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Apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss: Myth or fact?
Atlanta [US], July 21 : If you have ever searched the Internet for weight loss information, you would have definitely come across the following tip: Apple cider vinegar has been considered beneficial when it comes to keeping your weight down.

Hormone-based drugs may help in reducing weight: Study
Washington D.C. [USA], July 19 : A team of researchers has recently revealed that a unique combination of hormone-based drugs can produce enhanced weight loss.

TheWeightMonitor simplifies weight-loss performance scoring with real ...
New Delhi , July 12 : Theweightmonitor (TWM), a Delhi-based startup and India's first fully online weight management portal has developed a unique Real Time Scoring Mechanism which allows customers to score their daily weight loss performance. Ms. Ishi Khosla, one of India's leading Nutritionists ...

'Needle' your way to a thinner you with acupuncture
Washington D.C. [USA], Jul 4 : Trying to shed those extra kilos? You may want to add acupuncture to your weight loss plan as a recent study has suggested that it is effective.

Ashwini Bhave, Karuna Master in Reiki launches Samini Healing Centre ...
New Delhi , July 3 : Ashwini Bhave and Samini Healing Centre, which has just been launched in Gurugram are dedicated to helping individuals deal with issues such as troubled relationships, releasing negative energy/blockages, pain reduction/elimination, managing weight loss, fertility, infertility, ...

Here's how you can lose six to seven-folds of weight
Washington D.C. [USA], June 12 : In a process to lose weight early, one size approach may not fit everybody, as a study has found that selecting a right diet based on person's blood sugar and fasting insulin levels is important to achieve six to seven-fold greater weight loss.

Get glowing skin with honey!
London [UK], May 9 : Mainly considered as a weight loss tool - honey is excellent for your skin as well as it is a natural cleanser which exfoliates it.

Key to weight loss: 8 Hour Diet
Melbourne [Australia], May 3 : Why do you worry about calorie counting or limiting carbs? If you are planning to diet, then just eat cross fewer hours each day.

How helpful is fasting on alternate days?
London [UK], May 3 : The two weight-loss techniques that are trending these days are alternate-day fasting or counting daily calories. A new obesity study suggests either approach can be effective for weight loss.

Iggy Azalea reveals she 'twerked' away 6kgs in a week
Washington D.C [USA], Apr. 7 : Twerking may be the next Hollywood weight loss fad as Iggy Azalea recently claimed that she danced away over 6 kilos in one week.

Handful of nuts a day helps in weight loss, cuts risk of cancer
London [UK], Mar. 11 : Consuming 20 grams or a handful of hazelnuts and walnuts and peanuts a day can cut risk of heart disease, cancer and premature death.

This drug reduces type 2 diabetes by 80 percent
Washington D.C. [USA], Mar. 1 : A weight loss drug has reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 80 per cent compared to placebo.

Good news! Swapping white rice with brown speeds up weight loss
London [UK], Feb. 9 : Researchers have found swapping white rice for its brown alternative speeds up weight loss and is the equivalent of a 30-minute brisk walk.

Weight loss surgery can alter your brain by reducing your obsessive ...
London [UK], Feb. 7 : A team of researchers has found that a weight loss surgery can not only make your stomach smaller but can also reduce your obsessive urge to eat.

Weight loss on mind? Say NO to food after 5pm
London [UK], Jan.18 : Here's a solution to shed those extra holiday kilos! Fasting for 15 hours overnight every night is key to losing weight and staying slim, says a study.

Now, a sleep disorder drug can help in weight loss
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 14 : Good news for obese people, who are struggling to control their desire for food to lose weight, as a team of scientists has found that a drug used to treat sleep disorder can reduce the impulse for food in overweight people.

Blac Chyna is 'taunting' Rob K to motivate his weight loss journey
Washington D.C. [USA], Nov.28 : Its not unknown to anyone that Blac Chyna has always been a huge motivation in fiance Rob Kardashian's weight loss journey.

No weight loss surgery for Blac Chyna post Baby Dream K's birth
Washington D.C [USA], Nov. 20 : No, Blac Chyna is in no mood to undergo weight loss surgery, after giving birth to her first child with beau Rob Kardashian- Dream Kardashian.

Guduchi ventures into USD 206 billion weight loss market with ...
New Delhi [India], Nov 11 : The Ayurvedism Guduchi has announced the nationwide release of the first scientifically proven research based Ayurvedic weight loss tablet Obesidat.

Volume of your brain predicts your weight loss success
Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 3 : Did you know your brain may hold the key to your success in losing weight?

Smartphones aren't as useful for helping teens maintain weight loss: ...
Washington D.C. [USA], Oct. 21 : In today's time, each and every teen use smartphone for every small thing, from learning new skills to communicating with friends to catching Pokemon.

People with obesity in genes can also obtain gain from weight loss ...
London [England], Sept. 21 : RA recent study shows that people, who have obesity in their genes, are as likely to benefit from fat reduction and weight loss programmes as those without.

Women undergoing gastric bypass may face hassles at the time of child ...
Washington D.C.[USA], Sept. 10 : A recent research revealed that women, who undergo gastric bypass surgery for weight loss,have the

This is how Khloe K is helping Kim K with weight loss
Washington D.C., Aug. 11 : Kim Kardashian, who has been sweating it out in a gym to shed off her weight which she gained following the birth of her son Saint West, recently revealed how her sister Khloe is helping her to lose it.

Kim Kardashian teases fans with weight loss hot-bod in new raunchy ...
Melbourne, July 9 : Kim Kardashian, who has been sweating very hard in gym to shed off her weight, is indeed very proud of her new slim figure, which she is flaunting on social media.

Portion control key to successful weight loss
Washington D.C, May 26 : When it comes weight loss, prepackaged portion-controlled meals are more effective than self-selected portions, suggests a recent research.

'Flab to fab', Parineeti Chopra speaks on her weight-loss journey
New Delhi, May 2 : Parineeti Chopra, who had been in the news for her drastic weight loss, recently penned an inspirational post, which will inspire many women to achieve weight goals.

Manish Paul goes flab to fab, reveals inspiration
New Delhi, April 27 : Actor Manish Paul, who is in a new avatar after shedding 15 kgs, recently revealed that the inspiration behind his weight loss is Hrithik Roshan.

Now Amazon Echo to give health advice based on age, weight
New Delhi, Apr.18 : We all aim for a healthy living which means more energy, better mood, weight loss and stronger bones, but often depend on hospitals for medical assistance of our children in case of illness, so what if a device gives you proper health advice based on your age and weight.

Obese people too can keep those lost kilos off
Washington D.C, Apr 15 : Dropping fat and keeping it off can be difficult for obese people, but a recent study suggests that they too can maintain a stable weight loss.