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Harrison Ford's 'Star Wars' jacket sold off for USD 191,000
Washington D.C., April 13 : Harrison Ford's Han Solo jacket gets sold off for 191,000 dollars.

Harrison Ford isn't arrested, he is vacationing
Washington D.C., April 9 : It was previously reported that Harrison Ford was arrested for battery of his spouse on April 7, but the actor is actually vacationing.

Harrison Ford's Han Solo jacket gets auctioned
Los Angeles, March 29 : Actor Harrison Ford is helping a charity by making use of his Han Solo persona. The actor is auctioning the leather jacket that he wore in the film "Star Wars: The Force Awakens".

Harrison Ford excited about playing Indiana Jones for 5th time
Los Angeles, Mar 23 : One of the most memorable and iconic action heroes of all time-Indiana Jones is all set to return with the fifth film from the popular franchise. Renowned actor Harrison Ford is once again all set to take on some new bad guys, reprising his role of Indiana Jones for the fifth ...

Harrison Ford talks about daughter's epilepsy
Washington D.C., Mar. 9 : Harrison Ford recently revealed that his daughter is suffering from epilepsy.

'Star Wars' sued over Harrison Ford's broken leg
Melbourne, Feb. 12: The 'Stars Wars: The Force Awakens' producers seem to be in trouble after they were hit with some criminal charges over the 2014 accident that left actor Harrison Ford with a broken leg.

Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins to star in 'Official Secrets'
London, Jan 29 : Actors Harrison Ford and Anthony Hopkins have joined the upcoming espionage thriller film "Official Secrets" along with other Hollywood A-listers Paul Bettany, Natalie Dormer and Martin Freeman.

Harrison Ford named highest grossing actor
Los Angeles, Jan 10 : Veteran actor Harrison Ford has been named as the highest grossing actor in the history of Hollywood.

'Little Secret': Harrison Ford was never bitten by a movie bug!
Johannesburg, Jan. 3 : Guess what 'The Star Wars: The Force Awakens' star Harrison Ford's dirty little secret is. The actor had lack of interest in movies as a kid.

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