Kolkata, Nov 19 IBNS | 2 years ago

A cookbook - Oh! Calcutta Cookbook- named after the restaurant chain owned by Speciality Restaurants Founder and Managing Director Anjan Chatterjee was unveiled recently by Tollywood superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee.

Anjan Chatterjee, who authored the book, and his wife, Suchhanda Chatterjee, were present at the unveiling on Saturday at the couple's Mainland China Gurusaday Road joint in south Kolkata.

The chain of fine dining eateries said they are celebrating in the book the opulence of Bengali Cuisine with rare recipes which captures the innovation and sheer variety through various cooking styles translating into handcrafted delights.

Khushi, which is the Bengali equivalent to Sushi/French Canape also makes its appearance in the book.

The Cookbook reveals some Calcutta treasures apart from the newly introduced packages, which have been enjoyed and tasted for years. After introducing an array of Bengali vegetarian and non- vegetarian delicacies, it has also the sole responsibility of reviving the taste buds that had vanished in the contemporary generation, said Chatterjee.

The different dishes like Bhapa Chorchori or Kosha Mangsho, Mughlai Mutton Rezala or Prawn Kobiraji, Culcutta Irani Cutlets, Mary Memshahib's Fish Fingures, Railway Mutton Curry, Daab Chingri, Lanka Bhapa Murgi, Potoler Dolma, Topa Kuler Chutney, traditional recipes like Mochar Ghonto, Sheem Palong Paturi, some steamed recipes
like Chhana Aam Kashundi, Dhone Bhapa Maach are all alike in making a meal of desire and found their mention in the book.

"We Bengalis love food and love to eat, even though we are propelled by a diet chart, the desire always remains", said Prosenjit Chatterjee.

Anjan Chatterjee said," If in any way we can propagate Bengali culture to the transparent world ahead, that shall provide a wider platform to the amalgamated recipes that have been recreated with convictions and my wife's indelible support and creativity."

(Posted on 19-11-2013)