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Margot Robbie goes topless on beach
Los Angeles, July 16 : Actress Margot Robbie went topless during a beach outing with her boyfriend Tom Ackerley in Hawaii.

'Suicide Squad': Margot Robbie was actually scared of Jared Leto
London, Jul 14 (ANI): Margot Robbie once felt method actor Jared Leto, who portrays the Joker, might "beat her up" on 'Suicide Squad' set.

Why Margot Robbie accepted `Suicide Squad sans reading the script?
Johannesburg, July 10 : Actress Margot Robbie recently revealed that she accepted the role of 'Harley Quinn' in the upcoming film 'Suicide Squad' without even reading the script because of acclaimed director David Ayer.

When 'Legend of Tarzan' sex scene left Alexander Skarsgard bruised
Washington D.C, Jul 3 : Seems like Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie's 'Legend of Tarzan' sex scene really got "jungley."

'The Legend Of Tarzan': Light on adventure (Movie Review)
Film: "The Legend of Tarzan"; Director: David Yates; Cast: Alexander Skarsgard, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L Jackson, Margot Robbie, Djimon Hounsou, Rory J. Saper, Christian Stevens; Rating: **

Ryan Kwanten a good kisser: Alexander Skarsgard
Los Angeles, June 16 : Actor Alexander Skarsgard thinks his "True Blood" co-actor Ryan Kwanten is a better kisser than actresses Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman.

Margot Robbie confused Prince Harry for Ed Sheeran
Los Angeles, June 13 : Actress Margot Robbie has admitted she confused Prince Harry for singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran during a party.

Love scene with Margot Robbie leaves Alexander Skarsgardwith with ...
Melbourne, Mar. 31 : Margot Robbie almost roughed co-actor Alexander Skarsgard during a love scene in the upcoming flick 'The Legend of Tarzan.'

Margot Robbie to star in Tonya Harding's biopic
Johannesburg, Mar. 24 : Australian actress Margot Robbie has been roped in to play disgraced Olympian Tonya Harding in the upcoming biopic titled 'I, Tonya.'

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