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NASA needs your help in finding new ninth planet
New York [USA], Feb. 17 : NASA has called on the world to help it in the search for the new ninth planet, as anyone from a kindergartener to a 95-year-old, can participate in their new project to find the not-yet-discovered celestial body. Read Full Story

'Seagrass' can improve marine water quality
Washington D.C. [USA], Feb. 17 : Underwater flowering plants and seagrass meadows known to produce natural antibiotics, can also improve the water quality of sea by suppressing pollution, reveals a study. Read Full Story

Mobile Wallet providers failing at loyalty programs, says Amdocs survey
New Delhi , Feb 16 : Leading provider of customer experience Read Full Story

Scientists use smartphones to measure train ride comfort,says research
London, Feb 13 : Passengers could soon be using their mobile phones to help rail companies around the globe improve the ride quality on their trains, thanks to new research. Read Full Story

Scientists shortlist three landing sites for Mars 2020
Washington, Feb 13 : Participants in a landing site workshop for NASA's upcoming Mars 2020 mission have recommended three locations on the Red Planet for further evaluation. Read Full Story

Comet's trip past Earth offers first in a trio of opportunities
Washington, Feb 11 : Comet hunters still have a chance to see comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušakova in the next few days using binoculars or a telescope. It's the first of a trio of comets that will -- between now and the end of 2018 -- pass close enough to Earth for backyard observers to try to spot and for scientists to study using ground-based instruments. Read Full Story

Next generation batteries could provide power to microsatellites, cubesats
Washington,Feb 11 : Sometimes good things come in very small packages. Just ask Dr. Luke Roberson, senior principal investigator for Flight Research within the Exploration Research and Technology Directorate at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Read Full Story

Asteroid resembles dungeons and dragons dice
Washington, Feb 11 : Radar images of asteroid 2017 BQ6 were obtained on Feb. 6 and 7 with NASA's 70-meter (230-foot) antenna at the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex in California. Read Full Story

Two largest satellite galaxies Magellanic Clouds bridged by stars
Washington D.C. [USA], Feb. 8 : According to an international team of astronomers led by researchers from University Of Cambridge, the Magellanic Clouds, the two largest satellite galaxies of the Milky Way, appear to be connected by a bridge stretching across 43,000 light years. Read Full Story

Researchers use tiny 3D spheres to combat tuberculosis
New Delhi , Feb. 8 : Researchers at the University of Southampton have developed a new 3D system to study human infection in the laboratory. Read Full Story

Myth busted: Study shows storing solar power increases emissions
Washington D.C., Jan.31 : In a myth-busting revelation, a study has found out that storing solar energy for night time use actually increases both energy consumption and emissions compared with sending excess solar energy directly to the utility grid. Read Full Story

Toronto: Researchers identify birthplaces of monarch butterfly to help conserve species
Toronto, Jan. 27 : Researchers at the University of Guelph, near Toronto are studying in great depth birthplaces of monarch butterflies that overwinter in Mexico, to help them guide conservation efforts for the declining species, media reports said. Read Full Story

Scientists discover giant otter fossils in China
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 25 : A team of researchers have discovered prehistoric wolf-sized otter fossils with a large head and a powerful jaw, weighing around 100 pounds, in China's Yunnan province. Read Full Story

NOAA's GOES-16 Satellite sends first images to Earth
Washington, Jan 24 : GOES-16, the first spacecraft in NOAA's next-generation of geostationary satellites, has sent the first high-resolution images from its Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) instrument. Included among them are a composite color full-disk visible image of the Western Hemisphere captured on January 15, 2017. Created using several of the ABI's 16 spectral channels, the full-disk image offers an example the satellite's advanced technology. Read Full Story

Meet the new moth named after Donald Trump
Washington [USA], Jan. 18 : To encourage the conservation in the fragile areas, scientists have named a new moth as 'Neopalpa donaldtrumpi' in the honour of U.S President-elect Donald Trump. Read Full Story

