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John Kerry says Iran could help 'take out' IS

London, Sep 20 : US Secretary of State John Kerry says that Iran could play a crucial role in defeating the Islamic State group.

Brit chef creates burger that tastes like 'human flesh'

London, Sept 20 : A British chef has created a unique burger that tastes just like human flesh.

Texas court rules 'upskirt pics' legal

Washington, Sept 20 : A court in Texas has upheld the constitutional right of the citizens to take "upskirt" pictures as an essential component of freedom of speech.

'Most British female students face sexual advances on campus'

London, Sep 20 : Over one-third of British female university students have faced unwanted sexual advances on campus while studying, reveals a new poll.

Court to hear former Italian PM's tax fraud appeal

London, Sep 20 : The European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) has agreed to hear an appeal by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi against a tax fraud conviction, media reported Saturday.

British media hails Scottish referendum outcome

London, Sep 19 : Shortly after the Scottish referendum result settled Friday morning, the British media warmly welcomed the "55 percent to 45 percent vote", which keeps Scotland inside Britain.

Scotland referendum: Time to move forward, says Cameron

London, Sep 19 : It is time to move forward, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Friday after Scotland voted in a historic referendum to stay with the United Kingdom.

British-Iranian woman jailed for two months for trying to watch men's volleyball game

Washington, Sept.18 : A British woman has been kept in an Iranian jail for the last two months after she attempted to watch Iranian national men's team playing volleyball in Iran's Azadi stadium, in June this year.

Wartime munitions blown up in Britain

London, Sep 18 : A number of munitions recovered from an illegal "museum for World War One and World War Two relics" was detonated by bomb disposal experts in Britain, a media report said Thursday.

David Cameron confirms he will not resign if Scotland votes 'Yes'

London, Sep 17 : British Prime Minister David Cameron Wednesday said he will not quit his post if the result of the Scotland Independence Referendum, set to be held Thursday, is a "yes" in favour of independence.

Indian-origin British MP defends non-participation in Kashmir debate

London, Sep 16 (IANS/RAY) Priti Patel, a British MP of Indian-origin who has been appointed "Indian Diaspora Champion" by British Prime Minister David Cameron, Tuesday defended her non-participation in last week's Kashmir debate in the British parliament.

London to host Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in October

London, Sep 16 : London will host this year's three-day Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (RPBD) convention from Oct 16, Asian Lite, a leading newspaper for British-Asians in London, reported.

Sikhs open free school in Britain

London, Sep 15 : After facing a lot of disappointment in Britain's Coventry schools, members of the Indian-origin Sikh community have set up their own school for their new generation.

Indian worker caught for illegal stay in Britain

London, Sep 15 : A 26-year-old Indian worker has been caught from a British takeaway for overstaying his visa.

The British Empire's week of reckoning

By Ashis Ray, London Sep 15 : The expansion of the second and more recognised British Empire amounted to a formidable amassing of territory since 1497. Quite accurately, at its prime, the sun never set on the British Empire. However, the beginning of its end was the loss of the "jewel in the crown" - India - in 1947, following which its shrinkage galloped.

Queen Elizabeth urges Scots to 'think' before independence referendum

Edinburgh, Sep 15 : Queen Elizabeth on Sunday urged Scots to "think carefully" ahead of Thursday's Scottish independence referendum, a media report said.

British hostage beheading: Cameron vows to hunt down IS

London, Sep 14 : Following the beheading of British hostage David Haines by Islamic State (IS) extremist group, Prime Minister David Cameron Sunday said his country will hunt down the killers of the aid worker, a media report said.

Obama condemns IS beheading of British hostage

Washington, Sep 14 : US President Barack Obama Saturday strongly condemned the beheading of a British hostage by the Islamic State (IS) militant group, vowing to work with Britain and the international community to destroy the terror group.

Britain verifying video of aid worker's beheading

London, Sep 14 : The UK Foreign Office said late Saturday it was "working urgently to verify" a video purporting to show beheading of a British hostage by the Sunni militant group Islamic State (IS) in Syria, media reported.

British hostage's family appeal to IS

London, Sep 13 : The family of a British man being held hostage by Islamic State (IS) militants have appealed to his captors to make contact with them, media reported Saturday.

Cara Delevingne penning autobiography?

London, Sep 13 : British Supermodel Cara Delevingne has decided to pen an autobiography, detailing her younger years rather than her rise to fame.

Prison suicide rate rises in Britain

London, Sep 12 : The number of prisoners who took their own lives in England and Wales from 2013-14 increased by 64 percent, according to an independent investigation released Thursday.

