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Jason Wu - Whom Did Michelle Obama Wear At The Inauguration Ball?

Posted on Dec 21 2010 | SAMPURN

December 21, 2010 : Jason Wu was just another designer till Michelle Obama wore a dress designed by him to the inauguration ball.

This 26 years old designer from Taipei was watching the festivities on television at home as he ordered a pizza. Little did he know that the stunning white chiffon dress worn by Michelle Obama was designed by him. While Wu was sharing the pepperoni and mushroom pizza with his boyfriend, Gustavo Rangel, the phone suddenly started ringing. The rest, as they all say, is history.

The next day was the busiest day in Wu's life. He had appeared on almost all the morning shows, talking about the dress. He had to describe what the dress symbolized and why he had zeroed in on that particular material and color for America's First Lady.

When asked, Wu said he not expect his turn would arrive so soon and now that it did, he was over the moon. Wu, who was just known in the fashion circuit of Taiwan, has become truly international. The day after the inaugural ball, the most popular newspaper of Taiwan read, 'Michelle's Evening Gown designed by Taiwanese'. Wu has made his nation proud.

Michelle chose Wu's design over the others as she felt the gown was "simple" and "elegant".

Having shifted to Vancouver at the early age of nine, Wu attended school in Massachusetts and Connecticut. He then went to Tokyo to study sculpture. He has been designing doll clothes from the age of 14. The company, Integrity Toys, had a collection of his designs under the name 'Jason Wu Dolls', which came to be known as "Fashion Royalty' later on.

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