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Indio-French scientists develop super touch sensitive material that mimics human touch
New Delhi , July 20 : A team of Indian and French scientists have developed a touch sensitive material that enhances response rate by thousand times from existing materials. Read Full Story

In 20-30 yrs we will see citizens wearing oxygen masks: Expert
New Delhi , July 14 : Climate change is one of the biggest crises facing humanity Read Full Story

Sneak peek at Disney's 'Star Wars' galaxy not so far away
New Delhi , Jul 14 : The much-anticipated Disney's Star Wars-themed lands may not open until 2019, but a sneak peek has been unveiled. Read Full Story

Soon, watch 3-D movies at home sans glasses
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 13 : A team of researchers is trying to bring glasses-free 3-D technology to your living room. Read Full Story

A 'larger-than-Earth' sunspot is turning toward us
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 13 : NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has detected a massive sunspot, called Active Region 2665, that's bigger than Earth. Read Full Story

When NASA's Juno stared right into Jupiter's angry red eye
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 13 : The first ever close-up images of Jupiter's gargantuan hurricane, the Great Red Spot, have been revealed from NASA's Juno spacecraft after it completed its historic fly-by a few days ago. Read Full Story

Antarctica just lost a 'Delaware-sized' iceberg!
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 13 : A massive iceberg about the size of the state of Delaware split off from Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf sometime between July 10 and July 12. Read Full Story

A 'concrete' solution for air pollution?
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 9 : Air pollution is the world's single biggest environmental health risk and now, a recent study could be a roadmap to tackle the problem. Read Full Story

NASA's Hubble spots 'Hidden Galaxy'
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 8 : NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has captured a hidden galaxy IC 342, which is a challenging cosmic target. Read Full Story

Surveying sea floor animals for offshore renewable energy
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 7 : There is growing interest in developing offshore wind and wave energy facilities in the Pacific Northwest. But not much is known about the sediment and animal life along the sea floor in the region. Read Full Story

60 new 'hot Jupiter' candidates spotted
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 7 : A team of researchers has identified a cosmic barbecue, where 60 potential new hot Jupiters are glowing like coals on a grill while orbiting only 1pc of Sun-like stars. Read Full Story

Global ocean vital signs are stable, but bill of health isn't clean
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 7 : The health record of world's oceans is here and according to it, their vital signs have remained relatively stable over the past five years. Read Full Story

Clumps of new stars 'spotted' in a galaxy far, far away
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 7 : A team of astronomers has pushed NASA's Hubble Space Telescope beyond its limits to spot the clumps of new stars in a distant galaxy. Read Full Story

Milky Way's fastest stars are 'runaways' from another galaxy
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 5 : The fastest-moving stars in our galaxy are in fact runaways from a much smaller galaxy in orbit around our own, according to a recent study. Read Full Story

Arthritis may have helped our ancestors survive Ice Age
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 4 : For all the arthritics, a team of researchers has found that you might not be alive today at all, were it not for your aching joints. Read Full Story

Taking a leaf out of plants' book to design solar cells
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 4 : A team of researchers has optimized and characterized titanium dioxide-based solar cell design using diverse plant pigments. Read Full Story

Dinosaur extinction set the stage for frog evolution
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 4 : Turns out, the global catastrophe that delivered the coup de grace to the dinosaurs was actually good news for frogs as they took a leap forward to survival after the mass extinction. Read Full Story

Scientists develop substance to kill water pollutants using solar power
New Delhi , July 1 : Researchers at the Swansea University in the United Kingdom have developed a new non-toxic substance that can help eradicate harmful synthetic dye pollutants released into water bodies, using solar power. Read Full Story

Scientists develop substance to kill water pollutants using solar power
New Delhi , July 1 : Researchers at the Swansea University in the United Kingdom have developed a new non-toxic substance that can help eradicate harmful synthetic dye pollutants released into water bodies, using solar power. Read Full Story

This powerful galaxy has a password name
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 1 : NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope recently captured an impressive galaxy that goes by a name that looks more like a password for a computer: 2XMM J143450.5+033843. Read Full Story

Light-driven tiny 'motors' is straight out of sci-fi
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 1 : Taking a leaf out of sci-fi movies, a team of researchers has added another exciting thing to the list of fanciful devices that allow light to interact forcefully with matter. Read Full Story

