Mumbai, Sept 26 IBNS | 2 years ago

Watch-maker company Citizen on Thursday launched its latest Promaster collection in India.

Present at the event was Bollywood actor and Filmfare award winner Vidut Jamwal, who unveiled the collection in Mumbai.

The brand has launched its new offering called Promaster collection Euro"Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Euro" AIR and Eco-Drive Altichron.

Speaking to the media, Katsusuke Tokura, Managing Director, Citizen Watches (India) Pvt. Ltd. said, EuroIn this fast-changing world, time is always a constraint, especially if it about innovation and technological advances. CIitizen's Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Euro" Air, the fastest satellite synchronized watch in the world, is not only superior in design and state-of-the-art technology but also highly desirable."

"The Eco-Drive Altichron extends the model's legendary altimeter performance and elevates the multi-functionality even higher. Both the watches have enhanced performance with newer technologies and provocative design,Euro Tokura said.

Mr tokura, MD, Citizen watch along with Vidyut Jamal at the launch of promaster series

The company on Thursday claimed that the collection as an advanced satellite timekeeping system, which delivers much higher reception sensitivity and is the world's first light-powered watch with a full-metal case that receives time signals from navigation satellites.

It engages atomic clocks of the closest orbital satellites circling the earth from about 20,000 kilometers above, and beams signals directly back to one's watch no matter where the person is.

This system dynamically adjusts one's time, so that he or she never be out of sync.

The design of both sides of the titanium case was inspired by the streamlined structures of wings, enhancing the impression of dynamism and lightness. The dial suggests the rotating fan blades of an aircraft engine, associated with an image that suggests drawing light and satellite signals from the sky.

The dial consists of three transparent layers, over which indexes, windows and hands are laid out respectively, creating an airy floating impression.

Bollywood actor, Vidut Jamwal said, EuroI am highly privileged to have been provided the opportunity to unveil the Eco-Drive Satellite WaveEuro" Air in India. Technologically advanced and impressive in design, EuroEco-Drive Satellite Wave - AIREuro is enchanting. Fashionable yet sophisticated, it spells elegance and power that will unravel the geek in you. I feel connected to Citizen as a brand since they are always innovating.Euro

(Posted on 27-09-2013)