament's Kashmir debate

London, Sep 11 (IANS/RAY) The British government Thursday condemned terrorism and violence and rejected mediation in the dispute between India and Pakistan on Kashmir in a parliamentary debate in which pro-India speakers among the MPs overwhelmed Pakistan supporters by almost three to one.

Briton on trial for threatening Indian crew on Emirates flight

Dubai, Sep 11 : A British national is facing trial in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for threatening an Indian air hostess on an Emirates airlines flight, media reported.

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