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Fitness apps alone won't help teenagers stay in shape
New York, Oct 21 : With fitness apps, the press of a button on smartphone can help you record daily calorie consumption and exercise but they alone cannot motivate you enough to lose and maintain weight loss in the long term, say researchers.

Smartphones aren't as useful for helping teens maintain weight loss: ...
Washington D.C. [USA], Oct. 21 : In today's time, each and every teen use smartphone for every small thing, from learning new skills to communicating with friends to catching Pokemon.

Your genes may not be a barrier to weight loss
London, Sep 22 : Do not blame your genes for not being able to reduce that ever-burgeoning waistline. While your genes can increase the risk of obesity, they do not hamper weight-loss, researchers have found.

Activity trackers not reliable for weight loss
New York, Sep 21 : Wearable devices that monitor physical activity are not reliable tools for weight loss, a new study has found.

People with obesity in genes can also obtain gain from weight loss ...
London [England], Sept. 21 : RA recent study shows that people, who have obesity in their genes, are as likely to benefit from fat reduction and weight loss programmes as those without.

Detoxification drinks for weight loss
New Delhi, Sep 19 : All the fluids extracted in their natural form are good for detoxification and weight loss. And if you take the right ingredients, that may boost weight loss.

Women undergoing gastric bypass may face hassles at the time of child ...
Washington D.C.[USA], Sept. 10 : A recent research revealed that women, who undergo gastric bypass surgery for weight loss,have the

Maternal weight-loss surgery ups low birth weight in babies
London, Sep 10 : Women who undergo gastric bypass surgery for weight loss before their pregnancy may increase the risk of giving birth to babies that are small in size or have lower average birth weights, a study has found.

Internet, smartphones can boost healthy lifestyle
New York, Sep 1 : Internet- and mobile-based programmes can help people adopt healthy lifestyle, become more physically active, eat healthy and achieve modest weight loss, which may in turn reduce their risk of chronic disease, says a study.

Pallavi Pradhan on weight loss mission
Mumbai, Aug 25 : Actress Pallavi Pradhan, who plays Surili Kant in the popular TV show "Bahu Humari Rajni_kant" is working hard these days to lose weight.

This is how Khloe K is helping Kim K with weight loss
Washington D.C., Aug. 11 : Kim Kardashian, who has been sweating it out in a gym to shed off her weight which she gained following the birth of her son Saint West, recently revealed how her sister Khloe is helping her to lose it.

Anne Hathaway proud of her body
Los Angeles, Aug 10 : Actress Anne Hathaway, who welcomed her son in April, has shared an empowering message about post-baby weight loss.

Weight loss in elderly linked with a 'feeling full' hormone
London, Aug 7 : Weight loss occurs in older adults as a result of the increased production of an hormone that gives a feeling of fullness, revealed researchers in the preliminary evidence.

Weight loss surgery may increase fracture risk
London, July 28 : Severely obese patients undergoing weight loss surgery are more likely to have increased fracture risks both before and after the surgical procedure, finds a study.

Swara Bhaskar to lose weight for 'Veere Di Wedding
Mumbai, July 26 : Actress Swara Bhaskar says she is on a weight loss spree for her role in the upcoming film "Veere Di Wedding".

Weight loss surgery may improve mobility, lower heart rate
New York, July 19 : Obese teenagers who undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss are likely to walk faster, have less walking-related muscular pain and lower heart rates in six months following the surgery, said a study.

Tennis star Bartoli on her way to recovery after weight loss
Paris, July 16 : Former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli, who dramatically lost 20kg after picking up a mystery virus, said on Saturday she is on the way to recovery.

Weight loss can lower protein level associated with cancer
Washington, July 14 : Women who achieved their weight loss goals through diet and exercise showed lower levels of certain proteins in the blood, that play a role in angiogenesis, a research has revealed.

Water might be the new secret to weight loss
New York, July 12 : Water can be the potential secret weapon in the fight against the ever-burgeoning waistline, finds a study.

Kim Kardashian teases fans with weight loss hot-bod in new raunchy ...
Melbourne, July 9 : Kim Kardashian, who has been sweating very hard in gym to shed off her weight, is indeed very proud of her new slim figure, which she is flaunting on social media.

Weight loss from bariatric surgery reverses premature aging?
Vienna, July 8 : Weight loss from bariatric surgery appears to reverse the premature aging associated with obesity, according to a research.

Use simple cardio workouts for weight loss
New Delhi, June 14 : Be it something as simple as jogging or as fun as zumba, there are various simple cardio exercises that can help in weight loss, says an expert.

Gastric balloon pill found safe for weight loss
New York, June 5 : Losing your weight can now be as easy as swallowing a pill as, according to a new study, gastric balloon that is swallowed like a pill -- rather than surgically implanted -- is safe to use and helps in significant weight loss.

Weight loss wasn't due to any pressure: Zareen Khan
Mumbai, June 4 : Actress Zareen Khan, who has been lauded for her physical transformation, says weight loss was not due to any pressure.

Weight-loss surgery may cut death rate in obese patients
London, June 4 : Obese individuals who undergo a weight loss surgery are less likely to face death, than those do not undertake a surgery, finds a new study.

Portion control key to successful weight loss
Washington D.C, May 26 : When it comes weight loss, prepackaged portion-controlled meals are more effective than self-selected portions, suggests a recent research.

Zareen Khan denies endorsing weight loss pills
Mumbai, May 19 : Actress Zareen Khan has denied endorsing weight loss pills and says she cannot endorse something she doesn't believe in.

Aim for long-term workout to sustain weight loss
New York, May 16 : Are you keen on shedding those extra kilos, but are unable to maintain consistency? Take heart, as according to a new study, participating in a weight-loss programme for long-term can help manage your body weight.

Doctors discuss advancements in weight loss procedures
Panipat, May 14 : About 500 doctors on Saturday gathered in this Haryana district to discuss advancements in stomach resizing surgery to tackle the problem of obesity in India.

Olivia Munn's unintentional weight loss
Los Angeles, May 12 : Actress Olivia Munn says she unintentionally lost 12 pounds (over five kg) while training for her role as Psylocke on the set of "X-Men: Apocalypse"

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