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Online shopping makes people weak and feeble, says Study
London [UK], Oct. 1 : The digital age is surely making shopping easier and accessible for many people. Read Full Story

Does sweating while exercising burn more calories?
Melbourne [Australia], Oct. 1 : If you are one of those who think you'll lose more weight if you sweat more during a workout, then we might have some important news for you. Read Full Story

Study finds psychopaths prefer rap music over classical
Australia [Melbourne], Oct. 1 : If you are a fan of Eminem's music, than we might have some bad news for you. Read Full Story

Physical abuse, punishment may impact kids' academic performances
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 30 : Parents beware! Physical punishment and abuse are linked to poor cognitive and academic performances in children, while non-abusive forms of physical punishment were independently associated with reduced school engagement and increased peer isolation. Read Full Story

Placenta-eating: All the rage, but may be harmful
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 30 : Beware new mothers! A study has recently warned that consuming your own placenta soon after child birth may be harmful. Read Full Story

Wish to reduce high BP without taking pills? Try sauna bathing
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], September 30 : Middle-aged men taking sauna bath four to seven times a week are 50 per cent less likely to develop elevated blood pressure compared to men who take sauna only once a week, suggests a recent study. Read Full Story

Certain food items that make you fuller quicker
London [UK], Sept. 29 : According to a recent research, scientists have found that certain foods trigger cells in the brain which make us feel full up. Read Full Story

The dating trend you are doing without even knowing
London [UK], Sept. 29 : Have you heard of drafting season? Even if you have not, it's something you've probably been doing since you were a teenager. Read Full Story

Bed bugs love to thrive in dirty laundry
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 29 : Beware! Next time you out on a vacation, you may want to keep your dirty laundry in a sealed bag, particularly when staying in a hotel, as according to a recent study, it can cut the chances of taking bed bugs back home. Read Full Story

Early babies have poor fitness throughout their lives
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 29 : Early babies, delivered between 37 and 38 gestational weeks, are more likely to have poor cardio-respiratory fitness - circulatory and respiratory systems - throughout their lives compared with babies born at 39 to 42 weeks, a recent study finds. Read Full Story

This 'love hormone' makes men friendly
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 29 : A team of researchers has recently discovered a 'love hormone,' oxytocin, which triggers men to feel friendly and social. Read Full Story

Catch the travel bug for a healthy heart!
New Delhi , September 29 : The thought of travelling to a new destination, sipping cocktails on a beach, and indulging in a relaxing spa-bath can instantly cut down stress levels and bring a sense of relief in one's life. Read Full Story

Eating habits can help us avoid high cholesterol issues
New Delhi , Sep 29 : A healthy heart means a healthy life, yet most of us ignore our heart health. With two million heart attack cases in India in a year; it kills one Indian every 33 seconds. Though this is undeniably alarming, luckily, there are preventive measures to keep your heart healthy, says Dr. Bhaskar, Senior Consultant, Cardiologist, Healthians. Read Full Story

Five non-dairy foods you did not know contain Calcium
London [UK], Sept. 28 : Calcium is known to be crucial for children with growing bones, but it's a vital part of adult diets too. Read Full Story

Blame these hormones if your dog is getting aggressive
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 28 : A team of researchers has recently found discovered two hormones, which cause some dogs to become aggressive on the leash, while others are able to maintain their typically friendly disposition. Read Full Story

An older sibling may pose flu risk to your babies, toddlers
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 28 : Dear parents, please-take-note! A study has recently warned that small children under two years of age, especially six months old, are at greater risk of serious illness from influenza if they have an older sibling. Read Full Story

Here's what to eat during festive fasting
New Delhi , Sep 27 : Fasting is an excellent way to get rid of the harmful substances in our body. It is a good time to detox, experiment and try new things. Read Full Story

Here's the reason how drinking beer makes you feel happy
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 28 : Rejoice beer lovers! A team of researchers has recently discovered that drinking beer can lift your spirits as it contains an ingredient, which stimulates the brain's reward centre and makes a person feel good. Read Full Story

Ask your grandparents to eat well-cooked meat
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 28 : You may ask your grandparents to eat well-cooked meat, as a study has recently warned that eating steak rare (beef steak) prevents senior citizens from absorbing all the proteins that they need. Read Full Story

