New 'air touch' technology to bring 'Minority Report' system closer to reality

Washington, Oct. 30 : Taiwan's nonprofit technology institute is reportedly working on a new i-Air Touch (iAT) technology that could possibly bring the holographic operating system in 'Minority Report' closer to reality.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute has developed the iAT Technology, which is essentially an augmented-reality system that falls somewhere between the compact specs of Google Glass and the original, bulkier virtual-reality systems of the 1990s.

According to Cnet, the technology doesn't rely on voice commands but projects a virtual touch-based interface in the user's field of vision that appears to float in the air and can be operated with touch, and the 'air touches' are then sent to host device like laptop pr smartphone that the headset is tethered to.

Deputy General Director of ITRI's Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories, Golden Tiao said that the iAT is also suitable for medical applications such as endoscopic surgery and any industrial applications that benefit from hands-free input.

The report said that the camera in iAT only activates when it detects a user's fingertip within a predetermined input distance range, which means that it only turns on when it detects that someone is trying to 'air touch' the virtual input.

ITRI said that the technology is available now for licensing by mobile companies and anyone else, the report added.

--ANI (Posted on 30-10-2013)

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