Kolkata, Sept 21 IBNS | 2 years ago

The premiere of director Srijeet Mukherjee's latest Bengali flick 'Bakita Baktigoto' was held here at the Priya cinemas on Friday.

The cast and crew members were present to commemorate the film's release and made a stage appearance to give a brief overview of the movie.

Conceptually the film follows an off-beat rhythm as it continues to unfold yet fold itself to the mystery within.

The documentary that Ritwick Chakraborty, as the protagonist in the movie, makes on his own experiences with love and the remote village Mohini, sounds a familiar story until we find ourselves equally enchanted by the folk spirit along with the characters in the film.

The story has been put in a one way track with realism and fantasy that goes side by side.

Srijeet Mukherjee said, "The efforts are precious and substantial part of a film and I hope it will be paid-off after audience watch the film."

"The film I got connected to through 'Bakita Baktigoto' was an entirely out of box film in my career. Therefore there lies the expectation that how did I justify my character and dealt with the upheavals" said actor Ritwick.

"The mystery that remains untold must be unfolded in an audience's imagination. Find it out," he added.

(Posted on 21-09-2013)