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The music launch of the much awaited Bengali movie, Antaraal took place here on Friday in the presence of the music director Joy Sarkar, producer Raj Shantanu Mitra and singers, Lopamudra and Somchanda.

The film revolves around the character of Mrinmoyee played by Sayani Ghosh.

The story line of the film is about premarital pregnancy and a big town society dealing with it.

Antaraal is pitched as an intense film on human relationships. It explores the making and breaking up of relations, the hopes and dilemmas of some individuals.

The story spans around the gestation period of the foetus and the way it transforms in the mother's womb, its world outside also undergoes a transformation.

The film is based on a novel by the same title penned by Krishnendu Mukhopadhay.

Speaking about the film, the female protagonist, Sayani said, "When I first listened to the script, I knew that the character I was playing was so like me. I even told Shantanu da (Producer) that I don't have to mould myself much for the character."

She added, "While doing the movie, I felt so myself and I got a lot of support from all my co-stars."

Joy Sarkar said, "As the story revolves around Mrinmoyee, so I have incorporated songs that revolve around her."

"She has two parts in the film; one is the first part of the film where she is a college girl and a lead singer in a rock band of her college. She then goes through an accident of her life and suddenly grows up. Thus she goes to Antaraal. All the songs are made around her character," Sarkar said.

Mumbai based actor, Harsh Chhaya played one of the leading characters in the film named Sutirtha Paul Choudhury.

Actress Debasree Roy played the character of Dr. Antara Paul Choudhury.

Mamata Shankar, Ananya Chatterjee, Sreela Majumdar, Amitava Bhattacharya and Kharaj Mukherjee are also a part of the film.

The female singer Lopumudra said, "The song I did in the film is the theme song of the film. All the songs in the film are very refreshing and soothing."

She added, "I am sure that the audience will not only like my song but all the other songs in the film. It is always great to work with Joy (Sarkar) and obvious that I
feel very comfortable when I work with him."

The film releases on Nov 29.

(Posted on 09-11-2013)