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Britain plans age rating for music videos

London, Aug 18 : In a bid to protect children from inappropriate content, British Prime Minister David Cameron Monday announced a pilot scheme under which online music videos will be given age ratings, a media report said.

Royal lifestyle of Britain's 15th century king revealed

London, Aug 17 : A forensic study of bone and tooth chemistry of King Richard III has revealed fascinating new details about the life and diet of Britain's last king from the House of Plantagenet king in the Late Middle Ages.

UK prepares to supply arms to Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq

London, Aug 15 : The United Kingdom is prepared to supply arms to the Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State militants in Northern Iraq.

Tories accused of false pretence in Lord Suri's appointment

London, Aug 14 : Downing Street has been accused of deliberately creating a misleading impression in the appointment of an Indian-origin businessman to the House of Lords, a leading British daily reported Thursday.

Most Britons not satisfied with sex life

London, Aug 13 : Most Britons are not satisfied with their sex life, a survey reveals.

Indians emerge top investors in central London realty

London, Aug 13 : With an investment of $400 million, Indians are the largest buyers of land among overseas investors in central London, accounting for a 55 percent share in the second quarter of this year, says a leading commercial realty services group.

British jets join efforts to help Iraq's Yazidis

London, Aug 13 : Three British Royal Air Force (RAF) surveillance aircrafts landed at an air base in Cyprus Tuesday to carry out aid drops to Iraqi Yazidi refugees on a mountain top.

UKIP MEP praises Hitler at Young Independence Conference

London, Aug 11 : United Kingdom Independence Party's (UKIP) Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Bill Etheridge praised the Nazi leader Hitler for his public speaking skills at a training session.

Prince Harry recalls horrific sights witnessed during Afghanistan war

London, Aug 11 : Prince Harry recently revealed the horror of war in Afghanistan saying that those images will never leave him.

Prince Harry intends to be a professional soldier till 'retirement'

London, Aug 10 : Prince Harry wants to stay in Army until he is 55, as he believes that he has "the best job in the world".

Drinking two days in a row not recommended for Brits

London, Aug 10 : A public health organization of England has suggested to Brits that they should not drink two days in a row if they want to avoid health conditions such as cancer, heart disease or cirrhosis of the liver.

Prince Harry reveals horror of war in Afghanistan

London, Aug 10 : Britain's Prince Harry recounted for the first time the "horrendous" images he saw during the US-led coalition war in Afghanistan, a media report said Sunday.

Fauja Singh urges people to join peace marathon in Britain

London, Aug 10 : India-born centenarian Sikh runner Fauja Singh has urged everyone to join a peace marathon organised in London to mark the First World War centenary in Britain, media reported.

Broad, Prior to undergo surgery

London, Aug 10 : English cricket duo Stuart Broad and wicketkeeper Matt Prior will undergo surgery to cure their long-term injury troubles at the end of the month.

Demonstrations in Britain against Gaza crisis

London, Aug 10 : Thousands of people in Britain took to the streets and protested against the ongoing violence in Gaza.

UK PM's mansion replica to go under the hammer

London, August 8 : A house in Nottingham, which is similar to Prime Minister David Cameron's mansion, is set to go up for auction.

Briton's top 'sex' faux pas revealed

London, Aug 8 : A new research has listed down top 10 mistakes that Britons make when they are having sex with their partner.

Meet the UK best-friends who gave birth on same day twice

London, Aug 8 : Two women from Scarborough, Claire Ottaway and Michelle Noble, gave birth to their daughters on same day for the second time.

Brits compromise on sleep for using tech devices

London, August 8 : A new study has shown that Britons spend more time using technology devices than they do sleeping.

Peerage for Indian-origin tycoon

London, Aug 8 : An Indian-origin businessman, who has donated over 300,000 pounds to Britain's Conservative Party is to be elevated to the House of Lords, a media report said Friday.

