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Ex-Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett still has Hugh Hefner's back
Washington D.C, May 14 : Seems like Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett's ongoing feud with former friend and fellow Playboy bunny Holly Madison will not end until justice is served.

Kendra Wilkinson slams Holly Madison in vulgar Twitter rant
Melbourne, May 13 : Kendra Wilkinson has used social media platform to vent out her anger against her former co-star and Playboy Playmate, Holly Madison.

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett's 'stretch marks' make her happy
Washington, D.C. May 10 : TV star Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett, who is mother to one-year-old daughter Alijah Mary and to six year-old son Hank Baskett, is proud of her stretch marks and is flaunting it on the social media on the occasion of Mother's day.

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett regrets her words on her show
Washington D.C., May 6 : Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett has recently admitted her fault and reunited with her former 'Girls Next Door' co-star Bridget Marquardt.

'Alcohol-lover' Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett doesn't want anymore kids
Washington D.C., April 2 : Seems like Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett's love for alcohol is way more than that for mothering more kids.

Holly Madison's friendship was not 'real' enough for Kendra Wilkinson
Washington, D.C., Mar. 22 : Kendra Wilkinson has recently revealed that she never wanted to be Holly Madison's friend as she likes to make "real" pals.

Hank Baskett's ultimatum to wife Kendra Wilkinson
Washington D.C., Oct.24 : Kendra Wilkinson has received a sort of ultimatum from husband Hank Baskett.

Kendra Wilkinson admits having 'lesbian' relationship in high school
Washington D.C., Sept 18 : Kendra Wilkinson has revealed that she was a lesbian before and dated a girl for almost two weeks in her high school.

Kendra Wilkinson wants revenge sex post hubby`s cheating scandal
Washington D.C., Sept. 11 : Kendra Wilkinson has admitted that she considers having revenge sex with other men after husband Hank Baskett's cheating scandal.

Kendra Wilkinson questions marriage with Hank Baskett in 'Kendra On ...
Washington DC, Aug. 18 : Seems like Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is questioning her marriage with Hank Baskett as the reality star has recently confronted her husband over his sex scandal.

Kendra Wilkinson says marriage to Hank Baskett is 'amazing'
Washington, May 31 : American TV personality Kendra Wilkinson recently opened up about the status of her relationship with Hank Baskett and said that it is "amazing" and she can kill anyone for him.

Kendra And Kendra Wilkinson: Surprises Galore
December 27, 2010 : This week's story of 'Kendra' moves to Los Angeles. Kendra Wilkinson appears to be in a mess in terms of her personal belongings.

Watch Kendra Wilkinson's Long Distance Relationship Strategy On TV
December 20, 2010 : Glamour model Kendra Wilkinson planned a 'Skype Date' with husband Hank Baskett on the latest episode of reality television series 'Kendra'.

Kendra Wilkinson Is On 'Playboy' Cover?
November 11, 2010 : After much hullabaloo on her presence or absence of the upcoming holidaying 'Playboy' issue, Kendra breaks her silence.

Kendra Wilkinson Wants To Prove She Is Still Attractive Post ...
November 11, 2010 : American television personality Kendra Wilkinson has become desperate to prove to the world that she is still sexy and attractive and anyone can go mad after her.

Kendra Wilkinson Missing Hubby Hank Baskett!
November 9, 2010 : Kendra Wilkinson, the hot reality show star on E! and the beautiful wife of the football macho star player Hank Baskett, is reportedly missing her hubby these days and is quite hooked up to the online facilities to keep in constant touch with him.

Is Hank Baskett And Kendra Wilkinson Parting Ways?
November 9, 2010 : No no no, you got it all wrong! It's not like the television personality and glamour model Kendra Wilkinson footballer husband Hank Baskett are calling it quits.

Why Did Kendra Wilkinson Say No To Playboy?
October 30, 2010 : 'The Girls Next Door' actress Kendra Wilkinson, who turned down to pose for the men's magazine 'Playboy', has finally revealed the real reason behind her denial. There was a speculation that she did it because she has put on some weight following the birth of her first baby.