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Protein is your key to a healthy lifestyle
New Delhi, June 30 : It is not an unknown factor that physical activity undertaken on a regular basis helps in building strength and wards off chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression and osteoporosis.

A little butter a day may not harm your heart
New York, June 30 : Consuming butter in limited quantities may not increase the risk of heart disease or stroke -- and it might actually be slightly protective against diabetes, finds a new study.

Excess, insufficient sleep may raise diabetes risk in men
London, June 30 : Sleeping more or less than the average seven hours may increase the risk of developing diabetes in men, a new study warns.

Too much or too little sleep puts men at diabetes risk
Washington D.C, Jun 30 : Sleeping either fewer or more hours than average may increase a man's risk of developing diabetes, according to a new study.

Canned food linked to hormone-disrupting chemical exposure
Washington, June 30 : A new study has confirmed the link between eating canned food and increased exposure to a chemical linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other health effects.

How to manage your diabetes and celebrate Eid
New Delhi, June 29 : During the holy month of Ramadan, people across the globe observe the spiritual practice of abstaining from food and water from dawn till dusk.

Pre-hypertension in pregnancy may up diabetes, stroke risk
New York, June 28 : Women who suffer from elevated blood pressure during pregnancy are at an increased risk of developing heart diseases and other health problems such as diabetes and stroke in later life, says new research.

Dogs can sniff out low blood sugar: Study
London, June 28 : Touted as man's best friend, canines can now also be trained to sniff out conditions of low blood sugar in patients with Type-1 diabetes, finds an interesting study.

Low birth weight ups Type 2 diabetes risk
New York, June 26 : Children born with low birth weight due to genetic factors are at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, finds a new study.

17pc Indian pregnant women suffer from obesity, diabetes
Pune, June 24 : At least 17 per cent of the pregnant women in India are suffering from obesity and diabetes and carry a high risk of transferring the diseases to their babies, leading gynaecologist said on Friday.

Novel blood test to predict Type 2 diabetes risk in women after ...
New York, June 24 : An international team of researchers has discovered a simple, accurate new blood test that can predict the chances of Type 2 diabetes in women with gestational diabetes.

Diabetes ups risk of heart attack death by 50 per cent
London, June 23 : Individuals suffering from diabetes are at nearly 50 per cent increased risk of dying from the effects of a heart attack, a new study has found.

Diabetes can make heart attack 50 pc deadlier
Washington D.C, Jun 23 (ANI): A new study has found that diabetes can raise the risk of heart attack death by 50 percent.

Health minister launches diabetes campaign
New Delhi, June 22 : Health Minister J.P. Nadda on Wednesday inaugurated diabetes campaign, an initiative through which patients can get information and ways to prevent diabetes via a missed call.

Diabetes drug could cure Alzheimer's disease: Study
London, June 22 : Alzheimer's Disease and Type-2 diabetes are so closely related that drugs currently used to control glucose levels in diabetes may also alleviate the symptoms and progression of the most common form of dementia, says a pioneering new study.

Yoga can control diabetes: Modi
Chandigarh, June 21 : Yoga can control diabetes if not eliminate it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday.

Long work hours put women at risk of life-threatening diseases
New York, June 19 : Women who work 60 hours or more per week during the bulk of their careers have been found to be at high risk of diabetes, cancer, heart trouble and arthritis, says a study.

Obese women may affect great-grandchildren
Washington, June 19 : A woman's obesity may put her future great-grandchildren at high risk of metabolic problems such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, even before she becomes pregnant, a study has found.

Plant-based diet can lower Type 2 diabetes risk
New York, June 19 : Consuming high-quality plant-based diet such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes, can substantially lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, says a new study led by an Indian-origin scientist.

Go vegan to cut type 2 diabetes risk
Washington D.C, Jun 15 : Veganism is all the rage these days and now, a team of researchers has revealed that plant-based diet, especially one rich in high-quality plant foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Adequate sleep cuts health risks in children, teenagers
New York, June 15 : Both lack or excess of sleep can lead to health risks like hypertension, obesity, diabetes and depression among children and teenagers, warns a research team led by an Indian-origin scientist.

Diabetes may change grey matter in teenagers' brains
New York, June 15 : Type 2 diabetes may lead to significant changes in the brain's grey matter volume in teenagers, says a study involving an Indian-origin researcher.

Diabetes drug can reduce risk of heart and kidney disease
New York, June 14 : An injectable drug widely used to lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes, can also reduce the risk of dying from heart disease and advanced kidney disease, finds a new study.

Pune medico gets top US diabetes honour
Pune (Maharashtra), June 13 : Top diabetes specialist Shashank S. Shah has been conferred with the American Diabetes Association's "Vivian Fonseca Scholar Award 2016" for his pioneering research on the disease in South Asia, an official said here on Monday.

Diabetes and heart disease a deadly combination: Study
New York, June 13 : People with Type 2 diabetes who are admitted into the hospital for congestive heart failure face a one in four chance of dying over the next 18 months, a global study has warned.

Around 5pc increase in Type 1 diabetes among children: doctors
New Delhi, June 12 : Cases of Type 1 diabetes among children have risen from one per cent to around five per cent in the last couple of years, doctors said on Sunday.

Diabetes-heart disease, a deadly combination
Washington D.C, Jun 12 : The combination of type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease can be deadly, suggests a new study.

Tight diabetes control can help you ward off blindness
Washington D.C, Jun 12 : You can protect your vision from the effects of diabetes by intensively controlling your blood sugar level, according to a recent study.

How to manage diabetes during fasting
New Delhi, June 9 : Diabetic patients who fast during Ramadan are likely to be at risk of major health complications. Hence they should fast only if their doctors consider them fit enough, experts say.

Mothers' obesity, gestational diabetes ups early puberty risk in ...
New York, June 7 : Daughters born to overweight mothers who also developed gestational diabetes are significantly more likely to experience an earlier onset of one sign of puberty, a new study has found.

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