Prince William to become air ambulance pilot

London, Aug 8 : Britain's Prince William will join a training in September to become a helicopter pilot of air ambulance, Kensington Palace announced Thursday.

UK's tech-savvy millennium generation may 'lose its voice'

London, Aug 07 : A new study has revealed that the 'Millennium Generation' of 14 and 15-year-olds, which is the most technologically-savvy age group in UK, might lose their voice as they keep busy texting and shun phone calls.

British men likeliest in world to opt for threesomes

London, Aug 7 : A new poll has suggested that British men top the list to consider threesome when they are already in a relationship whereas Brazilians are the least to go with an additional partner.

Indian-origin mother in Britain barred from home visit

London, Aug 7 : An Indian-origin woman and her son in Britain have been barred from visiting India on holiday after her ex-husband's objection in a Family Court, contending that he might never see them again.

UK government under pressure to change Israel policy

By Anasudhin Azeez, London, Aug 6 : British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing mounting pressure to change his Israel policy with his Deputy Nick Clegg and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond seeking an immediate suspension of arms licences to Israel.

Man arrested in Manchester airport for bomb hoax

London, Aug 5 : A man on board a passenger plane at Manchester airport has been arrested on suspicion of making a bomb hoax call, police said.

British Indian's rat-infested home earns him hefty fine

London, Aug 5 : A British Indian was fined for 14,000 pounds (around $23,600) for rat infestation and poor living conditions at his house in Britain, a media report said Tuesday.

School boys find 4,300-yr-old golden ornament in Britain

London, Aug 5 : Four primary school boys have unearthed a 4,300-year-old golden object in an archaeological dig in Britain, a media report said Tuesday.

British minister quits over Israel's Gaza offensive

London, Aug 5 : British Prime Minister David Cameron lost a key ally from the Asian community as Baroness Warsi, minister of state in the foreign office, quit from the government, saying the British government's policy on the crisis in Gaza is "morally indefensible".

British minister resigns over Gaza policy

London, Aug 5 : Baroness Warsi, Britain's minister of state in the foreign office, Tuesday resigned in protest against the government's policy on Gaza, media reported.

Britain reviews 8 bn-pound arms sales to Israel

London, Aug 4 : In the wake of the conflict in Gaza, the British government is reviewing the 8 billion pounds-worth sale of arms and military goods to Israel to see if each licence is appropriate, the prime minister office said here Monday.

Prince William, Duchess Catherine to holiday in Scotland

London, Aug 4 : Britain's Prince William and Duchess Catherine will be spending their holidays in Scotland, as well as moving into their new house at Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

1in 3 Brits happily reuse sex toys

London, Aug 3 : A new survey has revealed that more than one third of Brits happily recycle their sex toys they once shared with an ex in a new relationship.

Prince Harry to inherit mum Princess Di's 10m pounds legacy in Sept

London, Aug 3 : Prince Harry will inherit Princess Diana's 10million pounds legacy when he will turn 30 in September, it has been revealed.

British women carry make-up worth hundreds

London, Aug 3 : Every woman owns a few make-up products and a new study has found that the average British woman carries 231 pound worth of cosmetics in her bag.

Indian steel baron's bid to buy mountain in Britain creates uproar

London, Aug 3 : Indian steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal has made a bid to buy a mountain in Britain sparking protests from the locals, media reported.

One Direction named Britain's best selling musical export

London, Aug 3 : One Direction have been named Britain's best selling musical export for the year 2013.

Texting driver who killed Sikh man jailed for six years

London, Aug 2 : A woman who killed a Sikh man in Britain as she drove her car while using two mobile phones, has been jailed for six years.

Ankle tag monitoring for binge drinkers in London

London, July 31 : London mayor Boris Johnson Thursday launched the first scheme in Britain that will enforce alcohol abstinence among offenders who binge drink through compulsory use of ankle tags.

