Kolkata, Dec 6 IBNS | 2 years ago

Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises K.H.Muniyappa on Friday said export has favorably increased in the MSME sector in the ongoing financial year.

Muniyappa was speaking at annual event of the sixth edition of The Bengal Chamber Award for Excellence in Best Practices of MSMEs organised by the chamber's
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Development and Manufacturing Committee.

Representatives from the government, industry (mainly MSMEs) and others were present at the award programme where the Chamber for the very first time included the "Service Sector" along with the "Manufacturing Sector" for furthering business growth and development for the service MSMEs.

Attending the award ceremony of the 150 year old chamber, Muniyappa emphasised on the purpose of assisting the micro and smaller industries in particular, for their development in the global industrial scenario.

He underlined the motive of development of India's manufacturing sector and stressed for the involvement of the young generation, the nodal factor development of India in an overall perspective.

The Union Minister urged the participation of entrepreneurs from about 650 cities of India in the year 2013-14 in order to reach the ever anticipated goal of upholding India to the ranks of the first two to three nations in the realm of global industrial competition.

The President of the Chamber Kallol Datta said that the award programme was organized comprising the manufacturing and service MSMEs, to boost growth and development of the MSME sector, aiming to make them more conducive towards the economic development of India and rest of the economies across the globe.

The BCC&I President put forward the objective of the Chamber that was to showcase the most excellent practices prevailing in the manufacturing and service sectors for the MSMEs pertaining mainly to the eastern part of the country, and along with that, create a forum for sharing of knowledge, experiences and know-how in areas like manufacturing, technology, services and related aspects.

MSMEs constitute over 90% of total enterprises in most of the economies and are credited with generating the highest rates of employment growth, and account for a major share of industrial growth and development in the global industrial scenario.

(Posted on 07-12-2013)