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Deepika Padukone finds spot in world's highest paid actresses list
Los Angeles, Aug 24 : Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, who is set to make her Hollywood debut, has already landed a spot in a list of the world's highest paid actresses, with earnings of $10 million. The list also features heavyweights like Hollywood stars Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and ...

Jennifer Aniston won't have Botox
Los Angeles, July 30 : Actresss Jennifer Aniston is not keen on getting a Botox.

Jennifer Aniston reduced to tears while speaking about heartbreak
London, July 28 : It's been quite a long time since Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have called it quits, but the topic seems to be still somewhere pricking the actress' heart.

Empower women to go beyond beauty, selfies, says Aniston
Rome, July 25 : Actress Jennifer Aniston, who was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Giffoni Film Fest in Italy, spoke about women empowerment and emphasised on the need to have conversations.

Courteney Cox taking wedding tips from Jennifer Aniston?
Los Angeles, July 17 : Actress Courteney Cox is using best friend Jennifer Aniston's wedding as inspiration for her own nuptials.

Ranbir Kapoor tries cryotherapy for first time
New Delhi, July 16 : Bollywood's handsome hunk Ranbir Kapoor has recently joined the list of celebs like Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston, who use cryotherapy.

Justin Theroux lauds wife Jennifer Aniston's essay on body shaming
London, July 15 (ANI): Justin Theroux has come out in support of his wife Jennifer Aniston following her essay condemning the tabloid speculation about her personal life.

Jennifer Aniston is 'fed up with sport-like scrutiny'
Washington D.C., July 13 : Jennifer Aniston is done with the rumours and news about her and hence decided to throw a scathing reply to that.

Jennifer Aniston 'fed up' with pregnancy rumours
Los Angeles, July 13 : Actress Jennifer Aniston has broken her silence on the pregnancy rumours surrounding her.

Jennifer Aniston flashes nipples
New York, June 25 : Actress Jennifer Aniston recently turned many heads as she flashed her nipples in a tight white tank top while walking down the streets here.

Jennifer Aniston fuels pregnancy rumours
New York, June 19 : Actress Jennifer Aniston has fuelled pregnancy rumours when she stepped out here while appearing to cover her stomach.

My hair is my life's bane: Jennifer Aniston
Los Angeles, June 12 : Actress Jennifer Aniston says her hair is like the "bane" of her life.

Jennifer Aniston mourns mother's death
Los Angeles, May 26 : Jennifer Aniston's mother, Nancy Dow, has passed away and the actress requested her fans to respect their privacy.

Jennifer Aniston's mother passes away at 79
Washington, D.C., May 26 : Jennifer Aniston's mother Nancy Dow has passed away at the age of 79.

Jennifer Aniston used to steal money from mum's purse
Johannesburg, May 1 : So, what is the worst thing Jennifer Aniston did as a child? She stole money from her mother Nancy Dow's purse.

Jennifer Aniston stole money from her mother as a kid
Los Angeles, April 30 : Actress Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she stole money from her mother's purse as a child.

'Mother's Day': A light-hearted celebration (Movie Review)
Film: "Mother's Day"; Director: Garry Marshall; Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Timothy Olyphant, Shay Mitchell, Caleb Brown, Julia Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, Aasif Mandvi; Rating: **

Jennifer Aniston transformed husband's wardrobe
Los Angeles, April 25 : Actress Jennifer Aniston gave husband Justin Theroux's wardrobe a makeover.

Great to put alkaline in body early morning: Aniston
Los Angeles, April 25 : Actress Jennifer Aniston shared her morning ritual and says that "it's great to put that alkaline into your body first thing in the morning".

High School was tragic: Jennifer Aniston
Los Angeles, April 24 : Actress Jennifer Aniston has shared that for her "high school was a nightmare".

Jennifer Aniston says she was 'goth nightmare' in high school
Washington D.C, Apr 24 : She is PEOPLEÆs 2016 WorldÆs Most Beautiful Woman, but Jennifer Aniston says she was a ogoth nightmareo back in school days.

Jennifer Aniston changed Justin Theroux's wardrobe
Los Angeles, April 24 : Actress Jennifer Aniston has incorporated a splash of colour into her husband Justin Theroux's closet because she was fed up of him wearing bland garments all the time.

Jennifer Aniston named as World's Most Beautiful Woman by People mag
Washington D.C., April 21 : Jennifer Aniston has been recently tagged as the 2016 World's Most Beautiful Woman by People's magazine.

Aniston to be People's 'Most Beautiful Woman'
Los Angeles, April 20 : Actor Jennifer Aniston will reportedly be named People magazine's Most Beautiful Woman 2016.

Jennifer Aniston loves to use personalised emojis
Johannesburg, April 15 : Jennifer Aniston does not like to be on social media but likes to use her personalized emojis and Bitmojis instead.

Jennifer Aniston not interested in social media
Los Angeles, April 15 : Actress Jennifer Aniston doesn't want to be on social media as she doesn't have anything "interesting" enough to say.

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux spotted at a glamorous dinner-date
Washington D.C., April 12 : Seems like the past weekend started with style and glamour for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, when they went out for a dinner date last Friday, i.e. April 8.

Jennifer Aniston applauds husband's cookery skills
Los Angeles, April 11 : Actress Jennifer Aniston says her husband Justin Theroux's fabulous cooking skills has brought pasta back into her life and is now her "new favourite go-to-town food".

Jake Gyllenhaal had crush on Jennifer Aniston 'for years'
Los Angeles, April 7 : Actor Jake Gyllenhaal says he has had a major crush on actress Jennifer Aniston "for years".

Jennifer Aniston's intense workout story
Los Angeles, March 28 : Actress Jennifer Aniston says she gets up early in the morning for her "pretty intense" workout session.

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