Here is what might have caused the death of land-living dinosaurs?
New Delhi , Jan. 13 : New computer simulations have shown that tiny droplets of sulphuric acid resulted in long-lasting cooling, which was a likely contributor to the death of land-living dinosaurs. Read Full Story

Scientists discover 'BioClay' for pest-free crops
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 11 : Scientists, including an Indian-origin researcher, have found a nano-sized degradable clay, an alternative to chemicals and pesticides, that protects plants from specific disease-causing pathogens. Read Full Story

Hubble captures 'Shadow Play' caused by possible planet
Washington, Jan 10 : Searching for planets around other stars is a tricky business. They're so small and faint that it's hard to spot them. But a possible planet in a nearby stellar system may be betraying its presence in a unique way: by a shadow that is sweeping across the face of a vast pancake-shaped gas-and-dust disk surrounding a young star. Read Full Story

CSIR lab develops the most advanced reading machine for visually challenged
By N.B. Nair, Chandigarh [India], Jan.7 : Good news for visually challenged persons this New Year - tens of thousands of them can get the most advanced reading machine, at an affordable cost. The machine would bring to an end dependence on others to read and learn. Read Full Story

Giant Antarctic iceberg set to break away, say Swansea researchers
New York, Jan 6 : An iceberg expected to be one of the 10 largest ever recorded is ready to break away from Antarctica, according to Swansea University scientists. Read Full Story

Climate change improves breeding of migratory geese
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 5 : A new study sheds light on the effects that climate change has on migratory geese. Read Full Story

NASA selects mission to study Black Holes, cosmic x-ray mysteries
Washington, Jan 4 : NASA has selected a science mission that will allow astronomers to explore, for the first time, the hidden details of some of the most extreme and exotic astronomical objects, such as stellar and supermassive black holes, neutron stars and pulsars. Read Full Story

Songbirds divorce, flee, fail to reproduce due to suburban sprawl
Washington D.C. [USA], January 4 : Songbirds divorce, pack up and leave and miss their best chances for successful reproduction, courtesy suburban development. Read Full Story

How do conch shells have such huge variety?
Washington D.C. [USA], January 4 : Conch shells and its varied shapes and size have always been something that has captivated the eyes of collectors. Read Full Story

Want to calculate toxic compounds you're consuming?
London [UK], January 2 : It has already been a known fact that though seafood is considered as a healthy option for its high level of proteins and vitamins, it can also put human at risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals with rising pollution levels in the sea. Read Full Story

Want to calculate toxic compounds you're consuming?
London [UK], January 2 : It has already been a known fact that though seafood is considered as a healthy option for its high level of proteins and vitamins, it can also put human at risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals with rising pollution levels in the sea. Read Full Story

Language barrier hinders new findings to global science, says study
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 31 : A new study finds that despite English being considered the common language of global science, over 30 percent of new scientific reports are published other languages due to which many major findings have been overlooked. Read Full Story

OTT Review 2016: Top 6 dedicated Live Mobile Tv Platforms that entertain, educate kids
New Delhi , Dec. 30 : Nowadays kids understand that they can watch TV shows on demand on a range of devices, from the family tablet to a parent's smartphone. Read Full Story

Switcher Trojan: Android joins 'attack-the-router' club
New Delhi , Dec.29 : Kaspersky Lab experts have uncovered a remarkable evolution in Android OS malware: the Switcher Trojan. It treats unsuspecting Android device users as tools to infect Wi-Fi routers, changing the routers' DNS settings and redirecting traffic from devices connected to the network to websites controlled by the attackers, leaving users vulnerable to phishing, malware and adware attacks and more. The attackers claim to have successfully infiltrated 1,280 wireless networks so far, mainly in China. Read Full Story

Animals' response to signals reduces in presence of noise
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 28 : Be it in any specie, pollution causes tremendous harm. A new study finds that traffic noise makes birds less responsive to alarm calls that would otherwise alert them to dangers such as predators. Read Full Story

