Kolkata, Sept 24 IBNS | 2 years ago

The Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in collaboration with the West Bengal government initiated a program for the upgradation of the state's tourism infrastructure and to enhance its potential here on Monday.

ICC noted that the tourism sector with 9.24 percent share of employment, accords perfect opportunity to translate India's vision of inclusive growth to reality.

Tourism as a strong subject to be considered in the state has been highlighted because of the newly growing demands of society, ICC said.

Employment has been a prime concern for every Indian family and household, thus tourism equates a major and substantial share of employment followed in the country, ICC asserted.

The Indian Ministry of Tourism had earlier provided financial assistance for development of tourism infrastructure on the basis of project proposals received from the state government.

West Bengal being the hub of every exotic taste that any tourists would prefer needs additional support of government for such an undertaking, ICC officials stressed.

According to the officials, West Bengal witnesses a wide variety of wildlife including Indian rhinoceros, Indian elephant, deer, bison, leopard, gaur, tiger, red panda and many more and a forest cover of 13.38 percent of the state's geographical area coverage as compared to country's forest cover of 21.02 percent, needs to develop more in the tourism sector.

Alongside the world's largest mangrove forest, the Sunderbans is located in the southern West Bengal that has been always a charm in the lap of the state.

B.P. Sharma, one of the delegates in the session said, "Engaging some most efficient dignitaries and delegates in the field the state government has forwarded this program to the proper utilisation of what West Bengal gives to its people and people worldwide."

"It is not only a place for its own people but also for people from abroad. Tourism would support the place in which it is destined to emerge and grow," Sharma added.

He said, "We should extend our support for such program that involves extensive efforts in developing tourism infrastructure in Bengal."

(Posted on 24-09-2013)