Moral victory for India in British parliament's Kashmir debate

London, Sep 11 (IANS/RAY) The British government Thursday condemned terrorism and violence and rejected mediation in the dispute between India and Pakistan on Kashmir in a parliamentary debate in which pro-India speakers among the MPs overwhelmed Pakistan supporters by almost three to one.

Briton on trial for threatening Indian crew on Emirates flight

Dubai, Sep 11 : A British national is facing trial in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for threatening an Indian air hostess on an Emirates airlines flight, media reported.

David Cameron makes plea to Scotland not to separate from Britain

London, Sep 10 : British Prime Minister David Cameron has made a highly personal plea to the people of Scotland, urging them not to "rip apart" Britain, and warning that a vote in favour of Scottish independence would be a "leap in the dark".

David Cameron urges Scottish voters to stay with Britain

London, Sep 10 : In a passionate appeal to Scottish voters Wednesday, British Prime Minister David Cameron said the rest of the Britain "desperately wants the nation to stay", and warned there will be no second chances after next week's referendum in Scotland.

British Indian woman sues gurdwara over blast injuries

London, Sep 10 : A British Indian woman has sued a gurdwara in Britain after she was severely hurt in a kitchen explosion three years ago, a media report said Wednesday.

Prince Charles hopes Will-Kate's 2nd royal baby is a girl

London, September 10 : Prince Charles has revealed that he is hoping Prince William and Kate Middleton's next baby will be a girl.

UK providing heavy arms to Iraqi govt to fight IS militant group

London, Sep 10 : The United Kingdom is providing heavy arms and ammunition to Iraqi government to help the military forces fight Islamic State militants, says the UK Ministry of Defence.

India furious about UK MPs' Plan to debate Kashmir

London, Sep 10 : The Indian government is furious about British MPs' plan to hold a debate on the "political and humanitarian situation in Kashmir" on Thursday.

UK students meet President Mukherjee

New Delhi, Sep 9, : Students from the United Kingdom visited President Pranab Mukherjee here on Tuesday.

Nearly 10pc Brits suffer from 3,024 hangovers in lifetime

London, Sept 9 : A new survey has demonstrated that one in fourteen Brits suffer from 3,024 hangovers in their lifetime.

Prince Harry says he can't 'wait to see bro suffer more' with second kid

London, Sept 9 : Prince Harry has revealed that he can't wait to see his brother Prince William "suffer more" as news of Duchess Kate's pregnancy surfaced.

British Indian businessman's trial set for Oct 6

London, Sep 9 : A British Indian businessman, accused of arranging the murder of his wife on their honeymoon trip to South Africa, is due to face trial Oct 6, BBC reported Tuesday.

Britain to open medical centre in Sierra Leone

London, Sep 9 : British military and humanitarian experts will set up a medical treatment centre for victims of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, a British official announced Monday.

British pound falls over uncertainty on Scotland's future

London, Sep 8 : The British pound fell Monday to its lowest level in 10 months due to uncertainty over Scotland's future following an opinion survey which shows that a slight majority of Scots favour independence.

Prince William and Kate expecting second child

London, Sep 8 : The Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Britain's Prince William, is pregnant with her second child, media reported Monday.

British minister coming to India to resolve students visa issue

London, Sep 7 : Britain's Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Vince Cable is scheduled to visit India next month to resolve the matter of visas for Indians wanting to study in Britain.

Encouraging British fighters to 'come home' will dissuade others from joining ISIS: Ex-MI6 chief

London, Sep 07 : As British Prime Minister David Cameron outlined new powers for police enabling them to seize passports of terrorist suspects last week, a former director of MI6's global counter-terrorism wing has reportedly said that Britain should encourage British jihadis fighting in Iraq and Syria to "come home."

A different, dangerous land: Three alternate depictions of Britain

By Vikas Datta : Mankind has always had a hankering for a more perfect, equitable society than the one they live in and many have tried to give it a shape - Plato in "The Republic", Christian theologian St Augustine with "The City of God" for his co-religionists to aspire to, and English statesman Sir Thomas More, who coined a generic name for it with his "Utopia" (1516). But as visionaries kept on dreaming of ideal societies, its converse also developed - the brutal, dehumanising "dystopia" - based on fears of increasing intrusion of the modern state into people's lives, extreme ideologies, and technological developments that could aid control - and ultimately, repression.

'British IS fighters want to return home'

London, Sep 5 : A number of "disillusioned" Britons fighting for the Islamic State (IS) have approached a British university to regret their decision of travelling to Syria and Iraq to join the Sunni militant group, a media report said Friday.

