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    Mel C bans daughter from seeing Rihanna's raunchy pictures
    Los Angeles, Oct 14 : Former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm, better known as Mel C, has slammed singer Rihanna's raunchy image and says that she has banned her five-year-old daughter Scarlet from seeing the pop star's pictures.

    Mel C bans 5-yr-old daughter from watching Rihanna's 'overtly sexual' ...
    London, Sept 24 : Melanie Chisholm has revealed that she doesn't let her 5-year-old daughter Scarlet, who is a "big fan" of Rihanna, watch the 26-year-old singer's "too sexual" videos.

    Spice Girls play matchmaker for Mel C
    London, May 5 : Singer Melanie Chisholm, popular as Mel C, says her former Spice Girls bandmates are always setting her up on dates, but she is yet to meet someone she really likes.

    Mel C set to 'dish dirt' in her 'future' autobiography
    London, April 21 : Melanie C has revealed that she may 'dish the dirt' in her future autobiography.

    Mel C doesn't want to get Botox addiction
    Los Angeles, April 22 : Singer Mel C says that while she is a Botox fan, she's trying to limit the number of injections she takes as she doesn't want to get addicted to them.

    Mel C plans to spill Spice Girls secrets!
    Los Angeles, April 20 : Singer Melanie Chisholm, popular as Mel C, has already planned that when she turns 80, she will pen an autobiography about her life as a part of popular band Spice Girls.

    Mel C likes younger men
    Los Angeles, March 16 : Singer Melanie Chisholm, popular as Mel C, is attracted to younger men.

    Lonely Mel C wants to feel loved
    Los Angeles, Feb 26 : Singer Melanie Chisholm, popular as Mel C, says she was relieved when her 10-year relationship with Thomas Starr ended, but she also feels lonely at times. She is on the lookout for love.

    FDA to review data on possible carcinogens in Coke, Pepsi
    Washington, Jan 24 : The FDA is reportedly planning to assess data on possible presence of chemical 4-MeI, a carcinogenic byproduct, produced at the time of manufacturing of caramel colored soda, after a Consumer Reports test indicated higher levels of carcinogen in sodas selling across the U.S.

    Five killed in Lebanon explosion
    Beirut, Jan 16 : At least five people were killed Thursday and 50 others injured in a car bomb explosion in east Lebanon's Hermel city, the Lebanese Red Cross announced.

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