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Magnesium-rich nuts, green leafy vegetables may reduce risk of heart ...
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 8 : Including magnesium rich food like spices, nuts, beans, cocoa, whole grains and green leafy vegetables in your diet daily may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and type-2 diabetes, reveals a study.

US FDA approves diabetes drug Jardiance to reduce heart problems
New York, Dec 3 : Jardiance, a prescription medicine used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar, can now be prescribed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in adult patients with Type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled.

Why could men be more at risk of diabetes?
London, Dec 2 : Men accumulate more iron than women making them prone to Type 2 diabetes, researchers said. Two-fifth of men as compared to one-fifth of women were at risk.

Diabetes may have a new cure in Platypus venom
Sydney, Nov 30 : A hormone produced in the venom of platypus -- an egg-laying mammal native to Australia -- can pave the way for potential new treatments for Type 2 diabetes in humans, researchers have found.

Prevent hypertension, diabetes in mid-life to lower heart failure ...
New York, Nov 29 : Preventing the development of hypertension, obesity and diabetes in mid-life -- between the age of 45 and 55 years -- can result in an 86 per cent lower risk of heart failure throughout the remainder of life, says a research.

Gen X more at stroke risk than baby boomers, shows study
New York, Nov 24 : Owing to increased trend in obesity and diabetes, the rate of stroke has more than doubled among Generation X -- the people born between 1965 and 1974, a research has found.

Smokers with diabetes more at risk of early death: Study
New York, Nov 23 : Heavy smokers with diabetes may be at double the risk of facing an early death, a study led by an Indian-origin researcher has found.

Your child's favourite video game might be putting him at increased ...
New Delhi [India], Nov. 20 : Is your child always glued to his play-station or is always found playing video games on the smart-phone?

Stop India from turning diabetes capital!
New Delhi [India], Nov. 20 : It is indeed disheartening, but India is the diabetes capital of the world.

Winter babies may up mothers' risk of gestational diabetes
Sydney, Nov 16 : Women who conceive babies in winter are more likely to develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy, increasing a range of risk factors for both the child and mother, researchers have found.

Food helps combat diabetes as rejuvenating medicine
New Delhi [India], Nov.15 : JAIVIC Bharat Cooperative Society, in its commitment toward promoting healthy and conscious lifestyle, organized a two-day conference recently at India International Centre, New Delhi with focus on combating diabetes in India.

Nerve growth protein controls blood sugar, says study
New York, Nov 15 : In a development that could potentially lead to new treatments for diabetes, researchers have found that a protein that regulates the development of nerve cells also plays a role in prompting cells in the pancreas to release insulin, a hormone that helps to maintain a normal ...

Cholesterol-lowering drugs help prevent heart attack risk
Washington D.C. [USA], Nov.15 (ANI): A recent study has found that cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes in adults with cardiovascular risk factors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking, but have not had a heart attack or stroke ...

Incidence of Diabetes is nine times higher for ageing Indian ...
New Delhi [India], Nov 15 (ANI-NewsVoir): The number of diabetics in India are likely to rise to 101 million by 2030, estimates the World Health Organisation (WHO). Countrywide, there are currently 70 million diabetics and another 80 million more in the pre-diabetes stage. Urban India sees the ...

Mexico declares public health emergency over obesity, diabetes
Mexico City, Nov 15 : Mexico has declared a public health emergency over the rapid increase in obesity and diabetes.

Male workers more affected by diabetes: Survey
New Delhi, Nov 14 : Women in the corporate sector are less afflicted with diabetes than men, show results of a survey by a health insurance company.

Over 30 mn diabetics in India in one decade: Experts
New Delhi, Nov 14 : In the last one decade, the number of diabetes patients in India increased by over 30 million due to sedentary lifestyle and erratic schedule mostly common in the age group of 20-40 years, said the country's leading diabetic experts on Monday.

Stop buying medicines if you are not going to have it as prescribed
New Delhi [India], Nov 14 (ANI- Business Wire India): How often have you said this or heard people saying it? We forget many things in our daily lives, but there is a difference when we forget to take our prescribed medicines. If you missed yesterday's medicines, you can't take them today - the ...

Overweight kids in Delhi-NCR are more prone to diabetes: ASSOCHAM ...
New Delhi [India], Nov. 13 : One in every ten children, between the age of fir to 16 years are overweight and more prone to diabetes.

Children with diabetes need special care from parents, teachers
New Delhi [India], Nov. 13 : As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), diabetes will be the seventh leading cause of death by 2030 and is responsible for kidney failure, amputation and blindness worldwide.

Diabetes can affect your skin too!
New Delhi [India], Nov. 13 : Diabetes is a very common problem these days.

Wearable device can reduce fat, treat type 2 diabetes
Tokyo, Nov 13 : Scientists from Japan have developed a wearable medical device that can help diabetic elderly or overweight people to lose fat and treat type 2 diabetes.

Keep a check on diabetes to avoid visual impairments (November 14 is ...
New Delhi, Nov 13 : Diabetes, if not checked in time, may lead to serious eye problems that may even lead to blindness in later life, health experts have warned.

Headache after lunch can indicate reactive hypoglycemia (November 14 ...
New Delhi, Nov 13 : Twenty-three-year-old Rahul (name changed) faced an unusual problem. He used to suffer dizziness, anxiety and regular headaches every time after having a meal. When the problem persisted, he decided to see a doctor and on investigation it was found that the root of the problem ...

Fortune oil initiates campaign to make India diabetes-free
Mumbai, Nov 13 : With an aim to inspire healthy living and spread awareness about diabetes, Adani Wilmar Ltd, the makers of the Fortune brand of vegetable oils, has launched a digital campaign called 'MakeIndiaDiabetesFree'.

Brisk walk can improve artery health of diabetics
Sydney, Nov 12 : Regular aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking or cycling, can improve artery health in people with Type-2 diabetes, says a study.

Diabetes can affect your vision- an eye-opening fact
New Delhi [India] Nov. 12(ANI): In India, diabetes is spreading like an epidemic. More than 651 million people are struggling with this condition which is not even sparing children and young working adults.

Hand-held 'breathalyser' could now diagnose diabetes
London, Nov 11 : Researchers at the University of Oxford have developed a new, portable breath analyser that could someday help doctors diagnose diabetes without painful pinpricks, needles or other unpleasant methods.

Higher maternal iron levels may up gestational diabetes risk
New York, Nov 11 : Pregnant women who are particularly vulnerable to iron deficiency, may also be at risk if iron is found in excess in their bodies. They are likely to develop gestational diabetes, a study has found.

Eli Lilly, Disney to release books for kids with diabetes
New Delhi, Nov 10 : Pharma major Eli Lilly India, in partnership with Disney Publishing Worldwide, on Thursday announced the release of custom books for children suffering with Type 1 diabetes in India, the company said.

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