By Natalie Gupta, Film IANS | 2 years ago

"Ronde Sare Viah Pichhon"; Cast

The movie "Ronde Sare Viah Pichhon" (RSVP) opens up with a Punjab wedding in the backdrop where the bride elopes with an affluent groom and after that the story unfolds in the flashback narrating the drama behind the elopement.

Manpreet (Neeru Bajwa) has gained notoriety as "the Runaway Bride" teaming up with her aunt (Navneet Nishan) and uncle (Jaswinder Bhalla), who con grooms' families. The trio lures guys into marriage and then run away with their cash and gold.

So far so good.

The story takes an interesting twist, when carefree and cheerful Manpreet falls in love with Ranbir (Harish Verma), who is also one of their victims. She had conned him a few months ago with the help of her uncle and aunt.

Marking his debut in Punjabi films, ace comedian Rajpal Yadav plays another prospective groom.

Rich in content, the movie is one-of-a-kind Punjabi plot compared to other movies from the region that usually evokes laughter pointlessly.

The first half is fantastic, while the second half is a bit dragged.

"RSVP" is certainly notches above than the rest in terms of direction and screenplay. Directed by Vijay Kumar Arora, "RSVP" is shot in beautiful locations in Amritsar. The sequences shot in mustard fields and villages are the highlights of the movie.

The delightful comedy, soft romantic songs and endearing dialogues will keep you glued to your seats. Tracking the runaway bride, who finally finds true love, the movie is a complete package of entertainment and humour.

If Harish's performance is flawless, Neeru, the queen of regional cinema, has wowed the audience once again. Navneet and Jaswinder are the show-stealers, while Gugu Gill impresses as an authoritative personality.

Go and watch the most romantic, exciting and exhilarating con-drama.

(Posted on 13-10-2013)