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Turns out, 'nagging' actually gives diabetic life a lift
Washington D.C, May 26 : When it comes to diabetes, "nagging is caring," suggests a new study.

Key gene linked to diabetes, Down syndrome identified
Sydney, May 20 : Researchers have identified a gene that can cause defects in insulin secretion in people with Type-2 diabetes as well as in those with Down syndrome.

Training body to burn fat, not store it
Toronto, May 17 : Researchers have uncovered a new molecular mechanism for stimulating the body to burn fat -- a discovery that could lead to new medications to fight obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

How germs may cause type-1 diabetes
London, May 17 : Germs could play a role in the development of Type-1 diabetes by triggering the body's immune system to destroy the cells that produce insulin, suggests new research.

Enabling healthier future with 'pledge to pedal' campaign
New Delhi, May 13 : To be fit and healthy you need to be physically active. Regular physical activity can protect you from serious diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, diabetes and arthritis. Cycling is an active, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ...

Mothers with gestational diabetes ups body fat in babies
London, May 13 : Babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes are likely to have more body fat at two months after birth as compared to babies born to healthy mothers, suggests new study led by researchers including an Indian-origin scientist.

Grape-orange combo can beat obesity, diabetes, heart disease
Washington D.C, May 12 : You can keep obesity, diabetes and heart disease at bay by consuming a mixture of red grapes and oranges, suggests a new study.

Junk food will increase you blood sugar levels just like type 2 ...
Washington D.C., May 11 : A new study has revealed that a junk food diet can cause as much damage to the kidney as diabetes.

New 'personalised' approach to treat diabetes found
Washington D.C., May 11 : Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Harvard University have produced insulin-secreting cells from stem cells derived from patients with type 1 diabetes as a potential new approach to treat diabetes.

Go easy on junk food for healthy kidneys
London, May 10 : Try to avoid burgers, pizzas and desserts at times as eating junk and fatty food regularly can cause as much damage to your kidneys as diabetes, a study has warned.

Advances in medical care linked to Type-1 diabetes boom
Sydney, May 9 : Although it may sound counterintuitive, researchers from the University of Adelaide say that the global increase in Type-1 diabetes is directly linked to advances in medical care that has significantly increased the life expectancy of people.

Cold, flu within first six months ups diabetes risk in kids
Washington D.C, May 8 : Newborns, who catch a cold and flu before they reach the six-month mark, are more susceptible to type 1 diabetes in adulthood, according to a recent study.

Himachalis in high, remote villages too suffer from diabetes: ...
Shimla, May 7 : Himachal Pradesh Health Minister Thakur Singh said people settled in state's remote areas are also becoming diabetic and inhabitants of the country's highest villages Hikkim and Komik in the Spiti Valley have also been diagnosed with the lifestyle disease.

Combination of insulin, diabetes pill can cut mortality risk
London, May 6 : Insulin when taken in conjunction with metformin -- a cheap and common drug that helps control blood sugar levels -- has the potential to reduce mortality risk and heart attacks in people with Type 2 diabetes, a new study has found.

Common cold may increase diabetes risk in kids
London, May 5 : Viral respiratory tract infections -- like the common cold, flu, tonsillitis, bronchitis and pneumonia -- during the first six months of life are likely to increase the risk for Type-1 diabetes in children, says a new study.

Diabetes triggers oral infections
New Delhi, May 1 : With the rise in number of diabetics in India due to sedentary lifestyle, dentists have urged patients to take special care of oral hygiene as it has been found that the disease can trigger various oral infections.

Maharashtrians at highest risk of developing diabetes: Study
Gurgaon, April 29 : People in Maharashtra are at the highest risk of developing diabetes, followed by those in Karnataka, New Delhi and West Bengal, says a study by seeDoc, a Haryana-based online medical consultation company.

Eat dark chocolate to curb diabetes, heart disease risk!
London, April 29 : Fancy eating chocolates every day? You may soon have the recommendation of doctors to indulge a little as researchers have found that a dark chocolate bar daily could reduces the risk of developing diabetes and heart diseases.

How low testosterone ups diabetes risk
New York, April 29 : Opening the door for new treatment for Type-2 diabetes in men, researchers have discovered the mechanism that put males with low testosterone at greater risk of developing the debilitating disease.

Here's how low testosterone ups diabetes risk
Washington D.C, Apr 29 : Doctors have long known that low testosterone puts men at a greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Now, a team of researchers has shed some more light on the process.

Community-based approach to help women fight diabetes
New Delhi, April 25 : Over 500 women physicians on Monday took part in a programme here aiming to create awareness among women on how to prevent and control diabetes through a community-based approach.

Diabetes can take its toll on your ears too
Washington D.C, Apr 25 : Being one of the cruellest of diseases, diabetes not only shortens life expectancy, but it also seriously compromises quality of life in the process.

Diabetes can impair hearing: Study
New York, April 25 : Diabetes can damage the auditory system, new research has found, suggesting that clinicians should include the testing of hearing in managing Type-2 diabetes.

High-fructose diet can damage brain genes
New York, April 24 : Fructose, a sugar common in the western diet, can damage hundreds of brain genes in a way that could lead to a range of diseases -- from diabetes to cardiovascular disease, and from Alzheimer's to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder -- warns a new study.

Living around green spaces checks diabetes, BP
New York, April 23 : A five-10 minute walk in your neighbourhood park can elevate your oxygen levels but if you aim for overall health, try living amid greenery as it can reduce chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and lipid disorders among the elderly.

Apollo Sugar opens new clinic in Hyderabad (Lead, correcting name in ...
Hyderabad, April 22 : Apollo Sugar Clinics Ltd (ASCL), a single specialty diabetes and endocrine healthcare service provider, launched its new clinic, its 45th in the country, here on Friday.

Apollo Sugar opens new clinic in Hyderabad
Hyderabad, April 22 : Apollo Sugar Clinics Ltd (ASCL), a single specialty diabetes and endocrine healthcare service provider, launched its new clinic, its 45th in the country, here on Friday.

NATHEALTH reports key requirement to battle diabetes
New Delhi, Apr 21 : Alarming increase in Diabetes cases among Indians calls for high-impact public health interventions to check and prevent this lifestyle disease. Stakeholders of the health sector gear up to extend full support to the government in this battle.

Cut 71-minute sitting time in office and live longer
London, April 20 : Workers please take note! Taking frequent breaks to reduce sitting time at workplace can help you cut extra body fat, thus lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes and early death.

Blocking a hormone may help treat Type 1 diabetes
London, April 19 : Blocking a hormone that raises sugar levels in the blood may increase insulin levels while keeping blood sugar levels down, thus treating Type 1 diabetes, says a study.

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