Britain pledges troops for NATO force

Cardiff, Sep 5 : Britain has pledged to contribute 1,000 military personnel to a proposed NATO force that could be deployed anywhere in two-five days, BBC reported Friday.

More British users shun morning coffee for smartphones

London, Sep 5 : Even before sipping their morning cup of tea or coffee, a third of smartphone users in Britain look at their device within five minutes of waking up, according to a survey by the professional services firm Deloitte.

Cameron chairs emergency committee over IS threat

London, Sep 4 : British Prime Minister David Cameron chaired an emergency session of Cobra committee Wednesday to discuss the threat by Islamic State (IS) militants to follow up the beheading of two US journalists with the murder of a British hostage.

Brit agency bans American Apparel's 'sexually explicit' ad

Washington, Sept. 03 : UK's Advertising Standards Agency has banned American Apparel's "School Days" campaign, after finding it "sexually explicit".

Cameron warns EU against 'appeasing Putin as we did Hitler': Report

London, Sep 03 : British Prime Minister David Cameron has reportedly warned the European nations against making the same mistake in "appeasing" Russian President Vladimir Putin over Ukraine as France and Britain did with Adolf Hitler before the beginning of the Second World War.

Change must in England ODI squad to be competitive in World Cup: KP

Birmingham (UK), Sept.3 : Out of favour England batsman Kevin Pietersen has said changes have to be made to the one-day side if they are to be competitive at next year's World Cup.

'Headscarf instils positive body image in British Muslim women'

London, Sep 3 : British Muslim women who wear a hijab (headscarf) generally have a more positive body image, are less reliant on media messages about beauty ideals and place less importance on appearance than those who do not wear a hijab, says an Indian-origin researcher.

Will-Kate to visit China in 2015 to mend diplomatic ties

New York, September 2 : Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton may visit China in 2015 in an effort to repair strained diplomatic ties, after Prince Charles' diary comments about Chinese officials, and PM David Cameron's meeting with the Dalai Lama in May 2012, hampered the relations between the two countries.

Half of British young women cannot locate vagina

London, Sep 2 : Half of young women are unable to properly label a vagina on a medical diagramme, while 65 percent admitted having a problem simply using the words "vagina" or "vulva", a British survey has revealed.

British deputy PM questions arrest of parents' saving kid

London, Sep 2 : British deputy prime minister has come in support of a campaign which seeks to to allow the parents of cancer patient Ashya King to be reunited with their five-year-old son, a media report said Tuesday.

New anti-terror measures to be introduced in Britain: Cameron

London, Sep 2 : British Prime Minister David Cameron Monday said his country will introduce a slew of measures to prevent terror suspects from travelling abroad, imposing tougher constraints on suspected extremists in the country.

Birthday boy Prince Harry to inherit 10m pounds from Princess Diana

London, Sept 1 : Prince Harry will become 10m pounds richer when he turns 30 on September 15, as he would receive the amount from his late mother, Princess Diana's inheritance.

David Cameron may ban British jihadis returning home

London, Sep 1 : British Prime Minister David Cameron plans to counter threats posed by Islamic State (IS) militants and may consider banning Britain-born jihadis stationed in Iraq and Syria from returning home.

UK PM says IS poses increasing threat to Europe

London, Aug 31 : UK Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed his concern about the increasing threat posed by Islamic State in mainland Europe.

London hotbed of Islamist insurgency: Report

London, Aug 31 : A Scotland Yard chief has reportedly revealed that almost 600 Britons, out of which 450 are from the capital city of London, have left Britain to fight for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a report said.

70pc Brits willing to sign 'Fifty Shades like' sex contracts

London, Aug 31 : A new survey has revealed that two thirds of Brits are willing to sign up to sex contracts similar to 'Fifty Shades of Grey' novels.

British record signing Di Maria's first ever transfer fee was 26 footballs

London, Aug 31 : Manchester United might have signed Angel Di Maria for a British record signing of 59 million pounds from Real Madrid, but 20 years ago the Argentine midfielder had been traded for 26 footballs by his junior club.

Prince William - Kate Middleton spotted 'flirting' during romantic dinner in Norfolk

London, Aug 31 : Prince William and Kate Middleton were recently spotted holding hands and sharing an eye contact during a romantic dinner near their new home in Norfolk.

ISIS planning 'spectacular' attack on UK similar to India's 26/11, warns MI5

London, Aug 31 : British intelligence agency, MI5, has revealed that British recruits to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) who are now returning home are planning a "spectacular" attack on home soil that will be similar to the 2008 Mumbai attack which killed 174 people and injured 300.

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