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The music album of the upcoming Bengali movie 'The Play- Chena Mukh Achena Mukhosh' under the banner of Antidote Entertainment was launched here on Friday at the Princeton Club.

'The Play' is a non political mystery murder thriller which revolves around a famous theater group in the city.

The story takes a sudden turn when the members of the group, are slain one by one in a series of murders.

When the lone survivor ventures to seek the truth behind the gruesome events, he is confronted with reality he cannot accept.

Debutante director Ranjay RC who has also written the story of the movie said , "I was having a tough time finding a producer for my film, as I was looking for someone who would not pose restrictions over my work and this was when I came across Amitava Roy and Sankar Chowdhury and we immediately bonded."

The producers Amitava Roy and Sankar Chowdhury expressed their faith in Ranjay and said, "We have invested everything we had on this concept and have produced a film that will hopefully create a big impact on the audience. Today we are proud as 'The Play' begins."

Lyricist Rajib Chakraborty who also debuts with The Play said, "I consider myself lucky to begin my film career with Joy Sarkar. It was both a challenge and an honour."

Speaking about his experience of working with music director Joy Sarkar, Rajib said, "I would like to particularly mention the song 'Megh Kuashay'. When I heard the tune, words came readily out of my imagination to match it, it was so spontaneous."

The movie has four songs Megh Kuashay, Bhromor koiyo giya, Ekta beparoa din ashe, Ke barabe haath and a theme song in the movie with Indian and Latin American flavours.

Music director Joy Sarkar said, "Most of the characters in this movie are young and so I tried to create a new age soundscape, especially for the new generation."

"As a music director of 'The Play', I got a freehand to work in this film which I hardly get anywhere else and for this I thank Ranjay," he added.

Commending the director and lyricist, Joy said, "Though it is my first chance to work for a thriller, but Ranjoy and Rajib made my work easy."

"Ranjoy has placed the songs beautifully in the movie. As the story unfolds, the songs deepen the mystery and add to the thrill," he added.

While the Joy has lent his voice to the song Megh Kuashay, he further picked up vocalists Anushree, Somchanda, Timir and Kushal for rest of the songs.

Rajesh Sharma, Mumtaz Sorcar, Indrashish Roy forms the cast of 'The Play' along with other artists.

The movie which is made with a budget of Rs. 1 crore is scheduled to be released on Nov 29.

(Posted on 09-11-2013)