Ebola outbreak not a global threat: Report

London, July 31 : The deadly Ebola virus does not pose a global threat, a latest report has claimed, adding that as long as the virus continues to infect people in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, there is small risk of more long-distance export of the disease.

'Ebola could be a threat to Britain'

London, July 31 : The fatal Ebola virus, which has killed hundreds of people since February, could be a threat to Britain, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said.

Britain prepares to meet Ebola threat

London, July 30 : Authorities in Britain will soon hold an emergency meeting to discuss the "threat" posed by the Ebola virus that has killed more than 670 people in West Africa, a government official said Wednesday.

British drink too much, ignorant: Survey

London, July 30 : Britons are largely viewed as heavy drinkers and ignorant of other cultures, according to a survey by the British Council.

Britain to toughen immigrant benefits rule

London, July 29 : British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a new plan that will allow the government to cut European Union (EU) migrants' entitlement to benefits after just three months of claims, media reports said Tuesday.

Britain to join NATO military exercise

London, July 29 : Britain will send a battle group to take part in a major military training in October as part of a NATO package to reassure its allies in eastern Europe, the British defence ministry said Monday.

Indian-origin boy's death to be independently probed in Scotland

London, July 26 : An independent probe has been ordered into the case of an Indian-origin woman who battered her three-year-old son to death in Scotland, media reported.

Bikini diets dominate people in Britain: Survey

London, July 26 : Summer holidays prove to be a powerful motivation for several women to lose weight or get in shape, according to research by health and fitness brand Fitbit.

Bradley Wiggins says he is done with cycle road racing

Glasgow, July 25 : England's cycling star Bradley Wiggins said he was done with road racing and would never participate in the Tour de France.

British-Indian author longlisted for Man Booker Prize

London, July 23 : A novel written by a British Indian author has made it to the first long list of the coveted Man Booker Prize for fiction for this year.

Stella McCartney to design Great Britain's team kit for 2016 Olympics

London, July 23 : Stella McCartney has again been chosen to design the Great Britain's official team kit for the 31st Olympic Games to be held in Rio in 2016.

MH17 black boxes arrive in Britain for analysis

London, July 23 : The black box recorders from the crashed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 have arrived in Britain for data downloading and analysis, the British Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said Wednesday.

New tell-all book claims Clinton's phone sex calls were used by Israel for blackmail

London, July 23 : A new "tell-all" book has claimed that British spooks eavesdrpped on Bill Clinton's steamy phone sex with Monica Lewinsky and it was also used for blackmailing by Israel.

Queen's Gold Cup 2013 winner horse tests positive for banned substance

Washington, July 23 : The horse of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has failed a drug test, it has been revealed.

Indian student wins damages for illegal detention at Heathrow

London, July 23 : An Indian student has won 3,500 pounds ($5,967) in damages for her illegal detention at Heathrow Airport in London, media reported.

MH17 black boxes arrive in Britain

Kiev, July 23 : The two black boxes of the crashed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 arrived in Britain Wednesday for analysis, Ukraine's investigation commission said.

Deficit in engineering skills hitting British companies

London, July 23 : British companies are struggling to fill an estimated 2.74 million job openings this decade due to a deficit in engineering skills, according to Engineering UK, a non-profit that promotes the profession.

Dream come true for Buttler, surgery time for Prior

London, July 22 : New England wicket-keeper Jos Buttler finally gets the Test status after serving as a One-Day cricketer and this, he says, is a "dream come true".

Prince George celebrates first birthday

London, July 22 : Prince George turned one Tuesday and his parents thanked everyone for their warm wishes.

Obama affirms strong ties with Britain

Washington, July 22 : US President Barack Obama and Ed Miliband, leader of the British opposition Labour Party, Monday affirmed the strong ties that bind the US and Britain, the White House said in a statement.

Meet the feline obsessed man who claims he can read cats' mind

London, July 21 : A cat fanatic from England has claimed that he has formed the power to read the minds of cats and solve their everyday problems.

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