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Campari Red Diaries - The Legend of Red Hand: Zoe Saldana Announced ...
MILAN: Following the international success of the 2017 edition, Campari, the iconic Italian aperitif, announces the return of Campari Red Diaries 2018 with an all-star short movie steeped in intrigue, leading viewers in the journey of pursuit of the perfect cocktail.

'Oh boy!' Zoe Saldana welcomes third child
Washington D.C. [USA], Feb. 19 : The 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' star Zoe Saldana is now a mom of three!

Zoe Saldana wants Idris Elba to take 007 legacy forward
Johannesburg, July 8 : Here's Zoe Saldana backing Idris Elba to take over iconic British spy James Bond from Daniel Craig as she feels Elba is "one of the sexiest men alive".

Zoe Saldana achieves dream body post twins' birth
Washington D.C., Dec. 11: Zoe Saldana was working hard to shed off the extra kilos she gained after giving birth to twins in 2014 and it seems that the actress has achieved her goal.

Zoe Saldana confesses 'everything still hurts' post pregnancy
Washington. D.C., Sept. 26 : Zoe Saldana has recently opened up about her post pregnancy body, saying that she still feels uncomfortable.

Zoe Saldana admits studios panicked after her pregnancy news
Washington, June 19 : Zoe Saldana has admitted that movie studios panicked when they found out she was pregnant.

Mark Ruffalo advises Zoe Saldana on how to make 'twins' sleep
Washington, June 17 : Mark Ruffalo recently gave some parenting tips to his co-star and mother-of-two Zoe Saldana and simply asked her not to take stress and just forget it.

Zoe Saldana explains reasons behind keeping her twins' identity ...
Washington, June 16 : Zoe Saldana might be sharing updates about her twins, but the actress recently revealed that she won't be showcasing their full identity.

Zoe Saldana opens up about hubby Marco Perego taking her surname
Washington, Jun 7 : Zoe Saldana has opened up about her husband Marco Perego taking her surname.

Zoe Saldana doesn't want her pre-pregnancy bod back
Washington, Jun 6 : Zoe Saldana, who welcomed her twins Cy and Bowie six months ago, has opened up about her post-pregnancy body.

Zoe Saldana `inspired` by Michael B. Jordan's candid essay on ...
Washington, May 28 : American actress Zoe Saldana has got completely inspired by Michael B. Jordan's essay on diversity in Hollywood and racism.

Zoe Saldana admits her body 'bent out of shape' after twins' birth
Washington, Apr 12 : Zoe Saldana has shared that her body was really bent out of shape when she was pregnant with her husband Marco Perego's twins in 2014 as she weighed up to 185 pounds.

It's 'stupid' to boycott D and G over the IVF comment row, says Zoe ...
Washington, Mar 23 : Zoe Saldana has joined the heated Elton John-Dolce and Gabbana row, saying that it "would be the stupidest thing" to boycott the designers over their "synthetic" babies remark.

Octavia Spencer, Scar Jo join 87th Oscars presenter list
Washington, Feb 10 : Octavia Spencer, Scarlett Johansson, Josh Hutcherson and Zoe Saldana have joined the long list of presenters for the upcoming academy Awards.

Zoe Saldana names her new born- twin boys Cy and Bowie
London, Jan 3 : Zoe Saldana, who recently gave birth to twin baby boys with husband Marco Perego, has given very unusual names to them.

First Look: AVATAR
Banner: 20th Century Fox, Genre: Action Adventure; Fantasy Epic, Release: December 18, 2009 (wide in 3-D), Director: James Cameron, Written by: James Cameron, Producers: James Cameron, Jon Landau, Cast: Sam Worthington, Zo? Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sigourney Weaver, Languages: English, ...