Study maps how brain recognise extensively varied faces at one go
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 27 : Ever wondered how can you recognise whether your friend is happy or sad, at a glance? Also how can you recognise a friend, even if you haven't seen him/her in a decade? Read Full Story

Good news! Scientists identify new approach to recycle greenhouse gas
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 24 (ANI): A team of researchers has discovered a key enzyme effective to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) to carbon monoxide (CO) that can be adapted for commercial applications like biofuel synthesis. Read Full Story

Enjoy cashless Christmas and New Year with these apps
New Delhi [India], Dec. 23: Christmas and New Year's Eve are right down the corner, a hectic period for both retailers and customers. Apart from indulging in the usual festivities, this is also the best time to find the most lucrative offers on all kinds of products and services. Read Full Story

Top five apps to ease your Christmas planning
New Delhi [India], Dec. 23: With Christmas festivities in full swing, these apps will make the season even jollier and enhance the festive experience. Sending season's greetings, finding the perfect party look, baking a Christmas cake, listening to a beautiful carol and reading a book on Christmas Eve is merely a phone screen away. Here are the apps that will make your Christmas. Read Full Story

'Sniff test' may help reveal if you're at Alzheimer's risk
Washington D C [United States], Dec.23 (ANI): Soon, diagnosing early Alzheimer's disease may be as simple as measuring a person's sense of smell. Read Full Story

Siberia in defrost mode as planet heats up.
New York [US], Dec. 22:For hundreds of thousands of years, the Siberian permafrost has been a giant freezer for everything buried within it. Read Full Story

Study points molecular roots of Alzheimer's
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 21 : Scientists have detailed the structure of a molecule that has been implicated in Alzheimer's disease. Read Full Story

Festive Nebulae emission captured by Hubble Telescope
California[US], Dec. 21:The sheer observing power of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is usually undermined. Read Full Story

Arctic ice melt 'already affecting weather patterns where you live right now'
London [UK], Dec. 20: The increased melting of Arctic ice is already driving extreme weather that affects hundreds of millions of people across North America, Europe and Asia, leading climate scientists have told the Guardian. Read Full Story

Ancient DNA reveals genetic legacy of pandemics in the Americas
London [UK], Dec. 20: Tuberculosis, treponemal disease, Chagas disease, and many other pathogens were endemic to populations of Prehistoric America. But the "Columbian Exchange" beginning in 1492 introduced new pathogens to American populations, including smallpox, measles, influenza, and yellow fever. Read Full Story

Strand Life Sciences expands Onco-genomic portfolio in India with the globally benchmarked 152-gene test
Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], Dec.20 (ANI-Businesswire India): It is vital for oncologists to get clinically actionable and timely results to decide on treatment options for patients. Keeping this in mind, StrandAdvantage, a tumor genomic profiling test by Strand Life Sciences, was launched in India about a year ago. Since then, Strand's interdisciplinary team of clinicians, scientists, and bioinformaticians have made significant step-ups to the StrandAdvantage offering. Read Full Story

Astronomers release largest digital survey of visible Universe
Belfast[UK], Dec. 20: The world's largest digital survey of the visible universe, mapping billions of stars and galaxies, has been publicly released. Read Full Story

Stem cell 'living bandage' for knee injuries trialed in humans
Rockville [USA], Dec. 19 :A 'living bandage' made from stem cells, which could revolutionise the treatment and prognosis of a common sporting knee injury, has been trialled in humans at the universities of Liverpool and Bristol. Read Full Story

New creatures discovered undersea!
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 19 : Six new animal species have been discovered in the undersea hot springs 2.8 kilometres deep in the southwest Indian Ocean. Read Full Story

Newly formed star observed spewing cosmic material
New York [US], Dec. 17: For the first time, scientists have observed the powerful whirlwinds spewing out of a newly formed star located about 450 light years away, as was reported by The Verge. The stellar outbursts occurred in the early stages of a new solar system's formation, when infant stars emit jets of gas. Read Full Story

