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Brits have bigger fetish for breasts than butts

London, Dec 17 : It's boobs over butts for Brits, according to a global research by Pornhub.

Church of England announces first female bishop

London, Dec 17 : The first female bishop in the Church of England was announced Wednesday, ending the history of only a male being the bishop of the church.

Britain condemns Pakistan school attack

London, Dec 17 : British Prime Minister David Cameron Tuesday condemned the attack on a school in Pakistan which reportedly killed more than 130 people, mostly children.

Two arrested in Britain for supporting banned organisation

London, Dec 16 : Two men were arrested by police on suspicion of supporting a banned organisation in Luton, a town in the British county of Bedfordshire, media reported Tuesday.

Traffic agent slaps Santa's with parking ticket in UK

New York, Dec 16 : A traffic agent in England slapped a parking ticket on Santa's sleigh, after it was found parked on zig-zag lines near a pedestrian crossing.

Brit Awards: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran to perform

London, Dec 16 : Singers Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith are confirmed to perform the first three acts at the 2015 Brit Awards.

Four boys arrested for murder in London

London, Dec 15 : Four boys have been arrested in connection with the murder of a 52-year-old man in north London, media reported Monday quoting police sources.

Brits would rather crib than fix their problems

London, Dec 15 : It turns out Brits would rather keep worrying about their problems than actually doing something to fix them.

Independent inquiry into Britain's flight chaos

London, Dec 15 : An independent inquiry will be initiated into the air traffic control computer failure which disrupted flights at Britain's airports last week, officials said Monday.

David Beckham keen to have another child

London, Dec 15 : Former footballer David Beckham is reportedly keen to have another baby, but his wife Victoria is worried about the risks with her age.

Hundreds of extra British troops to be sent to Iraq to train local forces fighting IS: Fallon

London, Dec 14 : Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has said that hundreds of British troops would be sent to Iraq in January to train local forces fighting the Islamic State (IS).

Royal family releases Prince George's official Christmas photos

London, Dec. 14 : Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have recently released three official Christmas photographs of their son Prince George.

William, Kate wish X-mas in style

London, Dec 14 : With Christmas around the corner, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton have offered season's greetings with cute pictures of their son, Prince George.

Britain to send troops to Iraq to train local forces

London, Dec 14 : Britain's Defence Secretary Michael Fallon Saturday said hundreds of British troops will be sent to Iraq next year to help train local forces to fight against Islamic State(IS).

UK parliament discusses enhancing bilateral trade with Sri Lanka

London, Dec.13 : Britain's House of Lords is discussing plans to enhance bilateral trade with Sri Lanka, which the former sees as one of its most important bilateral trading partners.

Indian-origin woman picked to chair Santander UK

London, Dec 13 : Shriti Vadera, an Indian-origin minister in former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's government, has been named by the Spanish banking group Santander to chair its British business.

Flights in Britain recover after technical glitch

London, Dec 13 : Airports in Britain are returning to normal, except a few flight cancellations at Heathrow, a day after a techincal failure in the country's air traffic control centre.

20 percent Brit kids believe Jesus is Chelsea footballer

London, Dec. 12 : A new survey has revealed that around 20 percent kids believe that Jesus is a Chelsea footballer or many other think that he is an astronaut.

Brit woman jailed for five years for promoting terrorism on Facebook

London, Dec 12 : A mother of six children, Runa Khan, from Luton has been jailed for five years and three months for promoting terrorism on Facebook wherein she posted pictures of a suicide vest and her children holding guns and swords.

Psychoactive magic mushroom found in Buckingham Palace

London, Dec 12 : A hallucinogenic toadstool mushroom has been found growing in the gardens of Britain's Buckingham Palace, a media report said Friday.

British mother jailed for terror posts on social media

London, Dec 12 : A court in London sentenced a woman for a five years and three months jail term for posting extremist information on Facebook and WhatsApp, BBC reported Friday.

Shrien Dewani's property vandalised in Britain

London, Dec 11 : The house of British Indian businessman Shrien Dewani, who was acquitted Monday by a South African court of charges of ordering his wife's murder, was vandalised after his return to Britain, a media report said.

New law to hunt online paedophiles in Britain

London, Dec 11 : British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced the placement of government intelligence and anti-crime agencies at the centre of a fight to eliminate "digital hiding places for child abusers".

Kate Middleton wears same gown for a third time

London, Dec 11 : The Duchess of Cambridge has turned out to be a loyalist to a gown and has flaunted it at different occasions.

Shrien Dewani arrives back in Britain

London, Dec 10 : British Indian businessman Shrien Dewani, who was acquitted Monday by a South African court of charges of ordering his wife's murder, arrived back in Britain Wednesday.

British police on high alert after threat

London, Dec 10 : The police in Britain's West Midlands have been put on high alert after a threat allegedly by Islamic State (IS) Sunni radical group.

Claims of doping in Russian athletics damaging: Coe

London, Dec 9 : British athletics great and International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) presidency candidate hopeful Sebastian Coe has described claims of systematic doping in Russian athletics as "damaging".

Freed of murder charge, British-Indian businessman to return home

London, Dec 9 : An Indian-origin businessman from Britain, Shrien Dewani is preparing to leave South Africa after a judge cleared him of arranging the murder of his wife on their honeymoon, media reported Tuesday.

Indian-origin teacher claims harassment for teaching 'British values'

London, Dec 8 : A Sikh teacher has claimed that he was forced out of a school in Britain for "giving children British values", a media report said Monday.

British-Indian businessman accused of killing wife walks free

Cape Town, Dec 8 : An Indian-origin businessman from Britain, accused of arranging the murder of his wife while on honeymoon trip in South Africa, was discharged Monday.