New firewall can protect your phone from security threat
New Delhi , Jun 30 : A team of researchers has come up with an innovative firewall program that adds a missing layer of security in Android cellphones and monitors for malicious code. Read Full Story

Now, a 'friendly' car horn that alerts without jarring
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 26 : A team of researchers has come up with a car horn that alerts people to danger while reducing the cacophony on city streets. Read Full Story

Study decodes genome of ancient Egyptians with unexpected results
New York [US], June 25 : A team of scientists has found ancient Egyptians and their modern counterparts share less in common. Read Full Story

Scientists understand the formation of sun's spicules
Washington D.C. [USA], June 23 : To understand the formation of abundant jets of plasma in the Sun's atmosphere (called spicules), researchers have, for the first time, built a model. Read Full Story

Video-calling made easier with Google Allo's latest update
New Delhi , June 22 : With the latest update on Allo messaging app, users can now make video calls using Google Duo, without going to the app itself! Read Full Story

Warming temperatures could result in extinction of sea turtles
Washington D.C. [USA], June 22 : Warmer temperatures mean sea turtles could be driven to extinction, suggests a new study. Read Full Story

Google enhances art search experience with latest updates on Search and Maps
New Delhi , June 20 : In a bid to inspire art enthusiasts around the world to brush up their art knowledge and become art experts, Google has announced the latest updates on Search and Maps driving newer ways to experience artworks online. Read Full Story

Smaller electronic devices come closer to reality
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 14 : Soon, you will have tiny electronic devices to control everything from smart phones to banking and medical technology as a team of researchers has discovered a new way to create extremely thin electrically conducting sheets. Read Full Story

Certain characteristics linked with ISIS anxiety
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 7 : A new study has examined the characteristics of individuals who are most likely to have anxiety concerning threats posed by ISIS. Read Full Story

A cold, close brown dwarf discovered near sun
Washington D.C. [USA], June 3 : A brown dwarf, which is a little more than 100 light years away from the sun, has been discovered by the astronomers with the help of a new citizen-science tool that was released earlier this year to pinpoint new worlds lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system. Read Full Story

Soon, you will be able to charge your electric car in no time
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 2 : We're on the verge of a power revolution as a team of researchers has brought instant re-charging technology closer to the reality. Read Full Story

This robot is 'most nimble-fingered' yet
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 2 : Grabbing the awkwardly shaped items that humans pick up in their day-to-day lives is a slippery task for robots, but this newly-built robot can pick up and move unfamiliar, real-world objects with a 99 percent success rate. Read Full Story

'Black hole' created in lab using this ultra-powerful laser
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 1 : A team of scientists has created their own lack hole using the world's most powerful X-ray laser. Read Full Story

Icy Saturn moon, a possible victim of cosmic hit-and-run
Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 1 : Enceladus, a large icy, oceanic moon of Saturn, may have flipped in an out-of-this-world wallop. Read Full Story

U.S. tests ICBM interceptor system first time in three years
Washington DC [USA], May 31 : The United States on Tuesday tested its intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) interceptor system for the first time in three years, in the wake of a series of North Korean missile tests. Read Full Story

DocsApp aims to clock 5 million downloads by 2018
New Delhi , May 26 : Online hospital DocsApp registered a 25 percent month-on-month growth, and is aiming to serve more patients than all offline hospital chains, along with reaching 5 million downloads on Google Play Store by 2018. Read Full Story

Being 'cruel to be kind' really works!
Washington D.C. [USA], May 25 : Can making people feel bad really help them? Yes, according to a recent study. Read Full Story

Death by Kissing Bugs more common than thought: Study
New York [USA], May 22 : Kissing Bugs, who like to bite humans around their lips and faces, as they sleep, are more dangerous than you have ever thought of. Read Full Story

Now, deaf-blind can 'watch' television with this technology
Washington D.C. [USA], May 21 : In a first, researchers have developed a new technology that types Braille or subtitles of television channels in real time and helps deaf-blind people "watch" television without intermediaries. Read Full Story

Get ready for greater gaming experience with Lenovo's 'Legion'
New Delhi , May 17 : Leading PC and tablets player Lenovo on Wednesday announced the launch of its dedicated brand for gaming 'Legion' in India in two variants including Lenovo Legion Y520 at Rs. 92,490 and Lenovo Legion Y720 at Rs. 149,990. Read Full Story

