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    Fortis Medics treat over 5000 quake victims in Nepal
    New Delhi, May 22 : The team of doctors and medical care professionals from Fortis Healthcare Limited (Fortis) has treated and vaccinated more than 5000 victims affected by the horrific serial earthquakes that struck Nepal earlier this month.

    28 places in quake-hit Kathmandu declared no-go zones
    Kathmandu, May 22 : With life limping back to normalcy and traffic resuming on the streets following the devastating April 25 earthquake and its aftermath, Nepal Police have declared several road stretches in the Kathmandu Valley no-go zones to prevent any untoward incidents, keeping in mind the ...

    Musical fund-raising event for Nepal quake victims
    New Delhi, May 22 : The national capital will host a musical evening in association with Unicef to raise funds for Nepal quake victims on May 24, organisers said on Friday.

    Many bodies still lie buried in Nepal's Dolakha
    Singati (Nepal), May 22 : The bodies of many of those buried in the rubble at Singati Bazar in Nepal's Dolakha district -- among the worst-affected in the devastating earthquake of April 25 and the May 12 temblor -- are yet to be retrieved as recovery parties battle the elements to complete their ...

    They survived Nepal's quake but lost livelihood
    Ramkot (Nepal), May 22 : When 23-year-old Shalendar Lama of this village located in the western valley of Kathmandu found his way out of debris after the April 25 earthquake, little did he realize that his only source of livelihood had perished.

    Nepal: UN underscores need to act before monsoon rains risk further ...
    New York, May 22 : As Nepalese communities devastated by two major earthquakes struggle to restore and rebuild, United Nations humanitarian workers and their partners are in a fierce race against time to reach survivors in the remote mountains before the monsoon rains hit and further complicate ...

    Naomi Campbell to celebrate birthday in Cannes
    Cannes, May 22 : Model Naomi Campbell, who turned 45 on Friday, will reportedly celebrate her 45th birthday here at a star-studded party with her friends Leonardo DiCaprio and P. Diddy. She will also host a fundraiser for Nepal earthquake victims.

    Nepal to be rebuilt within three years: Consul general
    Kolkata, May 21 : Nepal, which is coming out with a detailed report on the April 25 earthquake, has undertaken an ambitious plan to reconstruct and rehabilitate the Himalayan nation in the next years, its consul general here said on Thursday.

    Delhi to give Nepal portable ventilators, X-ray machines
    New Delhi, May 21 : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said his government would provide portable ventilators and x-ray machines to quake-hit Nepal as well as software and hardware support to maintain the database of Nepalese living in India.

    After rescuing flood victims in Bosnia, British Sikhs back in Nepal
    Kathmandu, May 21 : After rescuing flood victims and helping rebuild homes in Bosnia, British Sikhs are back to help - assisting Nepal to rise again from the debris of three nerve-rattling major earthquakes and many more aftershocks that have killed thousands of people and caused widespread ...

    U.S. military personnel to leave Nepal today
    Kathmandu (Nepal), May 21 : Hundreds of U.S. military personnel, who were here to provide relief to those affected by the April 25 and May 12 earthquakes that struck Nepal, are set to leave the country today.

    Indian forces continue rescue, relief work in Nepal
    New Delhi, May 20 : Indian forces continued rescue and relief efforts in quake-hit Nepal with the Indian Army and Indian Air Force operating helicopter sorties to affected areas.

    India to send zinc sheets to Nepal for temporary shelters
    Kathmandu, May 20 : India will send a large number of zinc sheets to Nepal in its bid to construct thousands of temporary shelters as directed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    Major powers rush into Nepal after quake devastation
    Kathmandu, May 20 : Located between two emerging Asian powerhouses, India and China, Nepal has been getting international attention in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake on April 25 for relief and reconstruction.

