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Blac Chyna plans to drop 30 kg post pregnancy (Lead, correcting ...
Los Angeles, Aug 20 : Model Blac Chyna plans, who is expecting her first child with fiance and reality TV personality Rob Kardashian, is planning to drop 30 kg weight post pregnancy.

Blac Chyna plans to drop 30 kg post pregnancy
Los Angeles, Aug 20 : Model Blac Chyna plans, who is expecting her first child with her fiance and reality TV personality Rob Kardashian, says she is already planning to reach her "goal weight" of 58 kgs after her pregnancy,

Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian want more children
Los Angeles, Aug 18 : Model Blac Chyna and reality TV personality Rob Kardashian say they plan to expand their family after their first child is born.

Rob K, Blac Chyna brings 1st teaser of their docu-series
Washington D.C., Aug. 16 : Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are ready with the first teaser of their docu-series 'Rob and Chyna.'

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna reunite
Los Angeles, Aug 5 : Reality TV personality Rob Kardashian and his fiancee Blac Chyna are back on good terms again.

Scott Disick advices 'father-to -be' Rob K to stay positive, happy
Washington D.C. July 31 : Scott Disick, who is a proud father to three kids, recently opened up about the advice he gave to his wife Kourtney Kardashian's brother Rob Kardashian, who is all set to embrace fatherhood.

Blac Chyna shows off engagement ring amidst split rumours
Los Angeles, July 27 : Model Blac Chyna flaunted her engagement ring on Snapchat amidst rumours that she and fiance Rob Kardashian have broken up.

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna still together
Los Angeles, July 26 : Reality TV personality Rob Kardashian and his fiancee Blac Chyna "are not broken up" though the former stopped following the model on Instagram.

Rob Kardashian thrilled to feel baby's moves
Los Angeles, July 4 : Reality TV personality Rob Kardashians, who is expecting his first child with Blac Chyna, was thrilled after he felt his unborn baby's kick.

Is Rob K, Blac Chyna's new reality show a lie?
London, Jun 16 : Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's new reality show has been hit by the rumours that it's scripted and fake, even before it made it to our screens.

'Rob and Chyna' will be exciting: Ryan Seacrest
Los Angeles, June 9 : Anchor-producer Ryan Seacrest thinks Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's upcoming reality show "Rob and Chyna" will be "exciting".

Rob boosted Blac Chyna's confidence: Amber Rose
Los Angeles, June 5 : Reality TV star Rob Kardashian has boosted his fiancee Blac Chyna's confidence, according to model Amber Rose.

Amber Rose excited about bestie Blac Chyna, Rob K's new show
WashingtonD.C., June 4 : Amber Rose is just super excited about her bestie Blac Chyna's new show with Rob Kardashian.

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna to get their own reality show
Los Angeles, June 2 : Rob Kardashian and his fiancee Blac Chyna will have their own reality TV show titled "Rob and Chyna", TV channel E! has announced.

'Pregnant' Blac Chyna takes hiatus from hosting
Washington, D.C., May 31 : Model Blac Chyna, who is expecting her first baby with fiance Rob Kardashian, has announced that she is taking a hiatus from hosting.

Rob K, Blac Chyna mark 'Memorial Day' with pool bash fun
Washington, D.C., May 29 : For Rob Kardashian and his pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna, who are expecting their first baby together, the Memorial Day weekend was all about the pool party.

Rob K, Blac Chyna mark 'good time' with expensive timepiece
Washington D.C., May26 : Rob Kardashian and his baby mama Blac Chyna are of course having a good time and they have marked it with some real precious buy.

Blac Chyna had given up on love
Los Angeles, May 26 : Model Blac Chyna says she had stopped looking for love before she started dating TV personality Rob Kardashian.

Blac Chyna slams trolls on her maternity style
Los Angeles, May 19 : Model Blac Chyna is fed up with the negative "vibes" surrounding her baby with fiance and reality star Rob Kardashian.

Rob K- Blac Chyna take b'day festivities to Miami
Washington, D.C., May 13 : Seems like the birthday celebrations of Blac Chyna is not over yet as she and her fiance Rob Kardashian recently jetted off to Miami to keep the party going.

Rob K looking forward to starting family with Blac Chyna
Washington D.C., May 9 : Rob Kardashian has recently given a special Mother's day shout out to his baby mama-to-be, Blac Chyna.

Rob K, Blac Chyna's unborn tot to get its own show?
Washington D.C., May 8 : Seems like Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's unborn kid is all set to be famous.

Rob Kardashian 'always wanted' to be a father
Los Angeles, May 8 : Reality TV personality Rob Kardashian, who is expecting his first child with his fiancee Blac Chyna, "always wanted" to be a father.

Blac Chyna expecting 1st child with Rob Kardashian
Johannesburg, May 7 : Seems like Blac Chyna is all set to experience the motherhood as she is reportedly pregnant with her boyfriend Rob Kardashian's baby.

Did Kardashians spoil Blac Chyna's pregnancy announcement plan?
Washington D.C., May 7 : Blac Chyna is happy that she is pregnant with Rob Kardashian's baby, but she is certainly upset by the way the good news hit the headlines.

Khloe K brings in Rob K to 'KUWTK' Season 12
Washington D.C., May 2 : Not physically, but yes, Rob Kardashian is back on the season 12 of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' through Khloe's words in the premier episode of the show on May 1, that has created a major drama.

Did Kris Jenner ask her daughters to f**k off?
Johannesburg, April 30 : When Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian criticised Kris Jenner for paying for their brother Rob Kardashian's new house, she simply asked them to f**k off.

Rob 'happy' over Blac Chyna, Kylie Jenner's patch up
Los Angeles, April 24 : TV personality Rob Kardashian is "happy" that his fiancee Blac Chyna and half-sister Kylie Jenner have finally ended their feud.

Blac Chyna continues to help Rob Kardashian lose weight
Los Angeles, April 23 : Model Blac Chyna is continuing her effort to help her beau and reality TV star Rob Kardashian lose his weight.

Are Rob K, Blac Chyna already married?
Washington D.C., April 22 : Rob Kardashian's recent Instagram post is causing people to wonder if he has already tied the knot with fiancee Blac Chyna.

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