Eating peanuts while breastfeeding may protect your baby from allergies
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 27 : New mothers, please take note! Read Full Story

Grab these snacks to avoid lack of nutrition during festive fasting
New Delhi , Sep 27 : As our immune system has a tendency to weaken during seasonal transitions, staying away from certain foods can help us fit and disease-free, at least to a certain extent. Read Full Story

67pc mothers shop for their kids as against 24pc dads: Survey
Mumbai (Maharashtra) , Sep 27 : To decode the mystery behind the various shopping trends for children, TataCLiQ.com, Tata group's multi-brand phygital e-commerce platform, in collaboration with First Mom's Club, an online portal for Indian mothers, recently conducted a week-long survey. Read Full Story

Eating hazelnuts, walnuts daily can stave off obesity risk
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 27 : People who regularly eat nuts - peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts - are less likely to be overweight or obese, said a study. Read Full Story

Teaching science concepts in early childhood may be beneficial
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 27 : Teaching concepts of science to preschoolers, aged three to five, may be beneficial, as according to a recent study, early days of childhood is the time when kids begin to develop knowledge and skills for science. Read Full Story

It's not impossible to make good money right after college
New Delhi , Sep 26 : Are you confused about what career to choose after graduation? Relax, as almost every fresher face this dilemma once in their lives. Read Full Story

80 pc fitness tracker users keep at it for at least 6 months
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 26 : A recent study has revealed that about 80 percent of fitness tracker users, especially younger individuals, keep at it for at least six months. Read Full Story

Jojoba Oil: All-in-one solution for your beauty, wellness problems
New Delhi , Sep 26 : The popularity of jojoba oil for skin and hair has grown over the past few years. Read Full Story

Reid Scott, Star of HBO's VEEP, Brings Home Fall Issue of EDGE
ELIZABETH, N.J., Sept. 26, 2017 : Does the ensemble cast of the sitcom VEEP-which racked up five Emmys last Sunday-rank among the finest in history? Read Full Story

Women get more attracted to men with tattoos
London [UK], Sept. 25 : According to a new survey, two third of women are attracted to men who have tattoos. Read Full Story

Why people get turned off when a person show too much interest
London [UK], Sept. 25 : You get a great feeling when you get to know a guy or a girl, there's excitable flirting, but then the person gets too keen. Read Full Story

This Navratri, try out a low calorie diet
New Delhi , Sep 25 : For most of us, nine-day long Navratri fasting is only a religious practice but if we look at it closely, there is a scientific reason behind it. Read Full Story

Stressed over relocating to new city? Say no more!
New Delhi , Sept 24 : Moving from one city to another can be a tedious task, particularly when the new destination is one you're not too familiar with. However, the age of smartphones has certainly helped ease the stress of relocating. Read Full Story

Didn't vote? You may be doubting your wisdom of choice
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 23 : A study has recently revealed that the people, especially older adults, who vote during elections are happier about their choices than non-voters. Read Full Story

Here's why some dogs are friendlier than others
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 24 : A recent study has linked dogs' social skills to genetic variations in sensitivity for the hormone oxytocin. Read Full Story

No time to wash your hair? Here's a solution
New Delhi , Sep 23 : Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain's group has launched innovate starch based dry shampoo that provides a water-free option for cleaning hair by absorbing dirt, grease and product build up when massaged through dry hair. Read Full Story

Make your Navratri fasting healthy with these tips
New Delhi , Sep 23 : Navratri- nine nights of celebration of goddess Durga has begun and has been welcomed with much fervor. Read Full Story

Our weight tells us how we assess food, study suggests
Washington D.C. [U.S.A], Sept. 23 : In a new research, researchers have found that that people of normal weight tend to associate natural foods such as apples with their sensory characteristics. Read Full Story

Can smartphone apps help in reducing depression?
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 22 : To tackle the most prevalent mental disorder i.e. depression, researchers are now focusing on the one thing that humans, these days, are addicted to- smartphones. Read Full Story

Are you Navratri-ready? Here are five apps to help you glam up
New Delhi , Sept 22 : With the famous nine-day festival of Navratri round the corner, we gear up to welcome the Goddess with a clean heart and spirit, and also put forward our best fashion game. Read Full Story

Kids with higher manganese levels may have lower IQ scores
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 21 : A recent study has found that children with higher levels of Manganese (Mn) in hair samples have lower IQ scores. Read Full Story