Indian scientists generate electricity from water sans using energy
New Delhi, Dec. 17 : Soon, a device that runs on a few drops of water could revolutionise the way electricity is generated, thanks to a team of scientists at Delhi's National Physical Laboratory (NPL). Read Full Story

Scientists discover safer lithium-ion batteries
Washington D.C [US], Dec. 16 : In a recent research, scientists have discovered a safe alternative to the flammable liquid electrolytes used in lithium-ion batteries. Read Full Story

Researchers discover planet-eating star, similar to Sun
Washington D.C [US], Dec. 16 : In a recent research, a team of scientists from the University of Chicago has made the rare discovery of a planetary system with a host star similar to Earth's sun. Read Full Story

Groundwater resources around the world could be depleted by 2050s
WashingtonD.C [US], Dec. 16 : Human consumption could depletegroundwater in parts of India, southern Europe and the U.S. in thecoming decades, according to new research presented at the 2016 AGUFall Meeting. Read Full Story

Can water balloons bounce off from bed of nails?
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 14 (NAI): A new study finds that water-filled balloons behave very similar to tiny water droplets, by bouncing them on a bed of nails. Read Full Story

Gemalto study reveals security concerns over convergence of personal and workplace identities
New Delhi [India], Dec 14 : World leader in digital security Gemalto has announced its findings of its Authentication and Identity Management Index, which revealed that 90 percent of enterprise IT professionals are concerned that employee reuse of personal credentials for work purposes could compromise security. Read Full Story

NASA's Curiosity rover detects boron on surface of Mars
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 14 : In a first of its kind, NASA's Curiosity rover science team detected element Boron on the surface of Mars, indicating the potential for long-term habitable groundwater in the ancient past. Read Full Story

Alternative fuel cell technology can cut down the cost substantially
Washington .D.C [US], Dec. 13 : In a recent research, scientists from the University of Delaware profess that fuel-cell vehicles are the way to go because they best preserve the advantages of gasoline automobiles: low upfront cost, long driving range and fast refueling. Read Full Story

World's wet regions are getting wetter, dry regions are getting drier
Washington D.C., Dec. 13: Research from the University of Southampton has provided robust evidence that wet regions of the earth are getting wetter and dry regions are getting drier but it is happening at a slower rate than previously thought. Read Full Story

Monkeys in Brazil unintentionally carve tools used by humans, 4300 years ago
Washington D.C [US], Dec.12 : A recent study found that the Bearded or Black-Striped Capuchin (Sapajus libidinosus), a species of wild monkey found in Brazil, makes sharp stone flakes by strongly and repeatedly hammering one rock against another embedded in an outcrop with a clear intent to smash it. Read Full Story

Rise in methane emissions may hamper efforts to slow climate change
Washington D.C [US], Dec.12 : A recent research published in the journal Environmental Research Letters highlights that global concentrations of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas and cause of climate change, are now growing faster in the atmosphere than at any other time in the past two decades. Read Full Story

Wind farms limit carbon emission: Study
Washington D.C [US], Dec.12: A recent study published in Energy Policy journal shows wind farms have made a significant impact in limiting carbon emissions from other sources of power generation in Great Britain. Read Full Story

NASA spots Tropical Cyclone Vardah's off-center strength
Washington D.C. [US], Dec.11 : NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite captured an image of Tropical Cyclone Vardah that showed strongest storms expanding west of the center. Read Full Story

Research shows effect of toxic pollution on fishes
Washington D.C. [US], Dec.11 : A recent research identifies the genetic mechanism responsible for evolutionary adaptation to toxic pollution observed in wild Atlantic killifish populations. Read Full Story

TSD Corp 'stands out in the digital domain' by airing PETROTECH 2016 for Facebook Live Fans
New Delhi [India], Dec. 10 : Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Digital India Vision, TSD Corp successfully aired the PETROTECH 2016, a series of International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition, for Facebook Live Fans. Read Full Story

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