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Roland Music School of Japan on Wednesday launched its new branch in Kolkata, which is located at the Happy Hours Studio.

The Roland Music School claims to introduce a new destination for music seekers and launch a set of novelties in terms of opportunities offered to the pupils.

Popular Indian pop, jazz and playback singer Usha Uthup along with Sumith Ramachandran, Guitarist, Composer and Roland Endorsee inaugurated the Roland Music School of Japan at Happy Hours on Wednesday.

Roland School of Music Japan has branches all over the world and in India it is opening once again with 'Happy Hours'.

Roland has over 25 years of track record in music education enhanced by its collaboration with an electronic musical instrument manufacturer, officials said.

The school offers private instruction while also conducting small group (2-4 students), large group (5-8 students) and band workshop classes. The school also hosts guest clinicians and artists.

Usha Uthup said, "Music is enough for a lifetime, but life is not enough for music. If man is the best creation of God then music is the best creation of man and Survival in today's music industry relies on a wide range of skills."

The Roland Music School will offer the students their own music album after successful completion of the music course.

The special highlight of this academy here is that for the first time in Kolkata, Karaoke sessions will be provided with Bands in the school premises.

Other specialties offered incorporate the facts that vocal courses will be taught with Roland's VT-12 tuner made specifically for vocals.

Moreover, guitar lessons will be conducted with Boss Processor making lessons more easy and comfortable and provide student with various patches and effect.

Sumith Ramachandran and Usha Uthup performing at the Press Meet and Launch of India's Biggest ROLAND Music School of Japan at Happy Hours Studio, Lansdowne

Students will be equipped with an instrument designed and adapted to match their taste and style and will be available for purchase from the Roland Music School.

Raunak Agarwal, Director, Roland Music School said, "The Concept of music in a new way for self entertainment cannot be brought without any improvisation in the society."

Agarwal said, "The crave for singing a song, playing V-Drums, creating Variations, tuning on guitars, synching with the tips of fingers on a Piano to Keyboard is still not felt by every individual, until the physical presence of such desires appear. They Vanish in thoughts, melt in dreams and our crave and soul remains incomplete."

He added, "To acquire the rhythm, sound of beats, strings of peace, we have begun the show 'Roland Music School'. We acknowledge the incorporation/association of best musical instrument brand in the world ROLAND. It is in itself an encouragement to develop a good business and give everyone an opportunity to carry with them 'the pride of ROLAND'."

"We assure loyalty to each and every person, who engages with us in learning and departing music. Thus, the wavelength of music brings peace and develops a sharp mind!" he said.

Jyoti Bansal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Director, Roland Music School and Owner of Happy Hours said, "This is why we teach music at RMS... not because we expect you to major in music, not because we expect you to play or sing all your life, not so you can relax and have fun... But so you will be human, so you will recognize beauty, so you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world, so you will have something to cling to, more love, more compassion, more gentleness... In short, more LIFE!!!"

(Posted on 21-11-2013)