Mumbai, Sept 30 IBNS | 2 years ago

After storming Delhi on Sunday, Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP's) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Monday will be visiting Mumbai, the first time after his elevation in the party.

However, Modi, who is likely to arrive in Mumbai around 4 pm on Monday, will not be addressing any rally there unlike his mammoth one in Delhi.

The Gujarat Chief Minister will be in the city to inaugurate Mumbai Diamond Merchant Association's Diamond Hall at the Bharat Diamond Bourse at Bandra-Kurla Complex.

Addressing the first ever rally in the national capital, Modi on Sunday spitted fire and asked how dare the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh was insulted and called a "dehati aurat" (a rural woman) by his Pakistani counterpart in USA where the PM is visiting now.

Commenting on the dialogue between Singh and Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif in New York, at his Delhi rally here Modi projected his nationalist image and said people in India are apprehensive whether Singh can stand upright and question the Pakistani PM during their talks.

"Pradhanmantirji, if you can hear the mothers of the slain jawans, then bring the 'heads' (respects) back of those Indian jawans who sacrificed their lives for the country and got beheaded," Modi said while Singh and Sharif were to meet in New York.

He also slammed the Indian journalists for attending the breakfast hosted by Sharif, where he called the Indian PM a 'dehati aurat' meaning rural, ignorant woman.

Slamming Sharif, he said, "How dare you call my country's PM a 'dehati aurat'?"

"I will fight with my PM internally over principles, but I will never tolerate any external people dishonouring my country's PM," he said.

He said the Pakistani PM has dared so much because the Indian Prime Minister has lost his position in India itself.

"His own party calls him 'nonsense'; Congress ke vice president ne PM ki pagdi uchal di hai ( Congress vice president insulted the PM),"Modi blamed.

He said India needs to uproot this "Dirty Team" and bring the "Dream Team."

He said people of Delhi are burdened and governed by various governments.

Launching a scathing attack on Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi and party Vice President Rahul Gandhi, Modi said, "Governments are the strength of the people but Delhi is burdened by governments. There are multiple governments in Delhi-one government of 'Maa' (mother), one of 'Beta' (son), and even one of 'Damaad' (son-in-law)."

"Then there is coalition government as well, but there is no alliance among the allies. The Prime Minister of the coalition government is a 'Saradar' (Sikh) but not 'Asardaar' (efficient)," claimed Modi while speaking at the Vikas Rally in Japanese Park in New Delhi.

Hitting at Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Modi said,"If any chief minister is happy in India, it is the Delhi Chief Minister. She doesn't have any work except 'cutting ribbons'."

He said the the Delhi CM does not manage any department an blames others.

Slamming Dikshit for her inefficiency in controlling crimes against women, he said, "When girls are raped in Delhi like Nirbhaya, the Delhi CM portrays a very motherly image and then advises the girls to return home by early evening. Any mother or any family can tell their daughters to stay home. What is the CM doing? What is her responsibility?"

He also criticised the Delhi CM for the Commonwealth Games scam. Modi said while countries like South Korea and China projected their power through the Games, India lost its opportunity and locked the way to bring "good fortunes" to India through sports power.

"The Games scam brought international shame to India," he said.

With over a lakh turn out, Modi also publicised the immense popularity of his image and his party.

"So many people have never turned out for a rally organised by any other political party. This is a historic moment for Delhilites," he said.

He said the present UPA government is immersed in 'Gandhi-worship'.

Modi said Indians wants Swaraj even after so many years of independence.

"Today, the demand is for good governance or 'sushasan', and swaraj. 'Kushasan' (bad rule) is like diabetes and it destroys the country. So it is our prime duty to give our nation Sushasan," the Gujarat CM said.

"For how long will the unemployed youth roam around without money and a job? For how long, you young people will beg for money from your parents? The youth need jobs. They need to be educated and trained and be assured of jobs," asked Modi.

He said the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government provided employment to 6 crore people in 6 years, and UPA between 2004-2009 has given employment to only 27 lakh people.

"This Congress government has to be thrown out for any good to come to this country. If you need jobs, if you need betterment, you need to throw out the UPA," the aspiring PM said.

He said: "People tell me, 'You always criticise UPA government, what are you going to do?' My dear friends, look at Delhi, the capital of India. There are several places in the capital which do not get electricity for 24 hours despite having numerous power stations producing 20,000 MW power."

Speaking on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's meeting with US President Barack Obama, Modi said," Our PM is begging before Obama instead of standing straight and stout. He is saying that 'I belong to a poor country'. He marketed poverty of the nation like filmmakers do, who sale the poverty of India to bag awards."

"Pradhanmantriji, did you mean poverty of mind by this?" asked Modi referring to a Rahul Gandhi comment earlier and himself denying to consider India a poor country.

The BJP's PM candidate said when India completes 75 years of Independence, she should have food for all and progress for the poor people.

Speaking on his principles of governing, he said he "was never a ruler and nor does he "dreams of becoming a ruler.'

"I am a worker and will remain a worker," Modi said.

He said for a government nation should come first. The religion for the government, he said, should be national development and the religious book for any government should be the India Constitution.

(Posted on 30-09-2013)