Mumbai / Kolkata, Nov 8 IBNS | 2 years ago

Healthcare leader Sanofi India Limited is marking World Diabetes Day (WDD) this year with the launch of its 'What Step Will YOU Take Today' campaign that encourages people to take proactive steps to effectively prevent, manage and control diabetes.

Bollywood actress and acclaimed dancer, Madhuri Dixit, joined this campaign as a goodwill ambassador to create a 'signature step' that will instill solidarity for patients with diabetes.

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has reported that the number of Indian diabetic patients would rise from 63 million in 2012 to 101.2 million by 2030. To prevent diabetes from gaining epidemic proportions in India, it's important for people to become more conscious that it's not just hereditary, but can also be caused by a stressful lifestyle.

This awareness can prevent the early onset of diabetes, help in timely diagnosis, reduce complications, and improve control and management and the overall quality of life.

The underlying message of Sanofi's 'What Step Will YOU Take Today?' campaign, demonstrates through this symbolic dance step, that everyone -general public, patients, family members, caregivers - 'can' and 'must' take action for better diabetes management.

Joanna Potts, Commercial Operations Officer at Sanofi India, a company at the forefront of diabetes management, said, "Through this campaign 'What Step Will YOU Take Today', we will encourage people to take a step - no matter how big or small - to better prevent, control and manage the disease. We are delighted to have Madhuri Dixit express her support to this initiative, and hope her dance step spurs people across India to join in, as we 'step up' for diabetes management, not just on World Diabetes Day, but all 365 days in a year."

Madhuri was joined by 8 Diabetes Patient Champions from across India, who are winners of Sanofi's 2013 'I Am A Champ' National Awards, to perform this first-ever dance step for diabetes to a cheering crowd at High Street Phoenix Mall, Mumbai.

This Award recognises diabetics who have successfully controlled their condition, through treatment compliance, lifestyle management and most importantly, a positive attitude.

Madhuri's step to encourage better diabetes management can be viewed on YouTube.

Speaking about her participation, Madhuri said, "My step to challenge diabetes is through the way I know best - dance; which I believe truly unites people. With our country being second in the world, next only to China in its diabetic population, creating awareness about its prevention and management is critical."

"I am truly inspired by the eight 'I Am A Champ' winners who have shown that diabetes can be successfully conquered. I call on my fans to join this movement with this dance step, as India is stepping up to prevent and control diabetes. Show us 'What Step Will YOU Take Today'."

(Posted on 08-11-2013)