Researchers find ways to make solar energy affordable
Washington D.C. [USA], May 14 : In a recent study, researchers used data science to determine and predict the effects of exposure to weather and other conditions on materials in solar panels. Read Full Story

Now, a tool that can help prevent surging waters in flood plains
Washington D.C. [USA], May 13 : A group of international scientists studying China's Yellow River has come up with an analytic formula that could help officials better predict and prevent its all-too-frequent floods, which threaten as many as 80 million people. Read Full Story

Hubble catches unusual galaxy duo by the 'Hare'
Washington D.C. [USA], May 13 : NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a peculiar object in the Hare constellation that's made up of two individual galaxies, speeding past each other at more than 2 million kilometres per hour. Read Full Story

'Winged' snakes once slithered the Earth
Washington D.C. [USA], May 13 : A mysterious 5-million-year-old winged serpent has finally been identified as a new species of ancient snakes. Read Full Story

Analysing foods for radioactive substances
Washington D.C. [USA], May 13 : A team of researchers is analysing foods for radioactive substances. Read Full Story

Newly-found distant 'warm Neptune' has primitive atmosphere
Washington D.C. [USA], May 12 : A team of scientists has discovered a distant Neptune-sized planet that has clear skies and an atmosphere almost entirely composed of hydrogen and helium, scientists have discovered. Read Full Story

New 3-D printed 'bionic skin' lets robots 'feel'
Washington D.C. [USA], May 11 : A team of researchers has come up with a revolutionary process for 3D printing stretchable electronic sensory devices that could give robots the ability to feel their environment. Read Full Story

Here's how you can help stop climate change
Washington D.C. [USA], May 6 : Are you ready to personally help stop climate change? Turns out, all you have to do is believe that you can! Read Full Story

From Aryabhatta to Sans Frontier Satellite: It happens only in India
New Delhi , May 6 : As the 'sans frontier' geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle ( GSLV-09) takes off from India's lone spaceport Sriharikota, ISRO's space might is pretty evident. Read Full Story

Robotic drill to reduce surgery time from hours to minutes
Washington D.C. [USA], May 1 : Use of an automated, robotic drill for future surgeries could reduce the procedure from two hours to two and a half minutes. Read Full Story

These caterpillars can save Earth from turning into 'plastic planet'
Washington D.C. [USA], Apr 30 : A caterpillar, commonly known as a waxworm, can help make plastic pollution a history, according to a recent study. Read Full Story

Oceans at risk due to rising levels of carbon dioxide
Washington D.C. [USA], Apr 28 : As the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases and the acidity of water changes, it might lead to change in crucial marine process. Read Full Story

Scientists suggest improvement in animal testing protocols for production of drugs
Washington D.C. [USA], Apr 27 : Animal rights activists have been debating about the use of animals in biomedical research since long but scientists suggest improvements to animal testing protocols could boost credibility and usefulness. Read Full Story

Google Doodle celebrates Cassini spacecraft's 'Grand Finale' mission
London [UK], Apr 26 : As NASA's Cassini Spacecraft enters its final dive, called 'The Grand Finale', into orbiting Saturn's moon, Titan, Google commemorates the occasion by making a special Doodle. Read Full Story

NASA looks at newly formed Tropical Depression 3W in 3-D
Washington D.C. [USA], Apr 26 : Tropical Depression 03W formed in the Pacific Ocean west of Guam on April 24, 2017, and data from the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission or GPM core satellite was used to look at the storm in 3-D. Read Full Story

What! This animal can survive without oxygen
Atlanta [US], Apr 23 : The naked mole rat, one of the world's most bizarre and remarkable animals is surprising scientists once again. Read Full Story

Antarctica's biodiversity 'falling between the cracks'
Washington D.C. [USA], Apr 20 : The popular view that Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are in a much better environmental shape than the rest of the world has been debunked. Read Full Story

Now, a method for 3D printing extraterrestrial materials
Washington D.C. [USA], Apr 13 : When humans begin to colonize the moon and Mars, they will need to be able to make everything from small tools to large buildings using the limited surrounding resources. Read Full Story

TAL Manufacturing launches industrial-articulated TAL Brabo robot
New Delhi , Apr. 12 : TAL Manufacturing Solutions, a subsidiary of Tata Motors Ltd. on Tuesday launched its much-awaited TAL Brabo robot in two variants, with payloads of two and 10 kilograms, priced between Rs. Five to seven lakhs. Read Full Story

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