Exercise type doesn't matter, it's being active that counts
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 22 : Whether it is a gym workout, a walk to work or a household chore, physical activity of any kind can prevent heart disease and death. Read Full Story

When it comes to female orgasm, one sex-move 'doesn't' pleasure all
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 21 : Turns out, women have more diverse preferences related to sexual pleasure than believed. Read Full Story

Midlife blues? Tension with mothers, siblings may be reason
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 21 : When it comes to our well-being, particularly at midlife, the quality of relationships with our mothers and siblings matters, according to a recent study. Read Full Story

Parents, as long as you are fighting right, your kid is fine
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 21 : Parents, being at odds with one another is a normal thing, but according to a recent study, it's how you manage it that has an impact on your kids, not the spat itself. Read Full Story

Music makes male faces more attractive for women, suggests study
Washington D.C. [U.S.A], Sept. 20 : Music is a worldwide phenomenon and part of every culture, but the origin of music remains a longstanding puzzle. Read Full Story

Link found between HIV risk and community level educational status
Washington D.C. [U.S.A], Sept. 20 : In a new research, a group of researchers has investigated how educational status relates to HIV risk in this population. Read Full Story

Make your Navratri fasting tasty, healthy with this diet plan
New Delhi , Sep 19 : Fasting during Navratri often turns out to be binge eating heavy, fried unhealthy food items due to limited awareness of options available. Read Full Story

Parents unconfident in schools' ability to help child with complex health issues
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 18 : Worried that school won't be able to handle your kid's health issues like asthma attacks and mental problems? If yes, then you are not alone. Read Full Story

Vaping leads to 'real' smoking in teens
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 18 : Vaping is a gateway to getting kids hooked on the cigarette-smoking habit, according to a new study. Read Full Story

Talking to older adults about expected course of illness may be helpful
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], September 17 : If healthcare providers talk to older adults, with a chronic or terminal illness, about the expected course of an illness and life expectancy, then it may improve the quality of care they receive as they age, suggests a study. Read Full Story

Participating in multiple sports boosts sleep quality in girls
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], September 17 : Dear parents, you may ask your kids to participate in multiple sports, as sport specialisation is associated with significantly worse mood, stress, fatigue, soreness and sleep quality, especially females, suggests a study. Read Full Story

Here are some tips to inculcate effective ways of self-learning in your kids
New Delhi , September 17 : The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra. And that little extra is provided by self-learning. Read Full Story

Adults without partners less likely to monitor their BP
Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], September 17 : Having a proper high school diploma and a partner are equally important, as according to a study, lower education level and having no partner are associated with a lower frequency of home blood pressure monitoring. Read Full Story

Here are some gateways for your babymoon
New Delhi , Sep 17 : Attention parents-to-be! The transition time from being a lovey-dovey couple to parenthood may be stressful for many, but taking some time out for a holiday, especially during the second trimester can help you to reconnect and rekindle that spark of love before the arrival of your newborn. Read Full Story

Here's why kids should never go down slide on their parent's lap
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 16 : It may seem like the safer choice, but riding a slide while on a parent's lap actually increases a kid's risk of leg fractures. Read Full Story

Always bickering with your other half? Turn to friends, family
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 16 : If you find yourself in the midst of relationship conflicts, turn to your friends and family members, as according to a recent study, they can help you weather the bickering. Read Full Story

Kids praised for being smart more likely to cheat: Study
Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 15 : Parents beware! A study has recently warned that praise is commonly used to reward children, but when used in the wrong way it can backfire. Read Full Story

Relax your body, keep negative energy at bay with meditation
New Delhi , Sep 15 : Healing can be done in various ways - medical, surgical and even spiritual. It is in tradition to go out and seek a doctor for an immediate cure and heal ourselves from pain. Read Full Story

Flaunt your jewellery in style this festive season
New Delhi , Sep 14 : With the festive season around the corner, the thought of what to wear can stress out even the most seasoned fashionistas. Read Full Story

Beedi Making - Livelihood at the cost of one's health
Patna (Bihar) , Sep 14 : The elder son was sitting beside her and the younger son was in her lap, she bowed her head and was constantly rolling the tendu leaves filled with tobacco to make the poor man's cigarette called "beedi". Read Full Story

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