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Helena Bonham Carter dubs all-female 'Ocean's Eleven' as 'great for ...
London, July 2: Though she did not confirm whether or not she's there in Gary Ross' all-female 'Ocean's Eleven' spin-off, 'Ocean's Eight,' Helena Bonham Carter said the script is a "hilarious one" and "great for women."

So, who all joined Sandra Bullock in 'Ocean's Eleven'
London, June 12 : Actress Helena Bonham Carter, Elizabeth Banks and comedy actor Mindy Kaling have joined Sandra Bullock in an all-female remake of heist movie 'Ocean's Eleven'.

Helena Bonham Carter played Mozart during pregnancy to make kids ...
London, Mar.29 : Helena Bonham Carter revealed that she played Mozart and violin concertos while she was pregnant in order to make her kids alert, unbelievably clever, and very relaxed in the future.

Helena Bonham Carter Possesses No Regret For Her 'Fashion Blunders'
January 28, 2011 : The well-known British actress, Helena Bonham Carter, has confessed that she has perpetrated several 'fashion blunders' but is not perturbed by them. As per websites, Helena has remarked that she deems that the fashion industry has become exceedingly autocratic and has put forth ...