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    India, China form Asian Infra Investment Bank
    Beijing, Oct 24 : India Friday signed on to a China-led initiative to create an international bank to fund development of infrastructure essential for Asia's economic growth and reduce the dependence on Western-dominated World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

    21 nations sign China-led Asian bank MoU
    Beijing, Oct.24 : Twenty one Asian countries, including Bangladesh and Nepal, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) here on Friday to establish the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

    China offers new anti-Ebola aid to West Africa
    Beijing, Oct 24 : China will provide 500 million yuan (about $82 million) in aid to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and international organisations to fight the Ebola virus disease, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Friday.

    China launches test return orbiter for lunar mission
    Beijing, Oct 24 : China launched an unmanned spacecraft early Friday to test technologies to be used in the Chang'e-5, a future probe that will conduct the country's first moon mission and return to the Earth.

    India to join Asian infrastructure bank
    Beijing, Oct 24 : Twenty-one Asian countries including India, ready to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as founding members, Friday signed a MoU on establishing the bank.

    Kenny G at pains to explain Hong Kong protest venue visit after ...
    Washington, Oct 24 : A day after musician Kenny G paid a surprise visit to one of the venues of Hong Kong pro-democracy protests and took a selfie, he has now gone on record to say that he is not a foreign agitator trying to defy China's authority.

    China successfully launches first lunar return test mission
    Beijing, Oct 24 : China has successfully launched its first test return orbiter for lunar mission, it has been reported.

    New Afghan President to visit China
    Beijing, Oct 22 : Afghanistan's new President, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai will pay a state visit to China from next Tuesday to Friday, his first foreign visit since assuming office last month, the Chinese foreign ministry announced Wednesday.

    Report reveals large-scale torture in China's 'Black Jails'
    By Tamara Gil, Beijing, Oct 21 : The use of hotels and factories as clandestine prisons where thousands of people -- mostly women -- are tortured to prevent their complaints against the government from coming to light has rapidly increased in China, an organisation Chinese Human Rights Defenders ...

    Non-smokers face major health risks in smoking homes
    London, Oct 21 : Living with smokers is as bad as living in smoke-free homes in heavily polluted cities such as Beijing or London, researchers said.

    Chinese millionaire drives BMW to sanitation job
    Beijing, Oct 21 : There probably aren't many millionaires willing to work as sanitation workers for $392 a month -- but Zhai Yongzhong is one such, and happy doing the job.

    China has nearly 60,000 centenarians
    Beijing, Oct 21 : A total of 58,789 centenarians are living in China, and the oldest is 128 years old, the Gerontological Society of China revealed Tuesday.

    China accuses Hong Kong protestors of risking social order
    Beijing, Oct 20 : The Chinese government Monday accused the pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong of "putting social order at risk", a day before the start of negotiations between the protestors and the authorities.

    China, France to join hands to combat Ebola
    Beijing, Oct 19 : China and France Sunday agreed to join hands to combat the "unprecedented" spread of Ebola in western Africa.

    1,074 new dengue cases in Chinese province
    Beijing, Oct 18 : China's Guangdong province has reported 1,047 new cases of dengue fever, health authorities said Saturday.

    'Putin tiger' may spend winter in China
    Beijing, Oct 18 : A tiger that entered China after being set free by Russian President Vladimir Putin may spend the winter in the country.

    Toyota recalls Lexus vehicles in China
    Beijing, Oct 18 : Toyota Motor China Investment Co. Ltd. will recall 1,880 imported Lexus vehicles in China due to fuel leakage risks starting from Nov 14.

    Chinese Super League soccer fixtures
    Beijing, Oct 17 : Following are the 28th round fixtures of the 2014 Chinese Super League (home teams listed first), according to Xinhua.

    China's yuan weakens
    Beijing, Oct 17 : The value of the Chinese currency renminbi, or the yuan, weakened by 12 basis points to 6.1407 against the US dollar in its central parity Friday, authorities said.

    Chinese man executed for murdering family
    Beijing, Oct 16 : A Chinese man was executed Thursday for killing his pregnant wife, his parents-in-law and grandparents-in-law, and his wife's nieces, a court in northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region said.

    NCP leader Tariq Anwar wants India to tell China not to intervene on ...
    New Delhi, Oct.16 : Asserting that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Tariq Anwar on Thursday indicated that India should convey a message to Beijing that it should not have any reservation over India building infrastructure, like roads, in ...

    China pledges further efforts to fight Ebola
    Beijing, Oct 16 : Chinese President Xi Jinping has pledged further efforts to fight against the Ebola epidemic that has run rampant in three West African nations, according to a press release issued Thursday.

    China urges India, Pakistan to control tensions
    Beijing, Oct 15 : China Wednesday urged India and Pakistan to stop fighting and control tensions through dialogue and consultation.

    India must not complicate border situation: China
    Beijing, Oct 15 : China Wednesday said India should not take any action that may complicate the situation in disputed border areas.

    Indian parents hold highest ambition for their kids, finds survey
    Beijing, Oct 15 : A new survey suggests that Indian and Chinese mainland parents are pickiest about their child's education, with more than 70 percent of them expecting that their child will achieve a master's level or above.

    81-year-old woman does 100 push-ups daily
    Beijing, Oct 15 : An 81-year-old Chinese woman does 100 push-ups daily in just five minutes.

    Chinese scientists discovered cancer-killing virus
    Beijing, Oct 14 : Chinese scientists have discovered a virus known as M1 that could kill cancer cells without harming normal cells, giving hope for future research and development of cancer therapies.

    Major earthquake hits El Salvador: USGS
    Beijing, Oct 14 : An earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale jolted the Pacific region off the coast of El Salvador and Nicaragua, killing at least one person, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.

    China's yuan strengthens
    Beijing, Oct 14 : The value of the Chinese currency renminbi, or the yuan, strengthened by 38 basis points to 6.1408 against the US dollar in its central parity Tuesday, authorities said.

    Two killed in China furnace explosion
    Beijing, Oct 14 : Two people were killed and 11 injured in a smelting furnace explosion at a factory in China's Yunnan province Monday.

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