    Kung fu nuns rebuilding quake-ravaged Nepal
    Kathmandu, May 20 : Trained in the ancient Vietnamese martial arts and second to none, these softhearted Buddhist nuns are fighting against all odds to help Nepal get back on its feet after last month's devastating quake and a series of aftershocks.

    Kung fu nuns rebuilding quake-ravaged Nepal
    Kathmandu, May 20 : Trained in the ancient Chinese martial arts and second to none, these softhearted Buddhist nuns are fighting against all odds to help Nepal get back on its feet after last month's devastating quake and a series of aftershocks.

    Second Yuva Music Festival announced in aid to rebuild earthquake-hit ...
    Kolkata, May 19 : Academy for Musical Excellence (AMEC) on Tuesday announced the second edition of the "Yuva Music Festival" in an attempt to help in rebuilding earthquake-hit Nepal.

    Tibetan county, township move due to Nepal quake
    Beijing, May 19 : A township and county in China's Tibet region have moved slightly southward as a result of the devastating Nepal earthquake, said a Chinese expert on Tuesday.

    Nepal quake ravages Tibet temples
    Beijing, May 19 : The earthquakes in Nepal have severely damaged 242 temples in the neighbouring Tibet region in China, disrupting the lives of 2,566 monks and nuns, the regional religious affairs bureau said on Tuesday.

    High-level Indian team arrives in Nepal
    Kathmandu, May 19 : A high-level Indian team arrived here on Tuesday to find out Nepal's needs to overcome the losses suffered in the terrible temblor and how New Delhi can help in reconstruction and rehabilitation.

    Demolition of damaged buildings becomes a tall order for Nepal
    Kathmandu, May 19 : Knocking down thousands of multi-storeyed buildings damaged in the April 25 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks -- which are posing serious threat to life and property in urban areas of Nepal -- has became a tall order for the Nepal government to manage.

    IAF continues rescue efforts in Nepal
    New Delhi, May 18 : The Indian Air Force continued its rescue efforts in quake-hit Nepal on Monday, evacuating 61 people from affected areas, officials said.

    Nepal to deploy army till mid-July for disaster management
    Kathmandu, May 18 : The Nepal cabinet on Monday decided to recommend to the president the deployment of the army till the middle of July to carry out relief work following the massive destruction caused by the April 25 earthquake and its many aftershocks.

    Valencia footballers show solidarity towards Nepal quake victims
    Valencia, May 18 : Spanish first division football club Valencia extended solidarity towards the Nepal earthquake victims by wearing jerseys with the names of the players written in Nepali in a La Liga match.

    Nepal deploys doctors to tackle epidemics in quake-hit areas
    Kathmandu, May 18 : The epidemiology and communicable disease control division of Nepal's health department has deployed national and international doctors in the earthquake-affected districts to control any possible outbreak of epidemics.

    Nepal quake toll crosses 8500 mark
    Kathmandu, May 18 : Nepal's Prime Minister Sushil Koirala on Monday said that the death toll from the two earthquakes have struck the nation in the past three weeks had crossed the 8500 mark.

    Nepal bans building houses above two storeys
    Kathmandu, May 18 : Nepal has imposed a temporary ban on constructing houses more than two storeys tall following the devastating April 25 earthquake and restricted approval for house and building design until mid-July.

    Nepal PM to travel to India, meet Modi over rehab plan
    Kathmandu, May 18 : Nepalese Prime Minister Sushil Koirala is likely to visit India next month to meet his counterpart Narendra Modi to discuss a long-term plan for reconstruction and rehabilitation in the earthquake-ravaged Himalayan nation.

    Saudi relief plane arrives in Nepal
    Kathmandu, May 18 : Saudi Arabia has sent a plane carrying relief supplies to quake-hit Nepal, media reported on Monday.

    Nepal PM extends condolences to US troops families
    Kathmandu, May 18 : Nepal's Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has extended his condolences to the families of the six American soldiers who died in a recent helicopter crash in Ramechhap.

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