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Exercise at any age could keep Alzheimer's away
New York, May 17 : Regular exercise at any age could keep the mind young and help you stave off Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

Practice yoga to combat Alzheimer's disease
Washington, D.C., May 11 : If you are suffering from cognitive and emotional problems that often precede Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, then it's time to start yoga.

This mobile game can help fight dementia
London, May 5 : A newly developed smartphone game that tracks how the brain navigates may help scientists determine what goes wrong in the brain for people with dementia.

Social activities lower depression in elderly
London, May 4 : Older adults suffering with dementia who indulged in a high-intensity functional exercise programme and group activity showed reduced levels of depressive symptoms, a new study has found.

British charities announce biggest donations against dementia
London, May 2 : Two of Britain's leading charities have announced their biggest ever donations for research to curb dementia.

Depressed seniors are at dementia risk
London, May 1 : Elderly people who experience steadily increasing depressive symptoms are more likely to suffer from dementia, finds a study.

Worsening depression, a predictor of dementia
Washington D.C, Apr 30 : According to a recent research, depression symptoms that steadily increase over time in older age could predict higher dementia risk.

Hayfever drugs can put oldies at Alzheimer's risk
Washington D.C, Apr 24 : A recent study has linked a group of over-the-counter drugs to the development of dementia and Alzheimer's in older adults.

Brain insulin resistance linked to Alzheimer's, diabetes
New York, April 11 : Alzheimer's disease impairs insulin signalling in the brain, making a person with the most common form of dementia more likely to develop diabetes, suggests a new research conducted in mice.

New genes responsible for stroke, dementia discovered
New York, April 8 : A team of US researchers has found a new set of genes that may be responsible for stroke and dementia -- the two most common and disabling neurological conditions.

Be a bit unpredictable at times to boost memory
New York, March 31 : Training memory with random and unpredictable methods can be an effective way in enhancing episodic memory and cut dementia risk, scientists, including an India-origin researcher, have found.

Aurobindo Pharma receives USFDA approval for drug related to moderate ...
Hyderabad/Mumbai, Mar 29 : Aurobindo Pharma Limited, which manufactures generic pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients, announced on Tuesday that the company has received the final approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) to manufacture and market Rivastigmine ...

Tooth loss linked to cognitive impairment, dementia
New York, March 26 : We are often ignorant about loss of teeth but preserving oral health can benefit you in a longer run. According to researchers, loss of teeth is linked to increased risk for cognitive impairment and dementia in adults.

Why some dementia patients lose ability to understand language
New York, March 8 : Greater buildup of a toxic protein found in Alzheimer's disease on the left side of the brain can lead to a rare type of language dementia because of which people lose ability to express themselves and understand language, says a new study.

Depressive symptoms may indicate Alzheimer's risk
London, March 5 : People who are frequently diagnosed with depression may run higher risk of having Alzheimer's disease later as researcher have found that use of antidepressants is more common among people who go on to develop the most common form of dementia.

New cancer drug candidate may treat Alzheimer's disease
New York, March 1 : Opening a new window of opportunity for treating dementia, researchers have found that a drug compound created to treat cancer can restore memory in mice with Alzheimer's like disease.

More the education, lesser the dementia risk
Washington D.C, Feb 27 : While the cause of dementia remains elusive for medical researchers, a new study has found that people, who stay in education until at least 18, are more likely to delay the disease later in life.

In war against Alzheimer's, here's 'ground zero'
Washington D.C, Feb 18 : With a team of scientists identifying the "ground zero" of Alzheimer's disease in the brain, the battle to beat dementia seems to have beefed up.

Oral bacteria linked to higher stroke risk: Study
New York, Feb 17 : Oral bacteria may be involved in several kinds of stroke, including brain hemorrhages and strokes that lead to dementia, says a new study.

Regular sex can help the elderly fight off dementia
London, Feb 16 : If your are in your 50s and experiencing early signs of dementia, before you schedule an appointment with a doctor, why not try some steamier sex tonight to cut those forgetfulness episodes and live a healthier life?

Dementia risk in US lowest among Asian Americans: Study
New York, Feb 11 : Examining dementia risk in a large population representing the diversity of the US, researchers have found the incidence of the brain disorder to be the lowest among Asian Americans.

Anxiety, sleeping pills don't put you at increased dementia risk
Washington D.C, Feb 3 : A new study has suggested that taking drugs for anxiety and sleep problems is not associated with an increased dementia.

Anxiety and stress may lead to dementia
New York, Jan 22 : People need to find ways to reduce chronic stress and anxiety in their lives or they may be at an increased risk for developing depression and even dementia, warns a review.

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