British Indian businessman walks free

Cape Town, Dec 8 : A British Indian businessman, accused of arranging the murder of his wife on their honeymoon trip to South Africa was discharged Monday.

Oxford short of land for houses

London, Dec 8 : The city of Oxford does not have enough land to house its population.

British MP caught playing game on iPad in parliament

London, Dec 8 : A British MP was caught playing Candy Crush, a popular puzzle game, on his iPad while attending a parliamentary committee meeting.

World's most 'discreet' sex toy unveiled that looks like famous perfume bottle

London, Dec. 07 : A British Company has recently unveiled the world's most "discreet" sex toy that looks like a famous perfume bottle, it has been revealed.

British judge resigns after making racist slur against Asian woman victim

London, Dec 07 : One of Britain's senior immigration judges Richard Hollingworth has withdrawn from judicial duties and resigned as a deputy district judge after making a racial slur against an Asian woman victim in a harassment case.

Britain signs deal to establish first permanent Middle East military airbase in 4 decades

London, Dec 07 : Britain is set to establish its first permanent military base in the Middle East after it withdrew from the region in 1971, a report said.

UK judge quits after racial slur on Indian-origin woman

London, Dec 7 : A senior judge in Britain has been forced to quit his job after allegedly making a racist remark about an Indian-origin woman while hearing a harasssment case involving the woman's ex-boyfriend.

Indian-origin doctor appears in court in abortion case

London, Dec 7 : An Indian-origin doctor, accused of offering to perform an abortion based on the unborn child's gender, has appeared in a British court, a media report said.

Fox digs up baby's body buried alive by mother

London, Dec 6 : A mentally ill woman living in a graveyard in Britain has admitted burying her newborn baby alive after the corpse was discovered when a fox dug it up, media reported.

Briton jailed for millionaire girlfriend's murder

London, Dec 6 : A British businessman was jailed Saturday for murdering his millionaire girlfriend in a Paris hotel suite five years ago.

World's fattest man dies from pneumonia at 44

London, Dec 6 : A British man who held the title of world's fattest man after once weighing 70 stone, has died aged 44.

Two Britons jailed after Syria terror trip

London, Dec 6 : Two Britons who went to Syria to join rebel fighters have been jailed for 12 years and eight months each, a media report said Friday.

British exhibition explores the roots of William Blake

London, Dec 6 : An exhibition which explores the artistic roots of one of the most noted poets of the English language, William Blake, has opened at Oxford's Ashmolean Museum.

Quarter of motorists routinely bump into other cars while parking

London, Dec 5 : A new survey has revealed that a quarter of motorists routinely bump into other cars while trying to park.

Two Indian-origin brothers evicted from own home

London, Dec 5 : Two Indian-origin brothers in Britain have been banned from entering their own home for three months after neighbours complained their home was being used as a drug den, media reported.

British mother selling breast milk to fund X-mas

London, Dec 5 : A cash-strapped mother-of-four in Britain has revealed that she is selling her breast milk and plans to fund Christmas expenses with it, media reported.

Prison ban on books unlawful, rules British High Court

London, Dec 5 : The government's ban on sending books to prisoners in England and Wales is unlawful, the high court declared Friday.

World War I Christmas truce letter found in Britain

London, Dec 5 : Soldiers sharing cigars, singing songs and walking together in no-man's land on Christmas Day in 1914 are some of the scenes described in a letter written by a British general.

British Museum loans Parthenon statue to Russia

London, Dec 5 : Part of the Parthenon marbles have been allowed to leave Britain for the first time through the loan of a sculpture to the Russian state museum, a media report said Friday.

Frankincense found in Roman burial sites across Britain

London, Dec 5 : A team of archaeological scientists has uncovered the first evidence of frankincense (aromatic resin used in incense and perfumes) being used in Roman burial rites in Britain.

Scotland lowers drink-drive alcohol limit

London, Dec 5 : A new law has made the legal drink-drive limit in Scotland lower than anywhere else in Britain.

Indian-origin man charged with murder in Britain

London, Dec 4 : An Indian-origin man has been charged with the murder of another Indian-origin man in Britain, media reported Thursday.

Conservative MP arrested over allegation of rape

London, Dec 4 : Britain's Conservative member of parliament Mark Pritchard has been arrested and released on bail, following an allegation of rape in central London, media reported THursday.

Jilted Indian-origin man jailed for 23 years

London, Dec 4 : An Indian-origin man, spurned by the girl he loved as a teenager, has been jailed for 23 years after he tried to murder his ex-fiancee and her lover in a brutal knife attack, media reported.

What a job! Drink beer all day long and get paid for it too

London, Dec 4 : A Britain-based professional beer taster earns 200 pounds a day to drink in pubs across the island to search out the perfect pint.

Lesbian couple asked to desist in London restaurant

London, Dec 4 : A lesbian couple in a London restaurant was asked to desist by a staff member, who asked them to "stop what you are doing".

Britain names cities for testing driver-less cars

London, Dec 4 : Britain has named four cities to test driver-less cars in the coming year.

British town drops 'narrow' pavements designed to stop romantic walks

London, Dec 4 : An English town where romance was banned because it upset an 18th century wealthy spinster is finally planning to welcome cupid onto its streets.

Indian-origin man knifed in Britain succumbs to injuries

London, Dec 4 : An Indian-origin man who was found stabbed at a house in Britain's Manchester city earlier this week succumbed to his injuries on his 63rd birthday, a media report said Wednesday.

Is British Bigfoot really lurking in Lincolnshire woodland?

London, Dec 3 : A Nottingham-based sasquatch enthusiast has captured a snap that appears to show a large figure lurking behind a tree in the Friskney nature reserve, Lincolnshire.

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